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Kung Fu or Air?[edit]

  • Looked through the dialogs of GS1 and found a critical mistake about the entry

The Chi does not refer to Kung Fu (クンフー) in Japanese version. Although there's a condition that refers:

Man: Warriors! You can... use Kung Fu (クンフー)? 男「戦士さん あなた… クンフー できるアルか?

But in most case, it refers エイヤ (Maybe a transform of Air?), for the phrase in File:Chi2.png :

チン「さあ みんな れんしゅうヨ エイヤの力 げんかいある でも だれでもつかうことできるネ Chi2.png

Reference: Golden Sun - Dialog setシーアン村

  • Please use four tildes (~) after you post in the discussion sides. You know, I saw this too when I was playing through my Japanese cart, but I wasn't sure of my translation skills at the time and didn't change it at the time, and then forgot about it until just now! Thanks for the catch! We should change this right away. Marandahir (talk) 22:14, 24 August 2015 (CDT)
  • Furthermore, I deleted the section about Chi as an earth elemental thing in Japanese 5 Rings elements. That's a mistake; The Chi or Ji in Daichi, meaning Earth, has a completely different Kanji symbol than the one used in Chinese to refer to Chi as spoken of in the terms of Xian's martial artists. In fact, the Japanese word for Chi IS Ki, hence confusion for many American fans. The Japanese fans have little such – Force is just Force, and it's spiritual energy, aka Psynergy, while Chi is Air, a similar, but physically-based, concept. If someone with a better knowledge of the Chinese Daoist concepts of Chi could write a news cultural refs section for Chi, I'd be much appreciated. Marandahir (talk) 22:26, 24 August 2015 (CDT)