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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Seven

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YALLA TOWN (I) [When you talk to either]

NPC1: Hmm... the mining at the quarry's on the downturn. I think we'll have to start shaft drilling.

NPC2: Yeah, I guess we will. Man, renting all that equipment is gonna be a pain.

NPC1: Hey, it still beats renting Earth adepts from Angkor, don't it?

NPC2: Yeah, but Lemurian stuff is so... clunky!

MRNPC1: I sure hope the Lemurian drillers are as good as Angkoran ones, otherwise we'll have shaft collapses.

MRNPC2: Lately we've picked up some pretty sweet ores. The Dark Matter alone is gonna be worth a king's ransom!

NPC3: Yes, this is Yalla town. And yes, it is Lemurian now. Our port was swamped the other day, so until we drag the pier off the bottom... they'll just have to drag it over. MR: Why am I being used as a device for exposition?

NPC4(merchant): Lemurian Hydraulics is the way to go! It can double your yield compared to that Angkoran drive or Anemian Pneumatics! MR: The liquid used for pressure in the hydraulics is perfectly safe for people too, I'll bet.

NPC5(dwarf): I came here from Fortress Loho to get in touch with my roots. MR: Man, this is HARD. How did Dad do this all day, and why did he like it so much? Oh man, I hope I'm not a bad dwarf for thinking that.

NPC6(dwarf): I've worked here since I was young, and never regretted leaving Loho for an instant. MR: Only another one of my race can understand the joy of mining and crafting.

NPC7: Wow, our ores are going for top dollar in Angkor. I'm nouveau riche! MR: I wonder if Lemuria knows how much Angkor is paying for this stuff?

NPC8: Kindly do not pass further. The quarry is beyond and ledges are known to collapse. MR: N/A

NPC9: Lately, the number of sea monsters is on the increase. I wonder why? Maybe Azul isn't watching the south seas anymore. MR: Azul guards ALL of Lemuria, so how come we get ignored!?

NPC10: Yalla's sole contribution is Ores, but, along with Loho, we're the only ones that do it in any great amount in the eastern sphere. In return, we get all the benefits of modern alchemy. MR: There was another mine somewhere else in Angara too... Atlas?

NPC11: Hey! That's my boat. Wanna feel it? MR: ...

NPC12: South of here lies Tundaria, the home of the Shrine of Reska. MR: Well, I guess Angkor gets that bragging right... they really ARE the only empire with a whole continent to themselves.

NPC13: The ocean looks calm, but underneath it's a swirling vortex of terror! MR: Yeah right. What a chump.

NPC14: Every day it's mine mine mine. As soon as I have enough money to buy my way into Lemuria I'm off. MR: This town is kinda quaint though.

NPC15: I came all the way here from Beotin village, in Hesperia. MR: I went across the known world and I all got was this lousy mind read.

NPC16: Hey, is that Darius guy with your group?

[Y/N] <<<Yes>>> Tell him I think he's cute. A: [*] <<<No>>> Oh... too bad. MR: He's like a beautiful untamed beast... Darius, how magnificent you are!


NPC1: Welcome to the town of Izumo, traveller! MR: They seem kind enough.

NPC2: Izumo is one of the oldest standing towns in Weyard. MR: Our records date all the way back into the dark ages.

NPC3: Hmm... Hoshura's been in the mountain for awhile now. MR: What is in Mt. Mikage that he wants so badly?

NPC4: Izumo inherited the divine power over the earth. For that reason, Lemuria has allied itself with us. MR: Allied? Conquered more like. I am glad Lemurians cannot read thoughts.

NPC5: To avoid angering Orochi, Lemuria regularly sends tribute and aid. MR: They are wise. A battle between Orochi and Azul... I cannot bear the thought!

NPC6: Izumo can be confusing to outsiders, but you seem like a sharp bunch. MR: Since Ulysses died, we've had no leader strong enough to rule the island.

NPC7: West of here lies the sacred mountain, Mt. Mikage. Only Mt. Fuji, in Angara, can rival it. MR: Some call the mountain Aleph, but our name is better.

NPC8: Ahh, the trade winds sure are nice! I love this time of year! MR: Izumo is the only island I know of that gets snowed on. I'd rather be in Lemuria in winter but in summer, this place is awesome!

NPC9: My boyfriend used to journey around the isles with Hoshura, but lately all he seems to want to do is stay home and farm. MR: Perhaps Hoshura's skill shames him.

NPC10: Yeah, I worked with Hoshura for awhile. But I just couldn't keep up! I wish my girlfriend could understand. MR: That earth adept's psyenergy... he is almost as strong as Hoshura!

NPC11: The mayor and elders of Izumo keep this house open, so that anyone may come and sit as friends. MR: People from Angkor and Lemuria think this is strange, while Proxians think it wise. The world is a bizarre place.

NPC12: I am on watch to protect the village from monsters. MR: Why doesn't Orochi protect us from these?

NPC13: Yes, I am the mayor of this village. Hmm..You are travelers from very far away? I commend your attitude and bravery. MR: N/A

NPC14: We elders make policy in Izumo. MR: Everyone calls us conservative, but I think the young ones have not learned to appreciate what they have now.

NPC15: Lately, an ill will has spread across the land. MR: Whatever is happening to the empires of Weyard, it is not good.

NPC16: My son, Hoshura, is the strongest adept we've had in a generation. MR: His skill continues to climb ever higher. That boy is going places. ...I'm so proud!

NPC17: Please don't touch anything fragile while you're in here. MR: They're touchers... I can tell.

NPC18: Ulysses was our last great leader, but alas, as is the fate of all, she died and was buried in the shrine you see here. MR: Ulysses' power was truly great. No adept then living dared challenge Izumo while she was on the island. A shame that she had such wanderlust.

NPC19: Hoshura is a direct descendant of Ulysses, but she wielded the power of Mars while he wields the power of Venus. MR: Hoshura is the mayor's cousin's nephew.

NPC20: I am a painter. Izumo and Lemuria present many beautiful landscapes. MR: The contrast between the mountain passes and the city is truly breathtaking.

NPC21: Unlike her, my art is to produce illustrated novels for the greater consumption of Weyard. MR: It seems that my style of illustration is getting as popular as the Anemian one.

NPC22: The mountains to the north are impassable at this juncture... you'd need an Anemian airship to cross it. MR: The villages in the mountains are often cut off from the rest of the Isles.

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... it's just fish. Egad! Are they planning to eat this raw!?

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... rice again. It seems rice is the potato of the far east.

Stove3: Aram checked the stove... it's ramen, a famous Jipan dish. The noodles and soup together are driving me nuts! Tarinthe is Treasure isle. There's only an outpost there, so don't expect anything fancy. It's all one building. You'll never find the base so don't bother looking.


NPC1: Welcome to the Isle! ...But, you're not our resupply. If you came for sightseeing, you're going to be disappointed. MR: Our resupply is due in about a week.

NPC2: Tarinthe is the largest island in Weyard. MR: We're so big... but we still need to become self sufficient.

NPC3: This place just does geological research for Lemuria, nothing more. MR: The army's using it as a staging ground... I can't believe they could hide so many soldiers in those mountains!

NPC4: We've excavated tunnels all through the island in our research... watch where you step. [ ;)] MR: Those tunnels are extensive now.

NPC5: I'm the resident earth adept. I'm the one who has to dig and search for ore veins. MR: Lemurians are almost never born earth user. I feel special.

NPC6: Half our team is down in the tunnels now, excavating from the ore veins. MR: Why don't they use Meyvn there?

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... it's some kind of broth. It's warm and good for the soul.

Genrlkeep: (The general Shopkeep is set up like the one in Loho in TLA: as dual Shopkeep and innkeep. You cannot reach her to talk.) MR: Hmm.. travelers are rare. They can use the damp rooms to sleep. Heheh. And no one the wiser.

Sign one: There's a sign here, looks like a warning...'Keep your inquiries to the earth beneath' someone's scrawled something under it..."Translation: Keep your head down and funding goes up."