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Hello there, I'm Pirys. I enjoy playing Both Golden sun games. I also like chocolate, propper grammar, things that smell nice, Jupiter Djinn, the darksword, and using the burst psynergy on things even though it has no effect.


These are the stats for my characters in both games (transfered over to TLA)

Felix lv.49 Class: Slayer

Weapon: Sol bladeSol Blade.gif

Head: Thorn crown

Shield: war gloves

Chest: Xylion armor Xylion Armor.gif

Undershirt: Golden shirt

Ring: Guardian ring.

Boots: Golden boots

Jenna Lv.49 Class: Justice

Weapon: masamune Masamune.gif

Head: Lure cap/Jeweled crown Lure Cap.gif

Shield: Titan gloves

Chest: Mysterious robe

Undershirt: Running shirt

Ring: Sleep ring

Boots: Dragon Boots ‎

Sheba Lv.48 Class: Sorcerer

Weapon: Nebula wand Nebula Wand.gif

Head: Crown of glory

Shield: Spirit gloves

Chest: Erinyes Tunic

Ring: Unicorn Ring

Boots: Quick Boots

Piers Lv.48 Class: Admiral

Weapon: Excalibur Excalibur.gif

Head: Milleneium Helm

Shield: Mirror Shield

Chest: Storm gear

Ring: Golden Ring

Boots: Safety Boots

Isaac Lv.99 Class: Samurai

Weapon: Sol Blade Sol Blade.gif

Head: Warrior's Helm Warriors Helm.gif

Shield: Aegis Shield Aegis Shield.gif

Chest: Valkyrie Mail Valkyrie Mail.gif

Undershirt: Mythril Shirt Mythril Shirt.gif

Garet Lv.99 Class: Beast Lord

Weapon: Darksword Darksword.gif

Head: Thunder crown

Shield: Terra shield

Chest: stealth armor

Undershirt: Mythril Shirt Mythril Shirt.gif

Ring: Cleric's ring

Boots: Fur boots

Ivan Lv.99 Class: Necromage

Weapon: Tisiphone Edge Tisiphone Edge.gif

Head: Jeweled crown

Shield: Aerial Gloves

Chest: Wild Coat

Undershirt: Mythril Shirt Mythril Shirt.gif

Boots: Hyper Boots

Mia Lv.99 Class: Elder

Weapon: Meditation Rod Meditation Rod.gif

Head: Floating Hat

Shield: Jester's armlet

Chest: Feathered Robe

Undershirt: Silk Shirt

Boots: Quick Boots