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Because saying "No" to Flint once is apparently not enough.


Hello everyone, welcome to my personal Talk page. The name's Nidhogg and really all I do here is help edit a few articles and provide images.

I used to frequent this site a lot back in the day but in the past recent years I had gone missing due to real life becoming very busy. Managing a job while going to college while paying the bills while working on artwork for quick cash gets extremely frustrating after a while.

Anyways, with Dark Dawn finally released, I felt compelled to finally return. It felt like a crime to not celebrate in some way. Obviously this series made up my entire childhood when I was young; playing Dark Dawn as a grown adult now is truly momentous to me. Seeing all those familiar faces from my childhood and seeing how Weyard has changed is extremely heartwarming.

Anyways, besides being a freelance artist there is nothing really to rave about me here. If you need any help image or art-wise, just let me know and I'll try and get back to you as quickly as I can. Understand I have a busy life and may not respond as quickly as others.

'Till then, enjoy.

Contact Information[edit]

There are 3 ways you can contact me:

  1. Leave a message in my Discussion tab.
  2. Leave me a note in my deviantART page. You MUST have a deviantART account to do this.
  3. E-mail me at [1]