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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Six

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APOGEE (I) NPC1: Ah, another tourist! Welcome to the isles of tranquility. Welcome to Apogee! MR: I hate this job

NPC2: You adepts have probably just come to scale Aqua rock, am I right? MR: We built the Moai there to slow down the avalanche of wannabe adepts.

NPC3: In times of yore, Apogee supposedly buttressed the edge of the world. MR: I don't believe that stuff for a minute.

NPC4: Apogee's beaches a great all year round. It's a big source of tourist income! Head to the eastern side of the island if you're looking for them. MR: Ahh the beaches. Man what a view!

NPC5: Most adventurers who come here aren't in it to relax, they just want to climb that rock. MR: Good luck to them. The Tide wipes out the land bridge for all but 30 minutes each day.

NPC6: The southern beach is strewn with rocks and dangerous shoals. Keep out of the water please. MR: Why do I get all the morons?

NPC7: Apogee is officially a province of Lemuria, so we get all of their benefits and none of their losses! MR: It's like heaven or something.

NPC8: The village inn is nothing compared to the hotels on the eastern side! MR: The lap of luxury... too bad for us I suppose.

NPC9: You need a water adept to scale the rock. Otherwise, you can just forget it. MR: It's implied by the name, Aqua rock, but those Moai we put up guarantee that only Mercury adepts will climb it!

NPC10(angkoran guy): The grooves, the trees, the beaches... Apogee is paradise! MR: I never want to leave!

NPC11(prox girl): The heat, the water, the greenness... Apogee is awful! MR: Take me back to cool, snowy WHITE, not GREEN Prox.

General Shopkeep: We see a lot of business from tourists and adventurers, so it's nice enough for us. MR: I hope these lazy summer days never end!

Innkeep: *Sigh* Another day. MR: My business is so slow I'd kiss the first customer who came in to stay

Inn keep’s husband: Sorry, I've got cooking duty today. MR: I do love my cooking.

Sanctum healer: There is little strife in this peaceful village, and so little need for healing arts. I am thankful. MR: N/A

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... it looks like fish. Wow, the colours! It's like a rainbow!

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... it's some kind of syrup, and over there are some fruits... man, I'm so tempted!

Closet1: Aram checked the closet... it's swimwear and towels! Eep! *Aram turns red*

ALHAFRA (I) NPC1: Alhafra docks... please clear the loading area! MR: Damn tourists

NPC2: Yes, this IS Alhafra. MR: So what, wanna fight about it?

NPC3: Alhafra is due south of Madras, so we enjoy a strong trade relationship. MR: Good old Madras.

NPC4: South of here is Yampa desert. Beyond that is the monumental Air's rock. MR: No peak in Weyard is taller than Air's rock.

NPC5: Head out past the desert and you'll hit Garoh. It's a small village and there's not much to do there though... MR: Mind you, we're a small town and there isn't much to do HERE either.

NPC6: General Corval generously donated 80 000 pieces to our town. MR: Corval is such a gentleman.

NPC7: The Carasine mountains separate us from the eastern half of Osenia. The pass is closed thanks to a fearsome foe. MR: The Chiang Sit was just a legend, and an Angaran one at that! Stop dumping your garbage in our mountains Angara!

NPC8: You need to scale the mountains to reach Air's rock the short way, but since ... the incident, most people just travel the long way around. MR: Unless the bridge got swamped again... (And yeah, it did)

NPC9: The eastern half is a wild and dangerous place, filled with dark swamps and evil warlocks. You best stay away if you want to live. MR: No one EVER gets back from the east.

NPC10: I oughta go climb Air's rock again. Us wind adepts need to remember the source of our skills. MR: Hey, dudes. What's happening. Bah, nothing interesting I see.

NPC11: The mayor is currently cloistered in round the clock meetings. MR: Anything that the Ambassador could say to get him to do that can't be good.

NPC12: There are a bunch of shoals just around the Harbour. They form a natural defence: nothing we don't want gets by it! MR: Makes all the shipping a pain in the ass though.

NPC13: We make most of our money here off of trade of our agriculture. MR: Yalla village makes its money by mining, just like Loho used to.

NPC14: Oops, gotta keep stirring. MR: This custard's gonna rock!

Sword: Huh. More adepts trying to reach Air's rock? [Y/N] <<<Yes>>> You'll need proper equipment then! <<<No>>> Oh. Well, enjoy your stay. Buy a souvenir for the mainland perhaps? MR: Every adept I've seen wants what's in that rock! Is reveal really so useful?

Shield: You'll forgive the limited selection I hope. Lately we've been seeing a shortage from the smithies of Angkor. MR: It's always something!

Item: Man, I'm bored. When's the next festival come around? MR: This job is fun enough at least. I'm glad I opened this shop.

Innkeep: Come, come! Rest, relax at the Rising Falls! MR: They always come. Bwahaha! Moneymoneymoney!

Sanctum: I am here to spread goodwill to this town. MR: Actually I'm here for reveal, but they don't need to know that.

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... *Got a lucky pepper!*

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... It's custard. Alhafra has a premium on the stuff... Mmmmmmm...

Stove3: Aram checked the stove... It's cactus soup. It's good, but a little spikey. Mmm... spikey.

GAROH (I) NPC1: Welcome to the village of Garoh! Town of moonlit glory! MR: Man, what a crappy symbol to pick to worship. Heey...

NPC2: I wonder if the next shipment of spices is going to be late. MR: The last thing I need is boring dinner. Who's in here!?

NPC3: Just 'cause we picked the moon, both Angkor and Lemuria give us a hard time. Is there no justice!? MR: Man this blows. ... all right then, who is this?

NPC4: Since we settled close to Air's rock, everyone in Garoh is a wind adept. MR: And so are you. How rude!

[Then, in a "general broadcast", waves all over.]

NPC4: Hey guys, the blond haired kid's a snooper! Block him! [All mind reading after this will fail. For the entire game! So talk to everyone else in Garoh first.]

NPC5: Man, there's djinni about somewhere here, I can feel the bugger. MR: I foresaw it. The thing's hidden in a forest somewhere to the far southwest.

NPC6(girl): Garoh's symbol is Luna, the goddess of the moon. MR: Sorry, I don't read with strange guys.

NPC6's conversation partner: Luna, the Moon, protects Garoh from Nemesis, the Night, who seeks our ruin. MR: Luna is also sovereign goddess of Anemos. Bad, picking there.

NPC7: Weyard's moon is tiny, hold a gold piece out at arm's length and you cover it, but it outshines all the stars in the sky. MR: It outshines them all, just like Garoh!

NPC8: I don't buy into the whole religious thing... I'm not superstitions. MR: There's tales that the ruins in the mountains on the southwest coast had something to do with Nemesis, but... no one can even get to the ruins now. Hey!

NPC9: Climb Air's rock and you gain great power. Everyone knows that. MR: Or do they!? Yes, yes they do.

NPC10: My daughter is in Angkor, training with some new boyfriend she's fallen head over heels for. MR: His name was Robin if I recall. He sounds nice enough.

Shopkeep: Bah, I never liked those smarmy Alhafrans, myself. MR: Smarmy but rich. I don't even know why Garoh is here. What do we do? Farm good? Like the moon a lot? Bah, I'm too young for this philosophy.

Innkeep: In modern Weyard, only south-western Osenia and southern Gondowan are unexplored and unknown. Well, central Angara is too, but that's because the Valan are there. MR: What's in central Angara that the Valan wanted to protect?

Inn keep’s wife: Hmm... people think that the civilizations of today are the only ones big enough to stand around... but that doesn't explain the ruins to the southwest. They're staggeringly old too... they might date from before the dark age! MR: When I went up there once, I got this feeling of incredible age, and yet it was ageless... those ruins... something's wrong with them... it's like the very rock grew into it!