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My name is Allen, I'm a huge fan of the GS Series. I've used this wiki since GS:TLA. But now since Dark Dawn is quickly approaching I'm getting excited. So I'm kinda here to help, getting the game opening night hoping to help with my imput with the game.

Despite what people may think I did not hack my game or use a hacked saved for my TLA, just 7 years of on and off grinding wonder birds and hunting Mythril/Riot Gloves in Yampi Desert Caves. Thus my alts aren't maxed yet. Still working on them.

TLA Party:

Felix Lvl 99 Master

Isaac Lvl 99 Master

Jenna Lvl 99 Paladin

Piers Lvl 99 Guru


Garet Lvl 81 Chaos Lord

Mia Lvl 78 Pure Mage

Shiba Lvl 78 Necromage

Ivan Lvl 77 Wizard