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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Two

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Mirafeuille (Post BOSS)

[IN the Town]

NPC1: Leaving so soon? Well, good luck on your journey. MR: What's going on? Why all the hubbub in the fields?

NPC2: I hear talk that Angkor's gonna send aid materials.

A: You heard right.

N: Aww man! That's it! I'm outta here. No more business in Mirafeuille! MR: If Angkor sends aid, I'll never be able to undercut them this year to last the winter. I hope they don't, otherwise it's vagabondage for me!

NPC3: (innkeeper) Mara got Angkor to send aid, didn't she?


<Y>: That's great! Mirafeuille will last the winter now! I'm so grateful. <N>: Oh... that's too bad. What ever will we do? MR: If relief from Angkor comes, they'll need a place to stay while they work... I could make a tidy profit here!

NPC4: Whatever happened out in the field, I'll bet you adepts had something to do with it! MR: They're stronger than I. But not as polite I see. Your name is ...Daryl? Shoo!

NPC5(boy): Everyone's exited because someone's field collapsed. MR: I don't get it. It's just a big hole.

NPC6: I heard Williamson's field collapsed. If that's not weird I dunno what is. MR: Better Will than me.

NPC7: Daddy went to see what happened to Mr. Williamson’s field. MR: Maybe a big monster did it!! I hope it doesn't eat daddy!

NPC8: [is in fields] Everyone was surprised when the field collapsed. I'm glad no one was hurt. MR: Where'd Brittany go? Oh crap, she's alone in the house!! No cookies left for tonight I'll wager.

NPC9: Since I'm sick I can't go and see what's going on. Damn stupid everything!!! MR: So...bored...mind...destroyed...must…abuse...grammar...

[If you head back to Toblios nothing has changed. Next stop Soulin pass.]

Soulin Pass (Outset visit)

[There is also a sign]

Sign: Soulin pass. Watch for falling rocks! Do not shout or strike the walls! Do not shout at or strike the guards!

Solider1: Keep to the leftmost path to pass. The area to the right is dangerous. MR: Criminy these things are heavy! I signed up to do glorious battle, not glorified pickup sticks!

[If you try to head right.]

Soldier1: Keep to the leftmost path to pass. The area to the right is dangerous.

2nd try: Soldier1: Hey! Keep left!

3rd try: Soldier1: What did I just tell you! Left! Left!

4th try: Soldier1: Are you retarded or something?! Or do you just have a death wish? Keep it up and I'll give it to you, you dumbasses.

Da: [angry] I've had enough of this. See you on the far side. (Da will leave until you get to the guard post at the end)

[You can no longer even approach the right side after this.]

Soldier2: Despite our best efforts rockslides still threaten Soulin Pass. Trade west will be delayed until later tomorrow afternoon. MR:I don't get it! They had a bunch of Freedom Guard come by three months ago to grind down the sides of this place, but in a couple of weeks they were just as jagged and dangerous as before! What's going ON here?!

Soldier3: Mountain beasts often come by to pick on passer-by. Keep a careful eye out and alert the guards if you see anything. MR: If we had more guards, passer bys wouldn't NEED to worry about monsters.

Soldier4: I hear tell that there's treasure buried up the sides of this place. Rock climbers sometimes come by to find some, but they never do. Rrrgh! Those stupid rumours put active rockslide hazards for us to deal with! MR: If the climbers weren't so careless, I might actually enjoy having them around to talk to. And treasure to pillage is always nice. I wonder...

Outpost Guard1: This outpost marks the edge of Angkor's direct control. Beyond that you're in Angkorian territory and under its laws. Legal drinking age is 20 past here, so bootleggers make tidy profits trying to sneak it in for teenagers. I wonder if this kid knows the limit is 20?

Outpost Guard2: Active duty is sooooo boooring. *sigh* I miss my girlfriend... oh, and my family too. MR: Damn it! There I go, being to casual again. I gotta shape up if I want that promotion!

Da: (If he left, upon reaching outpost): Hm. You're here at last. Let's go.

Sanctum Apprentice (female): Being on assignment out this far is pretty tiring. Oh! Can I offer you aid? [Usual Options] MR: This place is hot, buggy, boring, and filled with slimy monsters! The mountain beasts aren't much better.... who's that with the psyenergy?

Outpost Lieutenant: This is the coordination site for all the guards in Soulin pass. We also run an inn service for passer by on their way to and from Angkor. Would you like to rest here? [Y/N]

Daedalus Excavation (I)

Journey on the world map, you can cross bridges to the Daedalus Excavation or head over to Angkor.

At Excavation

NPC1: There's a big government quarry down there. I wonder what's got them so crazed? MR: They're taking miners all the way from Altin village! Just how big is this thing?!

NPC2: You have know psyenergy, right? I do too, but I don't have the skills to get in there. Man, nothing's more enticing than a secret! MR: Unless you can use something as powerful as Cloak or Teleport...or maybe Sand, the Freedom Guard will probably intercept just about all Adepts who try to get in.

NPCGuard1: This area is a restricted government operation. Do not pass this point. MR: These guys look like Adepts... does the commander know about them?

NPCGuard2: I know it sounds dumb, but the Excavation is now off-limits to the public. MR: I don't get it. We haven't even found anything yet and they wanna keep it a secret. Wait a minute... these guys are adepts! Yaaa! Where's that sheildstone! There it -