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Hi, i´m Eduardo, i´ve been checking this page a lot so i decided it´s time for doing something about it. I mean of course helping with it. I´m a big fan of both Golden Sun games, and only just recently i finished The Lost Age at 100%. I hope to be of help in here, and any requests you may have, i´m ready to take them.

About me[edit]

Well, i´m 16 year old, i´m just finished with 2nd semester at high school, and my summer vacation starts today (june 13) so i think this is what i´ll do the whole time since i won´t go anywhere.

I'm a pro at swimming, badmington and cooking (XD, but yes, cooking).

I consider myself as an extroverted person, so i spend a lot of time with friends, but all of my free time goes here (the computer, video games and "sit on the chair all day stuff"), and just recently to the gym too.


Anything i can help with is cool XD.

What i´ve done[edit]

i´ll be adding stuff i do here.

Articles Created[edit]

  • None yet.

Articles Edited[edit]