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I appologise for formatting errors up front, despite knowing many computer related things wiki-formatting is not yet my forte...

If you were bored one day and google my name, you would no doubt see my h2g2 profile. Here is a little extract from it:

"I am called JozCoz and I hope I can be a good host for as long as you stay here.

My hobbies include normal boring stuff like watching TV, listening to music, playing computer games (Nintendo rocks!) My favourite video game ever is Golden Sun: The Lost Age. I'm also on Gamespot.(but not very often)."

Other than the Golden Sun series, I'm a fan of the Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, F-Zero and Mario Karting and platform games...

It's been a while since the Golden Sun cartridge was plugged in, admittedly, but I have comprehensive coverage of the whole series so far so...

Feel free to leave me a message!!