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About RaileysXerilyasRX[edit]

Hello everyone! I'm Raileys and just call me Raileys. I'm now 18 years old (April 2013) and currently having a good time with some hobbies, drawing, playing video games (not always), watching cartoons and anime, surfing the internet, and spending time with families and friends. Well, some of my hobbies will change when I get older and older. But then, I always miss my time as a child and as a below teenager.

"The New World of Amity and Love"
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In this section, galleries about (this wiki) are posted here and originally made by Raileys. Mostly, images and videos are posted here.



Raileys's Miscellany[edit]

In this section, various messages, spoilers, and other miscellanies posted by Raileys.

User History[edit]

I've been to two usernames and they were LordRaileys and RaileysXerilyas. My reign as LordRaileys begun since January 2011. I've got this name as my YouTube username. But, this ended in May 2012. It was because in LordRaileys's YouTube, I've got and uploaded YuYu Hakusho videos and my account got Copyright Strikes. However, I wasn't able to know which videos or things are for Copyright Strikes in that time. So, I've finally deleted them. Even I deleted them, I still had the record about it. So, I've also deleted that account. Too bad that my old Facebook messages and posts are even there. Next, my reign as RaileysXerilyas begun since June 2012. I've also got this name as my YouTube username and three wiki-s (Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Golden Sun). But, this ended in December 2012. I've already understood things for Copyright Strike. So this is the story: I uploaded one Dissidia Duodecim fight titled Golbez VS. Sephiroth and its background music was One-Winged Angel (Dissidia Version). But, it was stated as a Third Party Content or Copyright Strike. It was said that the background music is from the Advent Children's One-Winged Angel. YouTube got confused, I think. Another thing, before that, I uploaded a Dissidia Duodecim fight titled Warrior of Light VS. Sephiroth and its background music was also One-Winged Angel (Dissidia Version). And, it didn't get Third Party Content or Copyright Strike. I think that YouTube isn't right. One more thing, this account was opened in a foreign country (better not to say it to avoid random spammage). Oh man! So, I did delete again. *sobs* And finally then, I made a new YouTube account with the username as RaileysXerilyasRX on February 2013. With this new username, I used this to make accounts for DeviantArt, MediaFire, Wiki-s, everything else, and this is not my Facebook and Twitter username. I remain on this username forever, I think. Feel free to visit my accounts as stated at the bottom of "About RaileysXerilyasRX" section.