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Main poll

<poll> How dedicated are you to the GBA Golden Sun games? I haven't even finished the first and/or the second game. I simply defeat the final boss of each game and consider myself done. In addition to the above, I collect all of the Djinn in each game so that I have all 72 at the end of The Lost Age with the help of the password. In addition to the above, I complete all optional dungeons and beat all the optional bosses (Deadbeard, Dullahan, etc.). In addition to the above, I obsessively level-grind with Wonder Birds, collect every random equipment drop, and max out my final TLA party to its limits. </poll>

Secondary poll

<poll> How do you keep on the lookout for GSDS information, if at all? I don't specifically keep a lookout. I'll just wait until the news is brought to light at whatever GS-focused place I go to. I regularly check Golden Sun fansites and forums to see if anyone has found anything new. I actively make an effort to check Japanese-language sites and the like, such as Camelot's official site, in hopes of being among the first to find new information. </poll>