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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Thirteen

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Ipalus sector (the University)


NPC1: Welcome to the University of Anemos Aram! MR: You don't really like higher learning, do you?

NPC2: ... MR: What? I'm working over the 'net here!

NPC3: The University of Anemos is the foremost scholastic facility in all fields of academic endeavour in Weyard. MR: And it improves vocabulary!

AnemosScholar1 (henceforth AScholars): I am... studying the overall mood of the city. MR: The network is really clogged with irrelevent thought today. I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

AScholar2: The faculties are off limits to anyone not a student or professor. MR: If it looks small, that's because only the library is on the top, everything else is buried.

(Inside- Foyer) Sign: In honour of Prof. Menaeus Kaels, founder and first Dean of the University. "Trust in Knowledge" A: What the hoke heck? S: That's old Anemian- "Trust only in knowledge"

(Inside- central access) Teller: The room to my right is off limits to non-library personnel. The stairs are behind me. MR: Don't bother trying it, the door is sealed.

(Stairs Down room) NPC: Do you have a pass to enter the university? A: Nope NPC: Then you can't come in. MR: No touchies

(Stairs Up room - Lvl two of the Library) AScholar1: Pardon... MR: I apologize. I am looking for something.

AScholar2: Hm? MR: What do you want now?

AScholar3: This is the humanities levels. The physical sciences are downstairs. MR: It looks small, but each book is bound using Alchemy to hold much information.

AScholar4: My professor... MR: Told me to find a book that isn't here!

AScholar5: Some of these books are ancient. Be careful. MR: Heilg's Records of the Rhodes Conflict is almost 1900 years old!

Teller: Oh! Miss Seles! Please feel free to look at anything you feel like. MR: What an honour, meeting the Empress' personal servant here!

Books (any conversations at the end will not repeat after the first time) Shelf: There's a book entitled "The Renegades of Kaltis". Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "...though the newly united Proxis clan had theoretical authority over the Ailrons, in practise it was a tenuous control held at the Ailrons' whim... ...with this new assault the Ailrons surviving on the mainland were almost completely exterminated. The survivors that fled to Kalt established the so called "Ailron Pillar" as a defensive measure, known as the "Lis Ruins" in Anemian circles and "The Betrayer's Tower" in Proxian ones..." A: Wow. D: Prox really has it in for the Ailrons doesn't it? K: D'you think- S: Yes, he is the last pureblood Ailron. M: [>:-(] I was under the impression we agreed no more mind-reading? S: ...

Shelf: There's a book entitled "The Templar War: Causes and Results". Read it? [Y/N] [Y] " ...the Templar war began in earnest in fourthmonth AD 2133 with subsequent incursions across the north of Angara into Imilian territory. Veilbus' main target remained the Imilite supply line from Lemuria... ...with continued Valan capitulation, Urdrie had little difficulty in setting up attack lines all along the Angkor-Vala border, culminating the Battle of Mira's Grove north of the then independent city state Toblios..." A: Cool. It's historical. D: The more you know...

Shelf: There's a book entitled "The triumph and failure of Daedalus". Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "Introduction: Dominating the landscape, as tall as a small hill and capable of levelling a mountain, the great inventor Deadalus' final creation defies imagining even as it inspires it. It was and still is the greatest weapon ever built in Weyard. Yet it was a triumph equalled only in its monumental failure as any sort of weapon... ...trace the life of this great man... ...with the ranged missile provided, Angkor had a means to attack the invaders well outside of their ability to retaliate, even with Meteor. Thus was another layer built on this legend of a man... ...the Daedalus Machine was too successful, the threat too great to be ignored. It drew almost all of the retreating Proxian force's attention. ...culminating in the stuff of legend, the Battle of Andor's Feilds... ....plan was foiled by Daedalus' total immunity to fire, so commander Drigel attacked the land it walked on, melting the very rock to magma. Thus was the pilots killed and Daedalus immoblilzed and eventually sunk in solid rock... ...even today it is likely still functional, resting in solid bedrock somewhere north of Angkor city and south of Lamerkhan desert..." A: Whoa... D: That's... M: I thought that Daedalus' machine was melted to slag in that battle! S: Are you sure? This record is verified and accepted from eyewitness interviews of over two hundred proxian and angkoran veterans... K: Could someone still find it? S: It would be hard, it's very reisistant to psyenergy and thus scrying, but if you searched enough... A: A monster slumbering under Angara... D: Cute. Very poetic. A: Shut up.

Shelf: There's a book entitled "The three holy swords of the world." Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "And the king of Angkor gave them these weapons as proof of his pact with them, to bind them, ye, in eternity. Unto the cheiftain of the Amar do I give you the Blade of the Sun, to keep always and protect the light of the far north, as the Black Lady bid us, to Anemos' heiress Iria is given this Bloody Trie, may you keep the Aleph safe for all eternity. To the cheiftain of Vala, I give you this, the greatest sword that has been or ever will be forged, the Emperor of all Weapons, to protect the Aleph from the coming Destroyer.." A: That's an old one... D: It's probably more crap. M: Yes, this has never been substantiated. S: mm K: Hey, doesn't it say Iria was there? She could tell you, right? S: [idea] that's a clever one, but she says she has no recollection of any sort of meeting like that. M: You're not the first to think that, obviously. K: So? M: Just saying.

Shelf: There's a book entitled "History of Angara." Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "Important to note in south central Angara is the town of Toblios, mainly in regards to it being the only thing in the area that has anything going for it. It once attempted annex neighboring Loho territories in AF 2988 but failed to do so. In AF 2304 the growing natinon of Angkor in turn annexed it, and followed suit with Loho in AF 2309."

Shelf: There's a book entitled "Analysis of the Legend of the six" Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "...It is purported that of the six, Kimi alone possessed the gift of water, as Ravencroft he gift of Earth. Certain legends tell, however, of Azrakham causing a "great and global disturbance" with the lighting of each lighthouse. This is oft interpreted to mean that the lighthouse itself caused the disturbance, but a theory championed less often is that Azrakham himself was an earth adept, despite assertations from a single, and admittedly, dubious source, that of Paulo's supposed sister's purported book..."

Shelf: There's a book entitled "Economic and political conquest: Who rules the rulers of Weyard?" Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "...cannot say for sure whether or not a lighthouse intrinsicly builds empires, as the present state of each nation controlling one can be explained as a combination of serendipitous victories and coincedences, but what is certain is that lighthouses greatly prolong empires, as no nation controlling one has been bested by any challenger.. ...the use to which each lighthouse is put is various: Angkor uses Venus as a training base for its mighty Freedom Guard and Glorious Guard, Prox takes advantage of the natural swamps and wetlands caused by Mars' presence as well as manipulates the fires to heat their home city, Lemuria uses the water of Hermes to heal ailments, and the ices to control access into its territory, while of course every Anemian knows what Anemos uses Jupiter for, weather control... ...any nation in control of two lighthouses is in control of all Weyard save Vala by sheer volume of alchemy...

...who would weild the stone of the sages will know Infinite power, power to thwart death, to control time and space, to be as Gods..."

(The Physical sciences section) -Right entrance

Teller: Please... *cough* MR: Please be quiet in the library

AScholar1: Hmm... MR: Darn it, where's that paper?

AScholar2: I gotta say, the Academy at Angkor doesn't work students nearly as hard as this University. MR: Only the finest acdemics should be allowed to do research to further Anemos.

AScholar3: The humanities always has more people in it than the physical sciences, which makes this place great to study. MR: Stupid exams.

(Shelves) Shelf1: There's a list of journals called "Camber" Read a paper? [Y/N] [Y] "...then by Dealsin's orthox equation, the ratio of decay follows a set pattern, shown here as..." A: I get one word in ten. D: Pfft. Who cares about "Measured close quarters penbric interactions in varying venusial fields?"

Shelf2: There's an Encyclopedia Atteka, the most comprehensive repository to virtually every sort of knowledge. It's huge even by Anemos standards.

Shelf3: There's a book of useful engineering equations. It's all in Anemian math symbols though... how is it that we get common alphabets but not common math!? Rrrgh!

Shelf4: There's some journals called "Towering Sun" Read a paper? [Y/N] [Y] " realistically it is possible and even plausible that all the elements can reach a balanced state in a person, regardless of proximity to the Aleph Gate. Theory seldom holds up to fact though, and this reputed "Gold" mix or a so called "Gold Adept" has never been encountered either directly or in secondary research."

Shelf5: There's a book called "Translated and recorded prophesies of Anemos and Anemians" Read it? [Y/N] [Y] "Walking through the night is dragon's shadow, where it moves is light and pain." -Attributed to an unknown oracle in 877 AF. Belived to refer to Anemo-Ailron conflict that erupted 6 years later. "The savior shall be of the center, and his kindred of all the world, and he shall walk all the world and bring light back to it, though his own parent would strike him down, such is the fear of the Seer." -Prophecy recovered from a Shaman scroll. The referral and saviour is unknown. This may be part of a record of the Six, but other evidence points to some future event. "Phoenix shall ride upon the wings of anemos, and stride by stride will walk eight others, among them the Daughter of Anemos, and the Son of Lemuria" -Writings by Empress Iria. After this became public, many began calling the Empress the Daughter of Anemos. It is unknown if this has come to pass. "He will carry with him the enemy of the world, and it will pass that he uses it to save the world, from the fires of Daedalus and the Storms of Jupiter." -Unknown author. The fires of Daedalus may refer to the ill fated Daedalus machine, which would make the 'He' referred to in this likely the Proxian Drigel. A: So the future isn't as easy to read as you make it out to be. S: Most of these are forcast hundreds of years before the events are supposed to take place. Usually futuresense is just to see what the weather's like tomorrow, or if you need to be someplace soon. K: But you control the weather! S: Eh.

---Telepod--- Contigo sector is more or less the same, BUT!!!

NPC6: Hmm, I wonder... MR: Foreigners were given an imperial reception apparantly. Could you be them?

NPC9: Seles... MR: Well, if no one else is going to comment, then I wont.

NPC10: Seles, It's odd to see you here. MR: Even if you are on buisness, why come into my house?