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About me[edit]

Hey, I'm XLR8N! I'm 16 and have played Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age several times each, and thought I knew everything there was to know about the games until I found this site. Other games I play include Rock Band (2), BZFlag, Mario Kart Wii, and some shoot-em-up games like Call of Duty 4.

More related to Golden Sun, my favorite characters, in order, are: Ivan (because he's smart, fast, and is a Jupiter Adept), Mia (because she's the best healer in the game), Isaac and Felix (possibly the best characters stat-wise), and Sheba (again, because she's a Jupiter Adept, and also a potential Anemos). I also like Saturos, even though he's the main antagonist in Golden Sun, because he seems more self-controlled than Menardi, and had, overall, decent intentions from the start.

My boss battle strategy probably isn't what many other people like to do. Although I acknowledge doing a Summon rush is probably the most effective way to kill a tough opponent with minimal damage intake, I don't think it's very fun. I like to drag the battles out a little more and use lots of different Psynergies and Djinn. I usually start with all my Djinn set, spend the first couple turns unleashing stat-boosting Djinn (Kindle, Breeze, Corona, etc.) and Psynergy like Resist and Impact. (This, of course, doesn't work well on bosses that use Break often, sadly). Then, not having to worry as much about damage taken, I can use more attacking Djinn, which will do more damage. By the time I have 4 of each element of Djinn on standby, Summons like Boreas and Thor will probably finish off the boss. I've recently been trying to use this strategy with Dullahan on Hard Mode, but I haven't been able to beat him, even with my characters above level 70. Finally got him! I had to train to almost level 80, but it paid off. I didn't even have to use my second row! =D

The things I like most about the Golden Sun series are the deep, complex battling structure and its great animations; and, simply, the plot. Most questions that are raised throughout the story are answered later on and make you think to yourself "Ohhh, yeah, THAT's what that was." But some are left unanswered and provoke thoughts and predictions. For example, why did Sheba fall from the sky? Is she an Anemos? Will the theoretical Golden Sun 3 include Anemos? What were the purposes of the seemingly irrelevant bosses found later in Golden Sun: The Lost Age? Now that the lighthouses are lit, will humanity make good use of Alchemy? (And the big one) Did Alex really die? What is perhaps most intriguing to me is the power of the lighthouses. They were somehow able to transform Saturos and Menardi into the Fusion Dragon, Agatio and Karst into two Flame Dragons, and the hostages in Prox into the Doom Dragon. Then, after the Doom Dragon is defeated, they are not only returned to their normal state, but they are revived. Which makes you wonder if Saturos and Menardi really died when they fell into the Venus Lighthouse. Maybe they were revived as well, or turned into something different.

Because of these topics I am in great anticipation of another Golden Sun game. It should be incredible, since the current games prove to be among the best games for any portable game system, and they were made in 2001 and 2003. With new technology in their hands, I think Camelot will make Golden Sun 3 a mind-blowing RPG. I think they basically have to make it. Vale is destroyed, so many main characters are effectively homeless. Although that hasn't been much of a problem for them in the games; they just camp out, I guess. But, still, I'm sure they would want to settle down after saving the world and gaining wealth. And also, if Alex isn't dead, there's a power-hungry, cunning opponent out there that would presumably want to "remove" Isaac from the story, since both he and Alex absorbed the power of the Stone of Sages. The Golden Sun Series isn't resolved, despite a convincing ending to the second game.

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