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<poll> The newest version of the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DSi, is no longer backwards-compatible with Game Boy Advance titles, generating controversy over how the possibilities for a new Golden Sun game on Nintendo's handheld may be impacted in terms of cross-game data transfer. Game Boy Advance titles are, however, slated as part of its downloadable content. In terms of the possibility of being backwards-compatible with Golden Sun: The Lost Age, how do you think Camelot could, should, and/or would handle a theoretical new Golden Sun game on this platform? Retain support for GBA-to-DS connectivity with earlier DS units' GBA slots, regardless of the DSi's lack of the GBA slot Release Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age as downloadable GBA content on the DSi, which a new DS-based installment could then use internally for data transfer Feature support for both of the above concepts in a DS installment to ensure that gamers with either variant of the system are not "left out" Either port or remake the original two games as either one DS card together or two DS cards separately, and let them feature wireless connectivity with a new DS installment's game card for data transfer Discard any concept of data transfer mechanics altogether, and let a new DS installment feature elements to distinctify it from the previous games (e.g. a new cast of characters, thoroughly restructured gameplay mechanics, a setting in a different time period such as many years after The Lost Age or far back in Weyard's ancient past, etc.) </poll>