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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Twelve

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NPC1: Do you want to go back? Sir Ailron's sanction holds. MR: Leaving so soon?

NPC2: This Telepod will take you anywhere in the greater empire. There's ones in the smallest village or the distant cities. MR: What manner of adept is this?

NPC3: ...Hm? MR: What is it? Can I help you with something? D: Ah, no. NPC3: Sorry. You'll find most Anemie don't bother wasting time talking. I don't have much of a tour guide's knowledge to hand you, sorry.

NPCGuard1: ... MR: ...

NPCGuard2: ... MR: Warriors of Duke Ailron, do not bother the city militia.

-Thoroughfare 1 (Areima Sector)- (18 NPC's inside and out of buildings)

NPC1: ... MR: Ah, you have non Jupiter adepts? I suppose I could be bothered to talk but...

NPC2: Ah, travellers. It's always nice to see an unfamiliar face. MR: I'm afraid that the general populace knows that foreign adepts of some power are within the city walls. Expect a... reception for that.

NPC3: Hmm... journeymen? MR: Hmm... my throat is sore. I should talk more often than I do. But it's so cumbersome!

NPC4: This is... Areima. MR: This is one of the sectors in the city. Don't expect much traffic though.

NPC5: You seek... passage to Angkor? The central sector... MR: I doubt they'll let you use it though.

NPC6: ... MR: I have nothing to say to foreigners.

[Building1 NPC's] NPC7: This is my house. What do you seek? MR: You are no doubt the one I predicted would come for that potion on the table.

NPC8: Yay! You're fun mister! A: Uhh... what? NPC8: Oh yeah, you don't know! Ha ha! MR: He can't see the future! He can't see the future!

NPC9: I can't fly yet, but if I keep at it... MR: The notion is so romantic...

[Building 2 NPC's] NPC10: There is something of a network of thought that runs through the city. MR: It is this which allows us such fast and great communion of knowledge.

NPC11: ...not here. MR: The telepod in the palace connects to every other major commercial centre. But you'll have to convince a few big people in order to use it.

[Building 3 NPC's] NPC12: There is nothing here for you. Be gone. MR: I removed all the coin and items beforehand. It's good to have premonitions about jerks like that.

[Back outside]

NPC13: I am a trader by choice. Heh, don't expect a good talking too if you visit here. MR: Since I can't stand it here. Iria gives me the creeps. Oop! Happy thoughts...

NPC14: Beyond here is an in-city telepod. It will take you to any sector you wish. I recommend you avoid Contigo and Pesmerga sectors however... MR: The telepods run in a circular fashion. If all the Jupiter alchemy wasn't being used for whatever they're building in the sanctum, those telepods could take you right into your living room. Stupid government. Enjoy the explanation?

NPC15: I'm just waiting here for someone. MR: Uh oh... I just felt that she won't show up... I think I've been stood up again.

NPC16: ...what? MR: ...what?

NPC17: My husband works...on airship. MR: My husband works on an airship. It's such a noble calling! I'm glad he's captain now.

NPC18: We aren't running tours at the moment. MR: Why do they always want tours. Well, I'm glad they know it. It's good to have the general consensus about these adepts with you. Oh, just step onto the telepod to activate it, if you're wondering.

[The telepod]

  • There is a Telepod that leads to Pesmerga sector. Use it?* [Y/N]

<N> (Nothing happens) <Y> (You teleport)

<<<Try to teleport again and you get "it's not responding. Is it broken? Maybe there's someone in here who knows.>>>

Post teleport... A: Wow, it's practically deserted here. D: I wonder... hmm, everyone's left in a remarkable coincidence. M: It seems... cold here. K: I don't really see the need to linger. Let's go. A: Ah, where's your sense of fun?

-Pesmerga sector- 3NPC's and Seles scene, NPC3 is beyond the Seles scene- All doors are locked

NPC1: Huh? This place is weird. Man, I always get lost here! MR: It must be because I'm a Venus adept. This city hates me.

NPC2: I keep thinking... but I don't... MR: I don't have anything to do. So why do I want to leave? And the net is silent...


Guard1: ... MR: ...

Guard2: ... MR: Whatever you've done, you've done it big.

Guard3:... MR: I thought it was a Lemurian tradition that guards don't speak! This sucks.

Guard4: ... MR: zzz...

NPC: Why would you have Seles escort you around the city? Surely there are tour guides for this sort of thing. MR: Now that I think about it, I really don't know how the Anemos tour system works. Oh well.

<There is a Telepod to Contigo. Use it?>

--Contigo Sector--

NPC1: You are from Angara are you not? Angara is the largest continent in Weyard. MR: Even if you don't count the Northern Reaches, Angara dwarfs the rest of the world.

NPC2: Contigo is the marketplace for Anemos. MR: Keep your wallets and purses close, Aram. NPC3(not Anemos): Oh? Fellow outlander eh? I'm here from the isles to the south of Atteka. MR: Finally someone who won't read my bloody mind!

NPC4: If you're looking for the open market, this is it. Most trade is conducted inside those buildings. MR: Adventurers like yourselves have little need for shipments of fruit or oil.

NPC5: The network is somewhat active today. MR: Something went on in the palace, and now Seles is here escorting outsiders around? This doesn't add up.

NPC6: I hear talk of a new trade agreement being made with Vala. MR: You need an old one to get a new one though.

NPC7: Anemos city sports a wide arrangement of weapons and tools for those who venture afeild. MR: Attekan monsters are very powerful.

NPC8: The sanctum is due east of here. You should go there and pray. MR: The Anemos sanctum humbles even Angkor's shrines.

NPC9: You have many djinn. MR: The number of known djinn in Weyard is realatively small. You must be seasoned warriors to have caught so many.

NPC10: Despite the amount of energy put into it, the future for the next decades remains murky. MR: It's one of the great issues facing modern alchemy, the cause for the vagueness of tomorrow. Anemos doesn't seem worried though...

NPC11: Talking takes too long. MR: And you think too slow.

NPC12: People around here are accustomed to talking. MR: The shopkeeps are bilingual: mental or physical.

NPC13 (not Anemian): I have journeyed across the world, and never have I seen a city to rival this one. Even Lemuria pales in comparison. MR: Amazing, isn't it?

NPC14(not Anemian): A fellow central Angkoran? Nice to see a familiar face! A: Really? If you're from Toblios, I don't recognize you. N: My father, Gerak, was. I'm a trader so really it's moot, but I was raised in Mirafeuille. A: Old Ger had a son after all! Well, that's a surprise. N: He never told? A: Nope. Oh, I'm Aram by the way, and this is Daryl. N: I'm Jim. Stop by and talk again.

Jim: Stop by and talk again. MR: I thought he was called Darius, not Daryl? Whatever, my memory must be slipping.

NPC15 (not Anemian): This place is much cooler than the Desert. MR: Lamerkhan is always hot. I wish I didn't have to leave Anemos.

NPC16: I cannot fly so well as I used to it seems. MR: Though, with Telepods, the uses of flight are quite limited.

NPC17: Anemos remains constant as the city of winds. No other place changes as little. MR: The Anemos of memory is virtually unchanged from what it is today, save it is larger.

NPC18: The Heaven Reaver is one of the Holy Treasures of Anemos. Legend has it that it can wound the Aleph itself. No other weapon is greater. MR: It is the finest spear in the world. Only the Sol Blade of Prox and the Emperor of Vala come even close to matching its power.

NPC18's freind: Don't mind him. He's a weapon and military otaku. MR: I like him anyway.

NPC19: The Airship docks can't be reached by traveling the sectors of Anemos. You need a special pass to find them. MR: I don't even know where they are spacially!

Item Shopkeep: (either MR or talk): Normal banter.

Armour Shopkeep (not buisness): This armour is bound with the power of Jupiter lighthouse. No weapon of earthen power can peirce them. MR: We also have a fine selection of Fire and Water resistant armour, all for a reasonable price. Come on down! (buisness: MR or talk in front of him/her)

Weapon Shopkeep: banter MR: Hmm? Normally Anemie don't want weapons. <banter>)

General Shopkeep: I have a wide selection of items at a cheaper rate than those other shops. MR: Mind you, they aren't as good... Otherwise <banter>