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[random books]

Aram checked the bookcase... hmmm, here's something: {A dialogue on theoretical Alchemy states"... " then indicate that the Umber state of a pyric aspect is possessive of an energy state and amount inversely proportional to the Camber state of an aquaticic aspect defined in the equation…} ahh, my head is spinning!

Aram checked the bookcase...Ooo, A study of Valan culture... sounds interesting. {As to the monolithic structure in front of the gate's entrance they would only speak of it as a sort of guardian, built by their ancestors to keep this so called "Decayer of Weyard" from reaching the Source and doing something to it... the villagers themselves seemed somewhat sceptical of their own legend..." " ... found that the chieftain of the town seems to be in communion with the Empress of Anemos, Iriana…} ... Iriana? How old is this thing? NO one's called the Empress Iriana in 500 years!

Aram checked the bookcase ... There's a book called "Taxonomy of Plants of Hesperia desert"... blah.

Aram checked the bookcase... it's just a bunch of scientific journals. I don't have the patience to even look at the boring titles...

Aram checked the bookcase... hmm, "The rise and fall of the Age of Light: How Alchemy left the world a second time"... it looks like a book decrying all the measures used by every civilization except the Valans to hoard Alchemy from the people of Weyard... left wing conspiracy crap.

Aram checked the bookcase... there's a book called "Being an Adept" ... it reads {Remember, Adepts are messengers of good. Hone your psyenergy, and never use it for evil.} ... ... ... that's it?

Aram checked the bookcase ...Ooo, illustrated novels, and they're Jipanese! I love this stuff, not like that crappy Anemos junk.

Aram checked the bookcase... here's something useful "A guide to the societies of Weyard, customs, peoples and art." Should I take a look? [Sure/Reading's for squares] <<<Sure>>> What should I look at first? <<Introduction>> <<Empire of Land: Angkor>> <<Kingdom of Air: Anemos>> <<Sailors of the World: Lemuria>> <<The frozen flame: Prox>> <<The evanescent mystery: Valans>>

<Introduction> {Weyard can, in essence, be separated into five major areas, each controlled by five radically different factions with differing cultures, goals, ideals and capabilities. In perhaps a fitting arrangement, as of now each elemental lighthouse, a source of elemental alchemy second to none is now controlled by one each of these empires, while an uneasy truce remains between all. The benefits of each lighthouse's energy are plain: Lemurians enjoy some of the longest lifespans in the world on average, though alchemists and some rulers in other nations do top them out. Angkor's productive capacity, both culturally and physically is peerless, despite the fact that they have no means of mass production and everything is handcrafted. Prox enjoys phenomenal respect and strength despite a population less than 1/2 that of any major city, and the extent to which Anemos spies and knows about affairs in all of Weyard may not even be known to them. This dialogue will attempt to provide a brief summary of each Empire.}

<Angkor> {Founded right after the dark ages, Angkor is in direct control of Venus lighthouse, which it uses to train Freedom Guard, and has far and above the largest industrial capacity. Their lack of many modern convinces found in the rest of the world (for example, they still rely on oil lamps) belies their massive industrial capacity. Angkor has both the largest standing army and the biggest agricultural and economic surplus of all civilizations, year after year. Angkor is ruled by a King and Queen (currently of House Rovelin). Their Freedom Guard are well respected, and are believed to be the only adepts that, on average, can go head to head with Prox Harbingers and Templar and have even chances of winning. Proxian craft is world famous and the peerless Guild of Artisans and Craftsmen has its headquarters in the city. Some of the more Important Angkorans include the legendary Daedalus and his peerless son, Icarus. Angkor once possessed the mighty Daedalus Machine, a 200ft tall colossus used in the Templar War. Angkoran territory stretches across southern Angara from the mighty Fortress of Loho to the coast east of the city. Everything south of Lamerkhan desert and north of Magma rock is laid claim to.}

<Lemuria> {Lemuria's exact origin is unknown as of now. Lemuria holds a premium on shipping in Weyard in general and a virtual monopoly in the eastern sea. Through their station at Imil, they control Mercury lighthouse and the legendary Water of Hermes. Their navy is second to none and no one dares challenge them on sea. Lemuria is ruled by a king (currently the Poseidon dynasty) and the Senate, a group of elders who determine policy. Lemuria is guarded by the legendary beast, Azul, a dragon of old under Poseidon's control. Its Lightkeepers guard the city proper and the lighthouse at Imil. Lemurian territory includes parts of Osenia, the Jipan isles, Tarinthe and Apogee.}

<Prox> {Located near the lighthouse of Fire, Prox endures a hard life of near constant ice and snow. Only the warren of paddies, marshes and swamps collectively known as the badlands around Mars lighthouse (caused by the rampant mars energy, no doubt) provides enough food to keep their civilization going. Shaped by their environment, Proxians are known far and wide as determined and spirited fighters, considered superior to any soft southerner fighter. Prox is ruled jointly by a chieftain and an arms master, who rule the farmers and the fighters respectively. An aggressive nation, Prox incited the Templar war 200 years ago and was driven back at the plains of Ghadafi and Beotin village by Angkor and Anemos, respectively. Unique among all peoples in Weyard, Proxians posses some draconian characteristics common to the fire and flare dragons that wander the wastelands with them, and are purported to be immune to all but the most frigid of temperatures. This is claimed by them to be due to the fact that they Carry on the bloodline of the great dragons, which vanished from Weyard long ago. Proxians can be somewhat unsettling in appearance, and their harsh actions and stoic outlook generally turn most would be friends away. They are said to be very passionate about their principles (and other things ;P) and fiercely honourable. Prox controls virtually everything north of the mountain range that divides them from Imil as well as Kalt Island.}

<Anemos> {Due south of Jupiter lighthouse lies the city of Anemos. The so called nation of mystics is held to posses the greatest alchemy in the greatest concentration. Gifted with otherworldly knowledge and communication, the Jupiter adepts of Anemos can seem mysterious to outsiders, an image they take great joy in cultivating. Founded sometime during the dark ages, it has remained rock solid in Weyard since then. Jupiter is the element of information, and Anemos is rumoured to be peerless at gathering it. Anemian share a sometime unique characteristic with Proxians as very strong adepts are able to fly, on wings of their own creation. This trait is shared only by a few anemians, mainly nobles and strong adepts. Anemos is the only nation in Weyard with the knowledge to build airships. Their standing army is small, but lightening fast and difficult to pin down. Another legend stems from their ruler, one Empress Iria, who is purported to have lived since the dark ages! Independent verification of this claim is still being tested. Anemos controls Atteka and most of Hesperia, save for the northern desert.}

<Valan> {Little is known about the people of central Angara. What is known is that they posses control of the Aleph Gate, the near mythic source of Weyard's energy, and that they like to be left alone. Hearsay has it that the Valan have existed since before the dark ages, while others would have it that the leader of the six keepers, Azrakham, ordered them to guard the Aleph Gate from outsiders. They will allow many in, but are closemouthed about much of their culture. Those who make war on them often live to regret it. Prox crossed their territory to attack Angkor in the Templar war without impediment. This action has made Angkor somewhat alienated from them. The Valan control Central Angara north of Lamerkhan and south of Imil, save for the east coast, which is Lemurian, and the lower edge of the west coast, which is claimed by Fortress Loho in Angkor's name.}


Aram checked the bookcase... it's a book from the dark ages... I can't read this! Even the translation is weird!

Aram checked the bookcase... it's an ancient book...ah, it's just some book about Atteka... wait, it says here that the daughter of the mayor of the village of Anemos is called Iria... is that some kind of naming tradition or something!? ---

Western sector.

NPC1: This is the western area, yes. MR: Man, buy a map. Tourists... Sheesh.

NPC2: Shoo guy, don't bother me. MR: I feel like chicken tonight.

NPC3: *Me-eus davaki nata lee ous pira So makin navite ous lata do fina-* Huh? Oh, I'm just practising Lemuria's national anthem. Yeah, I know it's in Old Lemurian, what can I say? I don't write this stuff. MR: The navy choir this year will rock!

NPC4: Over here is the Arena. Go on in, you look like the fighting type. MR: n/a

NPC5: I used to be captain of my own ship, the Crown of the Dawn King, but the censors took it out of the game for being "Inappropriate". And by game, I mean the royal races. MR: So what if Lucifer's the Dawn King, it's still a cool name!

Azal: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. MR: Hmm... adepts here? They aren't very strong...I hope the Arena isn't too much for them.

NPC6: I oversee the River way’s operation. MR: In all my years this thing's never broken. It's famous for it! I must be the loneliest repairman in the universe...

NPC7: You fire adepts must hate your lot?

A: Huh?

N: I mean, c'mon, how useful is your psyenergy? "Ooo- we're out of lighter fluid! Lucky I'm here! My driveway is frozen, lucky me!" pahah!

A: Hey man-/D: What's a driveway?

N: Mercury on the other hand... we can heal ourselves, we don't have to waste time cleaning the dishes or anything else and we're immune to cold weather! We can't lose!

A: Let's go Daryl.

D: But I wanted to make him cry...

(Last two lines will repeat) MR: I'm insecure so I compensate by being boisterous.

NPC8: Sorry, but the Navy only recruits citizens of Lemuria. MR: N/A

NPC9(healer): Welcome guests. Do you have need of my services? MR:'s not often that I see people here in THIS city.

NPC10: This part of town is usually pretty empty. Everyone's either off in the Arena or in the barracks. MR: With so many soldiers and rogues nearby, is it any wonder that most people avoid the streets?