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So, I translated these names to the best of my ability, after agonising over them for about an hour. I can see why NoA just went with calling them pretty bland Dragons, though they're obviously different sorts of beasts each time. The first one, Roaring Dragon, seems to be based off the Serpent of Mt. Mikage, and it's Japanese name, ホロウ only seems to come out to either Hollow or Passageway. I really don't understand this. The second one, Slaying Dragon one looks a lot more like a Qilin, and it's Japanese name reflects this: ガイサイ. The Sai element can mean Rhinoceros, which as we should know, is Greek for Unicorn, which is the Western equivalent of the Qilin/Kirin. That said, the Gai element seems to come out to Obstinant, but also possibly harm-inducing or evil-influenced. As for the Reigning Dragon, it's Japanese name closely mirrors the Japanese name of the Namco Tales series fan-favourite arte, Rising Phoenix - that's 鳳凰天駆 Hououtenku This is ホウテンコウ, Houtenkou on the other hand, and thus it probably means more something along the lines of Heavenly Phoenix Daimyou – mirrored in the form by having feathers, unlike the other two Dragons. That all said, unlike pretty much all the other Psynergy and Item translations, I do NOT have complete confidence in my translations for this series, and if anyone can come along and give better translations for them, or if someone can confidently validate my translations here, I would be much obliged. Marandahir (talk) 17:54, 18 February 2013 (CST)