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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Ten

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IMIL (1)

South screen.

NPC1: Man, after a night's sleep, everything we did the other day seems really stupid. MR: I can't believe I threw rocks at a Lightkeeper! (shaky) Will I... be executed!?(/shaky)

NPC2: Nothing good will come of protest. The alchemists are our leaders for a reason. MR: The common man cannot hope to fathom the decisions and responsibilities of ruling an intercontinental empire. And that's just the way it should be.

NPC3: Katia... you're going with them, eh? MR: Is this Aram the catch of the week?

NPC4: For the moment, we have access to the water of Hermes. MR: But for how long!?

NPC5: An emissary from the City called "The Judge" is coming to settle the debate. MR: "The Judge" ... even thinking it sends shivers down my spine.

NPC6: Katia, you were in the lighthouse?

  • K appears*

K: So? N: I heard that monstrous animate armour things wander around in there. K: You mean blue (normal)/Hydro(hard) Knights? N: Yeah! I heard that they carry an incredible sword and shield. If you could get your hands on one of those... K: Fat chance Albert. I'm not going up there. N: Aww...

(Further attempts) N: Hmph. MR: I missed out on the protest, and for that I am glad.

NPC7: I had no idea a little opinionation could get us in such hot water. Two guards and a Lightkeeper were killed! MR: I'm just glad no one from Imil is badly hurt.

NPC8: I heard a rumour... that what killed the Guards wasn’t an adept, but an Edge Lord of old, come down to ride alongside Azrakham and scour the land clean of those who opposed him. MR: If legends of old walk once more... the end of Weyard as we know it is near.

NPC9: You're heading north? Beware of the Juklikh-likuh. It's a fearsome spirit that sends storms down out of the passes whenever it pleases. MR: Many a brave man has died in the Northern Reaches because of it.

NPC10: A man wandered alone into the North... that is nothing short of begging the Aleph to die. MR: How can one be so foolish... dying as the eternal cold seeps in... the world closing, darkening around you... can anyone truly want to brave this? After MR: *D appears.* D: [...] A: Do you still... want to risk the North? D: ... Yes. I will aid you. A: I'm not sure I could ever have that much courage... D: [:-)]

  • D goes.. wherever*

NPC11: It is a sad time for Imil... MR: If the Clan of yore was still around, we wouldn't take this kind of punishment!

NPC12: The mayor is waiting for you, Katia. MR: ...

NPC13: Ships aren't running now. There's an icebreaker due in. MR: N/A

Sign on ticket booth.

  • Closed until further notice*

Innkeep: Welcome. We charge X. Will you stay? [Y/N] <Y> Enjoy <N> Come again

MR: Imil is clam once more... but is this the calm before the storm, or the calm after?

Item shop: Standard banter Non business: Prox to the north rarely sends emissary. We don't know much about them. MR: If it's this cold down here, just THINK of how cold Prox is!

Armour: Standard NB: You should buy some cold wear for your trip. MR: Nothing will protect them from the wanderer... oh Katia...

Weapon: Standard NB: Many have returned from the north unharmed... I don't doubt you will either Katia. MR: The seer from Anemos should predict their fate...

PROX (I) NPC1: Outsiders? Here? The ferry from Kalt may have come early. MR: *Fails* NPC1: You're outsiders so you don't know, but in Prox, you should never use psyenergy on someone without their permission. It's a very grave offence. A: *Turns red* Heheh...

(In Prox, Mind read will usually fail)

NPC2: Hmm, travelling warriors. Did you cross the Northern Reaches? [Y/N] <Y> Incredible. I respect your strength. <N> But the boat is not here. Have you been camping out?

NPC3: I have nothing important to speak of to the likes of you.

NPC4: Visiting adepts should accept the hospitality of the inn.

NPC5&6: 6: The last of the reserves will board the next boat to Kalt. 5: Yes. Then the chief will surely receive the honour he deserves. 6: I pray that both Emlaure and Heydron are successful in their respective- Both: [!] (Future tries) NPC5: ... NPC6: The people of the north do not take kindly to eavesdroppers.

NPC7(Near the cliff entrance): This region is restricted. Please do not enter.

NPC8: Someday my children will grow into famed members of our clan. MR: I may be a weak adept, but I can tell they are blessed by the Lighthouse for greatness.

NPC9: When mother dies, I will take over this household. MR: I hope I can help mother care for little sister as I grow.

NPC10: Yay! Let's play! MR: It's no fun! Why do all the children have to go to that stupid village!

NPC11: A fire adept? You are welcome amongst your kinsmen of the north.

NPC12: Don't be bothered by the, if you'll pardon the pun, cold attitude of the people around here. Prox is a military state, so absolute discipline is required of all her citizens.

NPC13: I came here from Anemos to study the Proxians written history to try and understand the causes of things like the Templar wars. MR: If I'm reading right, when the last two clans merged, the resultant clan became a near military state. I just wish they'd let me see more!

NPC14: If you are curious about the depleted state of the city, a large festival has drawn much of the population away for some weeks.

Weapons: Prox weapons are peerless. Even the finest Angkoran works only just match ours.

Armour: Warriors fighting in the northern lands should outfit themselves against the cold.

Item: *Sigh* I sell items. What would you like? MR: I'm sooooo bored. Why can't I fight? I'm old enough!

Innkeep: Visitors here are rare, so, unfortunately, we must charge a high price to keep in business. Ces't la vie.

Smith: (not business) I am Phaeita, the chief smith of this city AND a graduate of the Guild of Angkor. Thus, my items are of the finest quality. A: Sure they are? Phaeita: Oh, a doubter? Get me some ore to work and I'll show you.

(Future tries) I can make some very powerful equipment for you if you have the materials.

Business: <With a forgeable> Well, I see you've got some materials! Would you like me to craft them into something? <Y/N> <N> They'll just go to waste as they are you know. And they're worth less. <Y> All right! Which one? <<Invalid>> I can't work with that! <<Valid>> You're sure I can take this _______? <<<Y/N>>> <<<N>>> Oh. Another then? <<<Y>>> Ok then. I'll make you something to remember me by! <<Rusted>> You want this shined up? <<<Y/N>>> <<<N>>> Oh. Another then? <<<Y>>> It'll be good as new!

  • After completion*

I have your item here. I'll take cash, or you can barter another item and pay the difference.

Would you like to pay now? <Y/N> Ok then, that's _____ gold.

  • Pay*

Thank you! Come again!

  • Insufficient*

Oh, you don't have quite enough... If you want, I can take some other item and settle the difference.

  • Pick lower cost*

That'll still cost you _____ gold.

  • Still insufficient*

Hmm... you'll need a more valuable item

  • Pick higher cost*

That's more than enough. Here, take this difference.

  • Gain _____ gold.*

<N> If you need more money, I suggest you go slay some monsters or sell something you don't need.

Sanctum healer H: I'm here to aid these people of the frozen lands. MR: Man, shut the door! It's cold enough already!


NPC1: Thank you for using our transit. MR: This job is bland and distasteful. I should be with the Harbingers!

NPC2: Please leave the dock area so we can unload. MR: More supplies... what is the Chief planning now?

NPC3: Kalt Island is a small cold island. We DO have hot springs but they've been commandeered. MR: I miss those baths

NPC4: The ticket office is closed for the day. No return transits. MR: Can't you read!?

NPC5: The northern seas are beautiful, both severe and majestic. MR: I'm glad I live in Kalt, not Prox.

Main Zone

NPC1: This is the fishing village of Kalt. MR: We supply the entire island... then again, we technically ARE the entire island, except for boot camp over there in the mountain.

NPC2: Most people in Kalt close their doors on visitors. I guess Prox rubbed off on us. MR: I think it's because it's -25 out.

NPC3: Well, if you're here, shut the door. MR: Visitors are a rare sight.

Oven1: Aram checked the stove... it's Kaltic Stew. Huh, whod’ve thought they'd raise sheep all the way out here.

NPC4: My daddy's a fisherman. MR: The scaly people said he can't go to Mr. Ailron's village to trade anymore.

NPC5: My brother and I work in the fishing biz, but Prox just restricted trade. MR: I suppose it's to be expected with that build up.

NPC6: My boat is rotting on the dock for lack of business interest. MR: Without Beotin to trade for, all I can hope for is Prox or Tharis, and neither one wants cod! Argh!

NPC7: (innkeep) Our inn is run as a service to passing Anemie and Proxians. MR: Lately we've been seeing too many Proxians and not enough Anemie. This isn't good...

NPC8: We serve fish and chips here mainly. That or mutton. MR: No one but the Proxians themselves even wanna HEAR about their menu choices.

Oven2: Aram checked the stove... they seem to be frying some potato wedges. I've heard that these chips are popular all across the western sea.. man they look good. Golden brown and smelling fine...

NPC9: Over there's the Anemos embassy. You should check out the Telepod if you're here. MR: N/A

NPC10: If you're looking to head to Hesperia, check the embassy. MR: Heheh... tourists love these sorts of things.

NPC11: Hmm... what to have for dinner... MR: It's gonna be spam spam spam if I let HIM decide.

Enter Anemos Embassy (Room 1)

NPC1: Are you here to purchase tickets to Anemos or just to watch? MR: Kaltians are used to this. I think the Proxians find it cool but are too proud to admit it.

NPC2: I'm just a retainer for the ambassador. MR: Man, this backwater pit is depressing. Hey, a fellow Jupiter adept! How are ya buddy?

NPC3: Would you like to go to Anemos? The trip is 800 Gold. [Y/N] Y: Excellent N: Come again!

(After purchase) Thank you! MR: This job is fun. You meet all sorts of people here.

NPC4: If you have a ticket, step right through here. A: What, is there a boat in there? N: You'll see. MR: They all see. Muahahahahaha! (try to enter with no ticket) A: I'm pretty sure we oughta buy a ticket first.