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I make about seven edits a week on this site, but not all at once. I may make four in one day, and none for the next three days. However, I correct faulty information when I find it, and therefore do my best to help the site.

I am currently replaying the first Golden Sun, at level 31-33, trying to get Pure Ply for Mia before I can fight Deadbeard. I want to replay the whole first two games for practice and enjoyment before I experience Dark Dawn.

Overall, my strategy is as follows: Djinn > Normal Attack > Summons > Psynergy > Items. I prefer methods of attack and defense that are primarily reusable and secondarily powerful. Djinn demonstrate both of these qualities. Normal attacks are always possible, but can be weak in comparison and don't give extra experience for elemental kills. Although summons are renewable, recovery becomes a problem in the heat of battle as it leaves the players very vulnerable. However, they are an easy but slow method of setting back used Djinn. Psynergy is somewhat renewable in the games, but will eventually run out in most cases. Items are the most problematic because they are almost always either single-use or breakable.

Here are my characters planned out so far, in order of Agility (everyone is in their mono-elemental classes):

Ivan: Kikuichimonji, Lucky Cap (for Unleashes and Psynergy), Virtuous Armlet, Feathered Robe

Isaac: Gaia Blade, Warrior's Helm, Spirit Gloves (one more Djinni's worth of Venus power), Storm Gear

Mia: Crystal Rod (maybe Blessed Mace later for the Djinn), Mythril Circlet, Spirit Armlet, Oracle's Robe

Garet: Blessed Mace (I know; I use Djinn), Jeweled Crown, War Gloves, Ninja Garb (maybe Asura's Armor later)

Note: I don't like cursed weapons because of their feeling of permanence (they can keep an Adept from moving, and even with the Cleric's Ring, they can only be removed at a sanctum, with the price increasing for every additional item removed).