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border-radius: 15px;

If you update this template, make sure to make the necessary updates to all of the eight subtemplates: roundtr, roundtl, roundbr, roundbl, roundt, roundb, roundr, and roundl.


Used in tables to create rounded corners. Default is 15px.

  • {{round|15px}}

Replace "15" with the amount of pixels to round all four corners by, including the px. Insert it in the style=" " section of a table.

There are also several variations of this template, working similarly.

  • Roundtr - Rounds just the top right corner
  • Roundtl - Rounds just the top left corner
  • Roundbr - Rounds just the bottom right corner
  • Roundbl - Rounds just the bottom left corner
  • Roundt - Rounds both top corners
  • Roundb - Rounds both bottom corners
  • Roundl - Rounds both left corners
  • Roundr - Rounds both right corners

The variations can be used together in various different ways and using different pixel amounts.