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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC One

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List of NPC Dialogue, by town, in order written (and henceforth, visited)

Due note, Toblios (depart), Mirafeuille (Boss visit) and Soulin Pass (1st visit)

Toblios (DEPART) Innkeeper: Hey Aram. Just another day in Toblios. *sigh* ...What? If you wanna nap, just go sleep in your house. MR: Man, this place is soooo slow today. Why can't I go adventuring with Aram?

Sanctum Healer: Not Business

SH: Alchemy bless you children.

A&D: Honoured greetings, Healer

[If DARIUS in, then]

A&D: Honoured greetings, Healer.

Da: ....

SH: I see you have yet to depart from Toblios. I wish you well on your endeavour my sons. May the elements protect you.

A: Many thanks, healer. Pray take care of Toblios while we are gone.

SH: Fate will do as it sees fit, though I'm sure no ill will come while you are gone. You must be eager to depart. Farewell!

A&D: Farewell

MR: Hmm... Toblios will not soon forget their leaving. They alone cause half the excitement here. Daryl, stop that.

D: ...He he. Sorry.

Business (for all but one sanctum keeper)

SH: The Aleph bless you, travellers. Would you have need of our aid?

[Select POISON] One of your party is afflicted? [If no, then] I sense no poison in you or your allies [If yes, then] Donate [X] coin to remove it. ______ is afflicted no more!

[Select KO] An ally has grown to weak to fight? [If no] Rejoice, for all of your allies are conscious and well. [If yes, then] Donate [X] coin and I will resuscitate him/her. ______ is awake and well once more.

[Select Haunt] Do foul spirits posses your aura? [If no] Fear not, your auras are strong and healthy [If yes, then] ______ is haunted? Donate [X] and I will exorcise them. ______'s body is free of them.

[Select Curse] An item binds your soul with a curse? [If no] I can sense no curses, all is well. [If yes, then] I see. Donate [X] coins to remove the curse from _____ _____'s curse is lifted. Know that I cannot remove curses from items themselves, so that instead the cursed items have been removed.

General Store girl: Not business: Hi Aram. Eager for your trip?

A: Mmm. It's ...important.

GSG: You don't have to mince words, I know you want outta this small town life to see the world.

A: ah...well, yeah. Promise not to tell mom?

GSG:Yeah. Don't worry, I do too. I'm kinda envious of you, actually. But Grandma can't run this store on her own, so I'll stay here. Good luck with your journey!

A: Thanks

MR: Aw, it's not fair! I get to miss out on an awesome adventure and that hunk Daryl's gonna be gone for months! Rrrgh!

Business: Welcome Aram! Can I get you anything?

[Multiple items (herbs, elixirs etc.)] "Okay. How many do you want?" [[X] selected] 'That comes to X coins, okay?" [pay] "Thank you! Anything else I can get for ya?"

[Equipabble items] "That ____ costs X coins, please." (pay) "You wanna equip it, _____?" (Y/N) [If Y, then] "Awesome! You look great in that, ____!" "You want me to take that (old equipment) _____ off your hands for you?" (Y/N) [If Y, then] "Okay, that comes to X coins for you. Here you go. Do you want something else?' [If N, then] "No problem. Would you like to buy something else?"

[If N, then] "Sure. Wanna see more?"

[Select Artefacts] "Good call, Aram. Those are among the finest items you can find!" OR 'I'm really sorry about this, but we don't have any of that sort of stock yet."

[Select Sell] -Multiple items- "You wanna sell that? How many?" [pick X] "Okay, that's X coins for you!"

-Single item- "Sure, that comes to X coins."

-Artefact- "Wow! That's something else! That'll be a good X coins, at least!"

[agree to all] "Thank you! Anything else?"

[Select Repair] "What can Josef here fix for you?" [pick item] Either "It's not broken, Aram" or "You can't uncurse gear, Aram" or "Sure. It's X coins to fix your _____" then "Thank you... wait a minute" ... "Here you are, good as new!"

[Leave] "Thanks, come again!"

NPC Josef (in General store): Man, this weather's been hot lately. You should pack along some lighter clothes Aram, or you're gonna roast out there. A: I gotta wear this! Jeez, I'd get shredded by something otherwise! J: Sucks to be you. Just be glad you aren't forced to wear metal plating in this, then. Mind Read: It sucks that you have to wear armour all the time in case of an ambush outside. I think I'll stay here where the weather's warm and the girls nice

NPC1: [Man outside] It's unusual that we have so few travelers these past weeks. A: Why is it unusual? N: Toblios sits along the path between Angkor and Loho. You'd expect more merchants or soldiers passing through in summer when business is good, but it seems to be less. Maybe they can't take the heat? MR: I heard that Merchants heading to Loho always get good business, since there's no resources there. I've never known a merchant to pass up the chance for more money... what's going on out west?

NPC2: [Girl outside] You haven't left yet? Well, then I wish you good luck now Aram.

A: Thanks

MR: This place will be so ...uninteresting with Daryl gone.

NPC3: [In Lucia's house (parent)] You're going to Angkor right? Too bad you won't be able to head off to Lemuria and see Lucia, eh?

A: Mind your own business.

D: What's this, do old feelings still linger???

A: [angry] No.

MR: I hear the Eastern Sea is always temperate no matter what the season... and Lemurians live so long! I'm gonna retire there if it kills me!

NPC4: [outpost guard] This is the Angkor embassy building. No access, now scram kid! MR: Why did I agree to this job. I'm so bored, and tired of standing and...

NPC5: [outpost guard] No one's allowed in the outpost without the proper seal. Sorry Aram. Mind you, I don't see what's so important about what's in there. MR: It may seem useless, but protocol has to be followed, or where would Angkor be?

NPC6: It's not often that Toblios sees many strong adepts, everyone here has almost no talent for it, and Angkor drafts the rest. Take care that you don't get caught up in a drafting squad out there, Aram. MR: That's what happened to Darius, and he came back a scarred jerk. Everyone knows the army is filled with grimm and evil.

NPC7:It's been over a week since the last merchants came. Where am I supposed to buy exotic foods? MR: Looks like it's bread and stew again tonight

NPC8: Man, I wish I was as good an adept as you, Daryl. But then, I'd be drafted at my age, wouldn't I... MR: Sigh... if only I could tell Daryl that I- Hey! Mind your own business pervert! *whack*

Mirafeuille (BOSS visit)

[Gain Control or ARAM]

NPC1[guy outside]: Welcome to Mirafeuille, the agriculture trade centre of Angkor! MR: It would be if we had actual crops to sell...Whasits? Must be another adept about.

NPC2[merchant][in inn]: If you wanna buy crops come back when my stall's open. If you wanna buy me a drink the barkeep's over there. Otherwise... MR: If this blight doesn't end soon, I'm taking my business elsewhere. I've had it with this midden trying to pass itself off as a village.

NPC3[Innkeeper]: Business: Welcome to the Plowshare's Edge. We charge X coins for a room. You have three/four (if you have more, or if girls are in the party, it costs 2x as much for two rooms) in your party so that's X for one room. Acceptable?

A: Y/N

if Y: Thank you for your patronage

if N: I hope to see you again.

Other: Mirafeuille's always been a thriving crop town... but, just between you an' me, this year's been a nightmare... half the crop's gone, rotted away and died. I dun think Mirafeuille has enough to last the winter, let alone break even. MR: This is the end... badum badum badum... This is the end... ... ... I have no idea how the rest goes.

NPC4[barkeep]: Bar's closed for the day. Come back in the evening if you wanna forget your troubles. MR: I miss Sarah... sigh, another boring day. Hmm? More adepts?

NPC5[lil'boy outside]: Hey mister! Are you here to see those guys about the plants too? MR: Man this is boring! I should go paint the fence with Tom.

NPC6[guy in the street]: I like this town of Mirafeuille. Gets great around festival time. The wife doesn't go in for that kind of thing anymore ... MR: I should get back to my crops. Damn my back hurts!

NPC7[little girl in house1]: My mommy made my daddy cut up all our credit slips! Now I can't get toys anymore! MR: Daddy spends all our money on things. Mommy says that's bad of him, and now daddy sleeps on the couch. My family's so funny!

NPC8[woman in house1]: If you're looking for the Adepts, which I don't doubt you are, they went to the fields. MR: Ron's out there. Jerk deserves it!

NPC9 [guy in house 2]: I sprained my ankle a week ago, but since we don't have a healer I had to stay in bed for a week. A: You're up now.

N: If my wife saw me, I'd be back in bed in an instant. Just let me get back to work! MR: Ow ow ow! I can barely walk two feet like this! I just want my crops to be okay. Stupid fate...

Shopkeeper (item)(girl): Here in Mirafeuille we have every sort of crop imaginable. If you don't find the items you're looking for, check around a bit. MR: If they can't find what they want, will they want my wares as well?

Shopkeeper (sword): The town's elders went out to petition Angkor, and two days later Mark and Mara arrived. Now THAT's service! MR: Actually, I don't think the elders knew that those two were coming.

Shopkeeper (shield): Our materials are all from Angkor, which makes them top notch. You'll find all you need. MR: I hope these chumps fall for this second-hand crap that merchant sold me

Soldier: Zzz...Zzz...Zz-Huh! Aak! Um, thisareaisofflimitsgoawaybye! 2nd time: I wasn’t sleeping! Jeez, it's none of your business, now scram! MR: So...bored... man I hope the sergeant doesn't catch me asleep again.

NPC (Field):I don't get it, what's making the crops wither? We've had lots of rain and perfect weather! It makes no sense. MR: Oh man, even the Agrotin's gone. I'm ruined, ruined!

NPC (Field): My crop's haven't been hit yet, see? (observe). But still, I'm worried. Talk is that Mirafeuille's been cursed or something, and merchants have stopped coming to buy grain. MR: Man, if they don't come and order for it, I can't hire people to harvest it, and it'll all go to waste...

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... They're boiling potatoes and meat. I wonder if they have lamb here?...

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... It's some kind of curry. In Mirafeuille, they throw in dozens of spices... and now I'm all hungry.

Stove3: Aram checked the stove... It's a wrapped pastry. I hear they call them millefeuille. I wonder if it has anything to do with the name of this place?...

Object one It's a merchant stall. It seems to have been abandoned for quite some time though...

Object two A rusty old ploughshare. Looks like no one can be bothered to move the thing.

Sign: Mirafeuille: Farm central of Lower Angara.

[In addition, once you get scoop, you can go to the fallow fields and dig stuff out of them.]