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Stardust is insane[edit]

I'm sorry, but... dealing 140% damage to five freaking targets with Mars damage - the second most common enemy weakness in the game - puts this unleash into solid OP category. Even if it doesn't have the sheer might of Blue Comet, the fact that this thing can crowd control like a boss has got to be worth pointing out. Even with the damage reduction incurred from the area reduction, the fact that we have a physical attack with a Range of 5 means that in the hands of Karis or Amiti in a class with 140% attack, they're pretty much guaranteed to strike everything on the field in most circumstances, and at high levels with high attack values, that's absolutely devastating. I imagine that if we had a Colosseum option of 8v8, this would have been a very common choice to go to battle with if only for it's ranged physicals. Rolina (talk) 22:26, 19 April 2013 (CDT)