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Character Userbox Categories[edit]

Does anyone think we should create categories to accompany all the "favorite character" userboxes on people's userpages? It'd probably give more of a sense of community to group users together based on favored characters. Here's the categories for the userboxes I have in mind:

  • Isaac Idolizers
  • Garet Greeters/Garet Guardsmen
  • Ivan Iloveyous
  • Mia Maidens
  • Felix Fanboys/Felix Fondlers (Dracobolt should understand this one really well. XD)
  • Jenna Juxtaposers/Jenna Jitterbugs
  • Sheba Sympathizers
  • Piers Partygoers
  • Saturos Slaves/Saturos Soldiers
  • Menardi Marauders
  • Karst Klowns
  • Agatio Arsonists/Agatio Appreciators
  • Alex Acolytes
  • Kradenettes

Feel free to come up with even better names for some of the above. Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!) 21:38, 31 January 2007 (UTC)