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1) Venus #1 - Flint This Venus djinni will join you as soon as you leave Goma Plateau in the beginning of the game.

2) Mars #1 - Forge [PM] (VtTlWyHnF9c) Located near the entrance of the Psynergy Traing Grounds in the Patcher's Place. You have to push or use psynergy "Move" three rock pillars so that they form a horizontal line to the right of a tree in the middle. Then you can climb the tree, jump across the pillars and climb down the second tree on the far right. Cast "Growth" on the plant to climb down and reach it.

3) Jupiter #1 - Gust [PM] (zL1eDe-gzNw) When you arrive at Carver's Camp, go to the house on the north end of the town and go around it to the wall on the far left. Cast "Move" twice on the rock pillar to move it down, then head into Goma Highlands Path. Follow the path until you see a gondola. Cast "Fireball" on the gondola twice to travel across. Then head north and east across two streams.

4) Mercury #1 - Chill [PM] (8yu3nXliFCs) Located right below the broken bridge at Carver's Camp. Climb down the ladder near a man and a tree, then "Growth" on the plant and climb down.

5) Mars #2 - Fever [PM] (43PMU79c01w) Found on the world map south of at Carver's Camp and west of Konpa Gate. Run around until you start a fight with it.

  • You should proceed to the Lumberyard to obtain Zagan at this point. *
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

6) Venus #2 - Flower [PM] (CtM3aMmwdl4) Found at Konpa Gate. After asking the man to open the gate, climb up some stairs and jump down a tree to the left. Flower will hide away in some flowers, so cast "Whirlwind" to reveal it.

7) Jupiter #2 - Jolt [PM] (4kwlHKV6gFQ) Found at the top of Konpa Ruins. Use the new "Grip" psynergy to cross some ledges. Climb up the ladder and it will try to avoid you. Cast "Grip" again when it is moving near one of the poles, it will get angry and fight.

  • You can not return to western Angara after Rief joins your party. *
  • Make sure you have 2 Venus, 2 Mars, 1 Mercury, 2 Jupiter djinn. *
  • Also make sure you have the Zagan summon tablet. *

8) Mercury #2 - Sleet This djinni comes with Reif when he joins your team.

  • You should proceed to the cave south of the ruins to obtain Megaera now. *
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

9) Mars #3 - Cinder (og36vLFWu4E) Located in Harapa. Go to the second floor of the healer's house. Cast "Douse" to put out the flame and walk to the end of ledge.

10) Venus #3 - Bark (NAyB21Jrfj0) Located on the Passaj Mountain Climb, almost impossible to miss it.

11) Jupiter #3 - Ether (Yp3IARhfhvU) Found in the forest on the world map west of Kaocho. The forest is directly west of Kaocho (at the same latitude). There is a river dividing the forest and Kaocho, along with a long tree on the other side of it.

12) Venus #4 - Steel (TeVHFu2NRew) Found in Kaocho. You'll have to run around the town then "Grip" across the flagpoles to access it.

13) Jupiter #4 - Breath (8t2Yu85l4qk) Located in Ayuthay. (the area with all the water and lily-pads) After defeating the Sand Prince, use Tyrell's "Arid Heat" psynergy on the bowl of water in the Castle to lower the water level. Manipulate across lily-pads and three rafts using Karis' "Whirlwind" psynergy to access the Jupiter djinni.

14) Mercury #3 - Surge (NxdOeb-biFo) Get this djinni after you clear the Barai Temple. Use "Fireball" on djinni "Surge" as per Amiti's instructions.

15) Mercury #4 - Mist 16) Mercury #5 - Mellow 17) Mercury #6 - Claw These three djinn come with Amiti when he joins your team.

18) Mars #4 - Lava (ZHdCIzS5aI8) There's a hungry man sitting by the stream in Kaocho. (You know this by using Amiti's "Foresight") Buy him a bun from the food vendor, he will then leave and you will be clear to reach the Mars djinni.

19) Jupiter #5 - Vortex (ue18M8SlbLU) In Ouroboros, move some snake statues and "Whirlwind" a floating green block to fight this Jupiter djinni.

20) Mars #5 - Brand (t70ZmmFxK6w) After setting the mask into it's place at Passaj, jump across the newly appeared ledges to find this Mars djinni.

21) Mercury #7 - Serac (4SSHNohNJzc) In Harapa Ruins you must enter the ice field area from the right and solve the walking puzzle. Move left, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down to reach the djinn.

22) Venus #5 - Brick [PM] (MBGdJrpY1bU) When you return to Harapa, cast "Cold Snap" on the water puddle near the town's left entrance, cast "Growth" on the town's right entrance and climb the vines. Walk along the ledge to the house and you should find the djinni in the first floor.

  • You should travel to Passaj (Mountain Climb) and find Flora's summon tablet.
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

23) Jupiter #6 - Doldrum [PM] (U_n5GiYqcsw) Located in the Taurus room of the Craggy Peak Ruins. Cast "Fireball" on the lion's head to free the djinni.

  • Search for Moloch's summon tablet as soon as you exit Craggy Peak. *
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

24) Mars #6 - Fury [PM] (_yt9Sv_xsU8) Found in Te Rya. Cast fireball on the torch so the sheep will move away, unblocking the path to the djinni.


Before you leave Te Rya, be sure that you buy the fishing rod from the artifacts section of the item shop because you will need it soon.


25) Mercury #8 - Dewdrop [PM] (1k8LFYiCO5M) Found at a pond near Teppe Ruins. Give the rod you bought from the shop in Te Rya to the man and he will fish it for you.

26) Jupiter #7 - Fleet 27) Jupiter #8 - Waft 28) Jupiter #9 - Bolt 29) Jupiter #10 - Breeze 30) Jupiter #11 - Haze These five djinn come with Sveta when she joins your team.

31) Venus #6 - Vine [PM] (pEO-6qEf0rc) Found near the end of Tepe Ruins. Play some hide-and-seek with the djinni. Push the pillar down from the second level to catch it.

32) Mercury #9 - Torrent [PM] (IN76BOBtCMs) Found in the city of Belinsk. To the far northeast end of the city. Cast "Move" and "Cold Snap" to reach the djinni.

33) Mercury #10 - Spout [PM] (ZjqQL1-3iF4) Go to the healer's house in Belinsk, head down to the basement. Move a few bookshelves to reveal a hidden passage.

34) Venus #7 - Gears [PM] (zWHRoZzu2yI) Found on the world map north of Border Town. (All the way north.)

  • Look for Ulysses' summon tablet at this point. *
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

35) Jupiter #12 - Sirocco [PM] (g3wzlcreI3Y) Found in a house in Border Town, climb up the roof of the soldier's house and "Grip" across the roofs. Head downstairs to find this djinni.

36) Venus #8 - Furrow [PM] (EZ66vblrzds) Found at a tiny round island on the world map to the west of Port Rago.

37) Mercury #11 - Coral [PM] (-y0R9ocNK9s) Found at the Port Rago Docks. Evaporate the water floating the ship using Tyrell's "Arid Heat" and run to the end of the corridor to find this djinni.

38) Venus #9 - Garland [PM] (EtbzEBfCULk) Found after navagating the branches maze at Kolima Village.

39) Mars #7 - Glare [PM] (rD6XBaEEBQ8) Found in the Phantasmal Bog. Cast "Cold Snap" and push some logs to find this djinni.

40) Jupiter #13 - Wisp [PM] (EoFQEaDafOo) Located in Saha Cistern, the underground passage between Saha and Kolima. You can only get it after obtaining "Crush" psynergy. Move the rock pillar in place from the left side. Then enter from the right side and crush the rock blocking the path.

41) Venus #10 - Pewter This djinni will guide you through Kolima forest. It will join you at the exit of the forest after a long cutscene.

42) Mercury #12 - Teardrop [PM] (bvMWNkbjSPM) Located at the left branch of the dividing path after exiting Kolima forest. Cast "Crush" to build a bridge using logs.

43) Jupiter #14 - Puff [PM] (MOxQpz5pzIA) Located near the summit of Talon Peak after getting the Roc Feather. Use "Crush" to reveal a ledge and jump down to reach the djinni.


At this point in the game you should be heading south, passing through Kolima and Saha towards Belinsk. BEFORE YOU LEAVE KOLIMA, buy some "Dream Leaf" from the item shop because you need it to get Haures. See the summon list section for details.

  • You can not leave Belinsk once you activate the eclipse. *
  • Make sure you have 10 Venus, 7 Mars, 12 Mercury and 14 Jupiter djinn. *

(This includes Sveta's djinn as well.)

  • Also make sure you have (Zagan), Moloch, Ulysses and Haures summon tablets. *

(They are permanently missable. Once you activate the second roadblock they are gone for good.)

44) Venus #11 - Chasm [PM] (A6LuJzme1h4) Located in the Belinsk Ruins (under the town where musicians play). Use "Crush" to make the djinni go to the stairs then it will join you after you defeat it.

  • Obtain Eclipse's summon tablet after clearing the Tower.*
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

45) Mercury #13 - Pincer [PM] (Q8QyRgJd3O0) Located in a house in Belinsk after you receive Eclipse. Talk to the two people sleeping in a house. Then cast "Douse" and "Cold Snap". Climb up the ladder to find the djinni.

  • Visit the opera house in Belinsk for the Crystal Dragon summon. *
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *
  • You can not return to northern Angara once you get on the ship. *
  • Make sure you have 11 Venus, 7 Mars, 13 Mercury and 14 Jupiter djinn. *
  • Make sure you have Eclipse and Crystal Dragon summon tablets before you get

on the ship. *

46) Mars #8 - Reflux 47) Mars #9 - Wrath 48) Mars #10 - Chili 49) Mars #11 - Glow 50) Mars #12 - Stoke These five djinn come with Eoleo when he joins your team.

51) Mercury #14 - Spring (9G0Z0OYq4Ec) Found in the cavern of Harun. Harun is on an island east/northeast of the mainland, reachable only after you get the ship. Use "Crush" to clear the cave and move some logs.

52) Venus #12 - Chain (e_lPcWa6njk) After resurrecting the second tower at Warrior's Hill (northwest of Harun). Climb up a tree on the right and walk on the ledge to find this djinni.

  • Search for Coatlicue's summon tablet at this point. *
  • See the summon tablet section for details. *

53) Mars #13 - Sizzle (VTfYG3dTgNQ) Found on the world map near Nihan, east of Yamata. Walk clockwise around Mt. Mikage (the inactive volcano) and run around until you find it.

54) Jupiter #15 - Kite (h9wf7OSn49s) Found in Yamata. Cast "Move" then "Crush" on a hole in the town. The djinni can be reached once you follow the path outside.

55) Venus #13 - Buckle 56) Venus #14 - Clover 57) Venus #15 - Magnet 58) Venus #16 - Geode 59) Mars #14 - Pepper 60) Jupiter #16 - Swift These six djinn come with Himi when she joins your team.

61) Mercury #15 - Shell (ZZ2mJxHNxXE) After getting Himi, sail east from Yamata to Gaia Falls Islet. This Mercury djinni is located in the cave on this island.

62) Mercury #16 - Rime (uHpqiYpWBSM) Found beside an abandoned house on Iceberg Outpost. Iceberg Outpost is located on the northwest of Harun. Reachable by boat only.

63) Mercury #17 - Geyser (o2ZjEZeLogE) Found in the Snowdrift Shrine. Follow the djinni and ski down the hill to reach it.

64) Mars #15 - Tinder (kyeXtzm4Nl8) Located in the town of Tonfon. Use "Slap" on a sleeping man in the town. He will then move the position of his boat. You can get this djinn after this event.

65) Mercury #18 - Foam (oSzkN3oPDh0) Located on the world map southwest of Tonfon under some mountains.

66) Mars #16 - Flare (UXMoW9B5Oug) Located inside the Burning Island Cave/Volcano Cave. Solve the puzzle to fight the djinni.

67) Jupiter #17 - Simoom (1IHyU1bRbOE) Located on the biggest island of a cluster of islands on the southern world map.

68) Mars #17 - Fugue (0mr3kU9h7F8) Located on the beach of Champa, can be seen hanging from a tree. Cast "Slap" on it then talk to it and it will join your team.

69) Jupiter #18 - Lull (PK-PkJ_D6GQ) Located at the entrance of Otka Sea Island. This island is reachable by riding a tornado that circles around Yamata.

70) Venus #17 - Ivy (x9_JnmzGgZU) Located at Passaj. Find a rag on the table of a house and give it to the woman on the bed at the inn. Then go back to the house where the rag was found and talk to the man on the right. Take the man to the room right before the elevator. You will discover the djinni where the Zol block was.

71) Venus #18 - Hemlock (ah1Uhgqc2nI) Located in Yamata Ruins. Complete the psynergy circuitry to find this djinni.

72) Mars #18 - Aurora (8JuOE4z4lzs) Located in the Apollo Sanctum, inside the room with the grass ring.

Summon Tablet Locations 1) ( Page Top )

There are a total of 14 summon tablets in the game. 6 of the 14 summon tablets are permanently missable. They are tagged with "[PM]" beside their names.

1) Zagan (1 Venus + 1 Mars) [PM] (ML-emokhGuk) Located in the logging area west of Konpa Ruins. You need to "Whirlwind" flowers, climb some trees and move one log to access this summon tablet.

2) Megaera (1 Mars + 1 Jupiter) (I4rXsoVqzxw) Located in a cavern south of Konpa Ruins, almost immediately after Reif joins your team. You need to use Reif's "Douse" to douse out the flames then "Grip" across the ledge to access this summon tablet.

3) Flora (1 Venus + 2 Jupiter) (Ym7jr_QNJuc) Located near the end of the Passaj Mountain Climb. Accessible after getting the Frost/Cold Snap Jewel.

4) Moloch (2 Mercury + 1 Jupiter) [PM] (IOHXxekqYMQ) Located in a cave northwest of Craggy Peak (the area with the 12 Zodiac rooms). Cast "Fireball", "Grip" and "Cold Snap" to access this summon tablet.

5) Ulysses (2 Mars + 2 Mercury) [PM] (6QEO7n2PGCM) Located inside an abandoned mine northwest of Border Town. Manipulate the tracks for the mine wagon. Light the bomb using Tyrell's "Fireball".

6) Haures (3 Venus + 2 Mars) [PM] (cK-7OV8PLvI) Buy some "Dream Leaf" at Kolima then return to Border Town. Sleep in the inn at Border Town and you should wake up to find the other half of the town open. Walk clockwise around the town until you reach a vine. Cast "Growth" on the vine then head inside to find the summon tablet.

7) Eclipse (2 Mercury + 3 Jupiter) [PM] (IZDrx2haPhk) Found in the second floor of the Tower at Belinsk after you defeat Chalis and Blados.

8) Crystal Dragon (3 Venus + 2 Mercury) [PM] (FUIZLpPUcA0) Found in the opera house of Belinsk after defeating the monsters.

9) Coatlicue (3 Mercury + 3 Jupiter) (SBGx16_ZIv0) Found in a room in the Harun underground passage (the cave east of Harun) accessible after clearing Warrior's Hill (the towers north of Harun).

10) Daedalus (3 Venus + 4 Mars) Use the Sol Blade to unlock the room in Volcano/Burning Island Cave. Defeat the team of five Ogre Titans to get this summon tablet.

11) Azul (3 Venus + 4 Mercury) Defeat the Star Magician on board the Ghost Ship. The Ghost Ship is located in a purple fog-covered area on the north end of the world map.

12) Catastrophe (3 Mars + 5 Jupiter) Defeat the Ancient Devil at the cave of the Otka Sea Island. This island is reachable by riding a tornado on the sea. The navagation for the maze to reach the summon tablet is the following:

up, left, up, up, up, up, left, up, up, left, up, left, up, up, right, up, right, up, right, right, right, right, right, up, right, right, down, right, up, right, down, down, right, down, right, down down, down, down, left, up, left, left, left, up, up.

13) Charon (8 Venus + 2 Jupiter) Located on the last floor of Crossbone Isle on the left side of the room.

14) Iris (9 Mars + 4 Mercury) Located on the last floor of Crossbone Isle on the right side of the room. It is the same room as where you find the Charon summon tablet. However, Dullahan guards the Iris summon tablet (just like in GS:TLA) and you must defeat him to get it. Good luck.