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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Sixteen

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IMIL (pre-battle of IMIL FALLS)

And now for the fun part, 44 NPCs in the camp (all are soldiers, either male or female at random. Go by talk if nescessary.)

These two are guards NPC1: Hey, what are you doing here? MR: Stupid families.

NPC2: This place is restricted! I never saw you! MR: More Imilians... I didn't know the town was this populated.

These are around a cooking fire NPC3: I'm enjoying what may be my last meal, thank you very much. MR: Moldy potatoes and brick hard jerky. What a glorius feast.

NPC4: No matter how long I boil them, the potatoes won't brown! MR: I know nothing of cooking! Why am I a camp cook!?

NPC5: This fire is all that's keeping me from dying of exposure. MR: Accursed northern winters... accursed northerners peroid!

NPC6: In the army, you eat what you get. MR: I just imagine it's paella or something like that.

So are these (same idea, different fire) NPC7: Wait your turn you ingrates! MR: Morons.

NPC8: Georg has the best cooking out of any of us! I'm totally psyched tonight! MR: It would be a crying shame if he bit the dust in the war.

NPC9: I heard from my platoon seargent that this guy really knows how to cook. MR: If he can turn stale bread and frozen vegetables into a killer caesar salad like they said, I'll beleive anything!

NPC10: Everyone always wants some of Georg's cooking. MR: He's not stellar or anything. He just knows how to spice things.

NPC11: I wonder if the Proxains are eating well. MR: They have no need of wood to keep warm in the north... a major advantage in terms of supply.

NPC12: I'm so nervous I can barely taste this stuff. MR: I miss home... I miss Amelia's arms and the back porch and the warm evening breeze and the nightly festivals and the marketplace.... I don't wanna die tomorrow!

These are practising fighting techniques NPC13: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! ... ... Hey, get outta the way! You wanna get cut? MR: Everyone with any psyenergy to speak of is already some kind of officer. All that's left are these grunts.

NPC14: Hya! Hya! Ya! MR: ....

NPC15: I just can't seem to focus on the forms right. MR: This can save my life. I've gotta learn how to do this.

NPC16: Hiya! ... heh, this isn't so much harder than jousting. MR: I'd rather be getting buff than bursting blood vessels using psyenergy.

NPC17: Heh...heh...haaa... I'm so tired... I can barely lift my arms. MR:

NPC18: I don't see what knowing basic swordplay is going to do to stop a fireball...or onrushing Meteors... or a pyroclasm... MR: Why are we wasting time with this? Shouldn't we at least be learning wards?

NPC19: My technique is improving daily. MR: I may be 43, but it just goes to show you can learn anything if you try hard enough!

NPC20: Hm... ... ... A: Huh? NPC: Hm, you have some talent in you with the martial arts. Are you here to sign up? MR: This sword is my destiny.

These are around a table and some pools of water NPC21: Look, if you can't freeze the pools, you can't become an NCO. Simple as that. MR: They never seem to give up.

NPC22: If I can cast frost on this pillar, then I'm free of the soldier's fate!

  • If you freeze this guy's pool*

NPC22: Show off. MR: Must concentrate...nngh...ugh...ugagagag!

NPC23: Focus...mind power... *Casts, nothing happens* NPC23: Damnit!

  • if you freeze this guy's pool*

NPC23: How did you get so strong? MR: I must get stronger!

NPC24: Aw man, I so wanted to become an officer.

  • if you freeze this guy's pool*

N: Hey! No fair! MR: Gotta keep trying...

These are around a bunch of tents you can enter

NPC25: zzz...zzz... MR: ...ohhh...lola....

NPC26: I swear I just had my spear right here... MR: Where is it?

NPC27: The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! NPC28: No it's not... NPC27: You have no taste. MR27: ...psyenergy senses tingling...there's evil afoot! MR28: What is wrong with this guy?

NPC29: My roomie is a moron. MR: Why is she so annoying? She never shuts up!

NPC30: Ok boys, here's how it goes. Aces are high, kings are low, four card- NPC31: What? I'm a girl. Also, I'm the only one here. Also also, we're playing war. NPC30: Oh... that's ironic. NPC31: Not really. MR30: I wanna play poker! MR31: He's not too cute, but his ass is nice. Kinda weird though.

NPC32: If you look north, you can see smoke from the Proxian camps. MR: That half of the sky if black! How many proxians are there?!

NPC33: Most of the army is out building emplacements around Imil and setting traps somewhere. MR: This camp is really the first in a long chain.

NPC34: Most of the Imil recruits are stationed here. MR: This is the real boot of the boot camp.

NPC35: This is my tent, and you can't have it! MR: My tent, my stuff.

These guys are wandering around or not near anything of note

NPC36: I'm just wandering around. MR: This is so depressing

NPC37: It's fascinating, in a horrifying way, to watch the proxian camps. MR: So huge... and I'm hungry.

NPC38: I'm patrolling the perimeter! MR: Though if anything actually attacks here, that means our entire defence is gone.

NPC39: I'm stuck here on the edge. MR: I hate people.

NPC40: I just can't seem to sit still. MR: What is Lemuria planning? What is prox! It's driving me nuts!

NPC41: Hey, gimme some privacy! MR: I hate interruptions. NPC42 (with NPC41): ...what?! MR: God, way to ruin the mood.

NPC43: That big tent in the middle of camp is where the command is. MR: N/A

NPC44: HQ is where your ladyfriend likely went. It's the only thing around here that's not a tent. MR: Duh.