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ANGKOR (I) N: You’ll want to check out information a block and a half down, on your right. They'll help you out. MR: Huh. She said she'd be here by now

NPC2(Osenian looking guy): Angkor is a nation of craftsmen, and the Capital is where they all meet. You'll find some of the highest grade materials from all over the world here. MR: *no effect* N:[!] Ah, trying to read my mind eh? Too bad! Angkor also has a premium surplus of sheildstone. You'll not find many here who's minds can be read. A: [*] Daryl: Damnit!

NPC3(uniformed guy): Outta my way, I'm directing traffic here!

NPC4(average Jane): Head further down this road and you'll hit city central. You can do just about anything there. MR: *Sigh*... backwoods adepts sure are impolite. [Fail at further attempts]

NPC5(merchant guy): Our cart broke down and now we're stuck here until we get a replacement. MR: Just as well. I heard that Soulin pass caved in again, not to mention Mirafeuille's troubles. Still, I gotta make a living.

NPC6 (little girl): My dad's a world famous carver! You should go visit him and ask him for stuff!

NPC7(average Joe): It's business as usual today. Too bad you guys missed the festival last week.

NPC8(guy): Lately I've been considering going on a boat trip over to Indra or maybe Osenia. Group fees are cheaper. Wanna come with? MR: Man, those girls on the ships look HOT in those sailor uniforms!

NPC9(young woman): Just about everyone who comes to Angkor aspires to a trade and wants to be approved by the Guild. Getting that recommendation is enough to land you a cozy job for life! They aren't likely to approve the likes of you though. MR: The guild approves maybe one or two people a year. That's why the winners are so in demand, they're only the finest of the fine. I'd sure like to marry a man with that kind of credential

NPC10(old woman): I've lived in Angkor my whole life. Lemme tell you, this place sure has changed in my time.

[Most buildings except for shops are locked]

The 1st inn

NPC11(girl at counter): Welcome to the Magnolia! Will you be staying the night?

D: C'mon Aram, let's see more of the city!

A: Yeah, you're right. We'll keep looking around.

House 1: If you cross her line of sight, she says her line. NPC [woman][facing away from door]: Hey! Get outta my house! Or I'll call the city watch!

A: Okay, okay! Sheesh! (leaves. House is locked from here on in until after you clear Indra) MR: I wish Mae would hurry up with that shopping. I hate leaving the door open...

Stove: Aram checked the stove. It's fish soup! Wow, I don't recognize half these vegetables, but all of them look awesome!

House 2:

NPC1(avg Joe): We left our door open at behest of some scholar's "study", if you're curious. MR: This "experiment" is so stupid. That little nerd will get it if someone steals something!

Oven: Aram Checked the oven. Whoa! COOKIES!! [Obtained cookies]

NPC2(Izumo woman): Since I moved here, this has got to be the strangest custom I've seen in this city... MR: Though, it's actually really fun! I've met all kinds of people and made lots of new friends because of it. And that Wiseman is so knowledgeable for one so young. Angkor truly is great

NPC3(little girl): Mommy likes that little scowler guy, but I think daddy is mad that so many people have come into the house. MR: Maybe daddy's jealous of the scowler guy.

NPC4 (Old Woman): Well, this has been a productive week. I've not met half as many people in twenty years before this week.

NPC5(young Scholar): Oh, you came in because the door was unlocked? It's part of my research. Hmm...hey, I got a reading! Oh wow! Exactly as I predicted! My thesis is supported! But that means... you are...

A: Are what? What's the deal? That fancy compass some sort of matchmaker thing? [*] If it is, I recommend you get a refund, I don't swing that way.

N: Nono, it's not that... it's like a sort of fate reader thing... if what this says is true, our world is about to change forever.

A: Riiiight, and I'm the Queen of Anemos. Get real.

N: You are destined by fate to shift the world. Take heed of the epilgometer's warning.

A: [!] What, are you nuts? I'm just a kid!

N: I...I must go report my findings to the university.

MR (before convo): Hmm... it's been a week and nothing at all. I must be vigilant however. If I'm right, they'll enter any building that's unlocked. Man, I hope that hunch is right...

MR (after convo):It worked! My dream was accurate! But then... what can this mean? Should I flee to the countryside or something like that?

Screen 2

[This area has an inn and the normal shop.]

NPC1: Dammnit! Where'd that kid go!

A: What kid?

N: A little urchin ran off with my Potion! Grrr... my only consolation is that I might get one of those diviner's to find the bastard and unhand him.

A: What?! You cut off their hands?!

N: Duh, that's the punishment around here. What, are you new?

A: That's barbaric!

N: Oh, a liberal are ya? Well, I don't see your kind doing anything to change the situation. Spineless ninny...

NPC2: They're building a new statue of the King here in the square next week. MR: We've run out of corners to put these things. I wonder what the king will do after this.

NPC3: Stay away from the roadways if you don't wanna be crushed!

NPC4: Hey, you guys adepts too? (casts) Yup. Listen, I'll let you in on a little secret. Word is, some guy stole half a dozen djinni from a noble last week. Supposedly he's running some contest with them as the prize! You should check it out! MR: Back. Off.

NPC5: You here to see the palace? Built only by the finest craftsmen in Angkor. It, the Guild headquarters and the University are all down that street. You can't miss em.

NPC6: Damn it! I worked for 2 years on my entrance piece and the Guild said it was garbage. Gah, the nerve of those guys! MR: I probably didn't really stand a chance... but they don't have to be so cruel, especially that one judge, Simon.

NPC7: Avoid the district down this street. That's where all the guild rejects and university dropouts go. MR: Why did they call it the Champa district? Is that supposed to be some kind of weird acronym?

NPC8: Northwest of here they built up a amazing huge shrine. You should go check it out. MR: Man, if the gods don't smile on us for that, I'm heading for the hills.

NPC9(female) : I hear talk that they're planning to send even more soldiers to Loho. And increase patrols in south Gondowan. MR: I hope Terence’s gonna be okay

NPC10(soldier): Can I interest you Adepts in joining the Freedom Guard? Demonstrable psyenergy is grounds for automatic admission and training at the academy near the base of Venus Lighthouse, and the salary is top notch, as are the benefits.

A: Uh thanks but I'll pass for now.

N: Think about it! Veteran adventurers often rise higher than any others!

MR: Ah, yet another adept.

NPC11 (Male): The bar here is pretty sweet. Live entertainment every night, and Friday is ladies night!

NPC12: I'm not drunk, youre theone whos' drunk, *hic* ya swordy bastard. Git outta my face or ill...ill burn yourwives n'children, yeah, that's wha I'll do. MR: Guy near me...near tree...trees suck...ate my pet cat... or rat. Everyone's a rat..

NPC13(girl): Would you like to rest the night at this inn? Our service is excellent.

A: [Wub]

A: I bet it is.

N: [><]

NPC14: You know that the Lemurian ambassador stays here? He doesn't complain about it either. Those guys sure are weird. MR: Whoa, Lemuria must be a huge slum or something if the ambassador is willing to put up here without complaint


NPC1: What, you wanna know where you are? This is the shipping and loading docks. Down there is where passenger boats load.

NPC2: I'm a duty officer who inspects cargo.

A: Then shouldn't you be inspecting that shipment?

N: Ah man, don't tell my boss I'm slacking, now scoot. (Gained 50 gold!)

MR: This pier 1 imports a lot of stuff, especially clothing it seems.

NPC3: We get a lot of totally random stuff going in and out here, like these exports to Lemuria for example. I dunno what's in 'em, and judging by the smell, I don't want to. MR: It says Ship High In Transit on the box, but why? It's just manure or something. And can't they just shorten that label down to some unimportant acronym?

NPC4: Dock work is hazardous even in today's world, which is why dock workers get great wages.

NPC5: Tickets please! Show your tickets before boarding the ferry! What, you wanna go to Indra? [Y/N] <Y> You need a ticket pal. <N> Please step aside to allow other passengers by. MR: What's going on in Indra? I hope my brother and his family are okay.

NPC6: This is the dock for the major cruise liners. Would you like to hear an explanation about the cruise lines? [Y/N] <Y> Okay, you see here? Three major cruise lines operate in the Phedran Sea, each one based in Lemuria. They all basically have the same destinations on their rosters, but the time and cost differences are key. The dock with the blue flag is owned by Tranquil Course, the elite shipping line. Its passage is steep but fast, smooth, and all expense paid for. They even have a full shop complement on board that sometimes carry unique items as well. Also they boast a full casino for shipboard entertainment, and nightly parties. The dock with the red flag is owned by Shining Glass Cruises company, they're the middlemen. They'll take you there with no frills but no lacks either. They have a supply item shop on board and don't have any journey troubles. They also claim to go to destinations that most other companies ignore, such as Tundaria or the South Gondowan. Course, there's not really much there so... The dock with the green flag is Lemurian Transit cruises. They're the official government line, and consequently are really cheap and kind of seedy. They offer little in the way of accoutrements but have a really unique set-up. If you pass the qualifier test you can offer your services as a hired defender mercenary and help protect the ship from sea monsters on its voyage. This line also owns the ferry that transits to Indra. Currently, all ships bound to and from Angkor are in transit. One or two should be in by tomorrow, so check back then. <N> Okay. Carry on then.

[2nd and subsequent] N: Would you like to hear about a particular shipping line? (then if you say yes you can pick a line ect.) MR: Shining is nice, but you can't beat all the sights on Tranquil!

NPC7(ticket girl)(in ticket building):Would you like to purchase a ticket for a Tranquil Course cruise? [Y/N] <Y> There are two in your party, so that's 10 000 gold. D: Hey man, what're you thinking?! We still need Darius you know! A: You're right. Let's go. <N> (nothing said)

NPC8(ticket boy)(in T building): Would you like to purchase a ticket for a Shining Glass cruise? [Y/N] <Y> Two people, so that's 3000 gold. D: Hey man, what're you thinking?! We still need Darius you know! A: You're right. Let's go. <N> Okay then.

NPC9(ticket girl)(in T building) Would you like to purchase a ticket for the ferry or the Transit cruise? List of options • Yes, we want the ferry • Yes, we want a cruise • No Responses • Two people for the ferry is 300 gold • A two person cruise? 1000 gold • okay then <<<If you take the cruise>>> N: Would you like to hire yourselves out as mercenaries? You get a bounty for every monster you defend the ship from. All you have to do is beat our captured specimens. [Y/N] <Y>. Okay then. Head back here please. (through a door). Defeat these four and we'll sign you on. If it gets bad, I'll pull you out, so don't worry.

win : Excellent! I'll put your names on the roster for reference so you don't have to do this at every dock.

lose: Too bad. You can try again when you're stronger.


[Yes to cruise or ferry] D: Hey man, what're you thinking?! We still need Darius you know! A: You're right. Let's go. <N> Okay then. MR: We could sure use s'more mercenaries, especially after what happened the last time... I thought I would be sick for a week when I saw what was left of them when they were dragged back in.

NPC10(male)(in ticket building): Man, these ships are so expensive... even the ferry's price is up. How do they get off charging this kind of thing!? MR: I only have enough money to get to Indra, and I came from there! Stupid Cold war.

NPC11(in ticket building, Female): (To NPC 10) Well, NOW what do we do for our dream cruise?! MR: This is so stupid! If I was any poorer I might not even be able to leave Angkor! Where's the wealth and prosperity they keep promising?

NPC12: Have you seen those prices?! [Y/N] <Y> They never used to be so high, except the tranquil ones anyways. In my grandpa's time you could get from Angkor to Lemuria on a pittance, but the tensions after the templar war drove prices up, and the current state of affairs isn't doing anything to help. <N> Tensions between nations are making the companies nervous in foreign ports, so they bank on overcharging to cover insurance. Alchemy is good and all, but building a boat still takes time and effort.

NPC13: I used to work on the ferry, but got booted at port. MR I'd have given the captain some Aggi if he'd asked, the jerk. Where is the bribe these days?!

NPC14: I'm just here to see if the Transit cruise is back. MR: Soon I'll see Apogii again, and get out of this two bit dump.

NPC15: With no other ships in port, some of us dock workers are out of a job. MR: I feel like perpetuating a stereotype by going and getting drunk and then starting a huge brawl.


NPC1: What? This is the eastern district, buddy. MR: Damnit, which way is the market?

NPC2: Yay! It's summer! MR: This is the best time of year

NPC3: This is the Champa district.

A: Why Champa?

N: Well, many years ago a great and noble hero from the mystical city of Cartha-

A: Never mind.

NPC4: I suppose the other city dwellers told you that Champa is where all the losers and dropouts hang out. Well, it's not! MR: Those stupid tales are ruining my business. Damn kids

NPC5: *Sigh* I was studying astronomy but got kicked for failing numerics three times in a row. MR Damnit! Who needs to know what an integrator is anyways! ...I think I might be getting drunk...

NPC6: My boyfriend came here to join the guild of artisans, but he wasn't up to snuff I guess. MR: Tyrone's been moping for days about it.

NPC7: I may not be up to Angkor's standards, but I refuse to give up the study of alchemy that easily! MR: ** Ahah! Did my homemade sheildstone work?

NPC8: If it seems sparse around here, that's because most people in this district are either in the bars or at home. MR: An entire district of failure... what a depressing place Angkor's become...

NPC9: Most of the people in Champa are trapped here. Travel restrictions to outlying parts of the Empire and the massive costs just to eke out a living here prevent anyone who comes from leaving easily. Heh, if I was still at the Academy, I'd probably write a paper on it. MR: There's nothing stopping people from leaving the city, it's the exorbitant fees mercenaries drive to protect people from monsters. If it weren't for them, I don't think we'd even need cities in this Age... but then, if drought and poverty still exist, maybe alchemy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

NPC10 (Short guy): I'm from the dwarven village of Loho. Dwarves are legendary craftspeople, so I thought I was a shoe in, but my work still needs improvement. I'll hang around here for another year until the guild opens the registry again. MR: The works of the guildmaster are peerless... surely this is the legacy of Daedalus and Icarus to Angkor's humans.

NPC11: Oh me? Nah, I'm still in the Academy. But my roomie got kicked for getting a bane grade in physical alchemy. I'm going to cheer him up before he heads back to Delhi. MR: I hope he gets a warm welcome on Indra.