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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Fourteen

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---Telepod--- Pesmerga sector has 10 NPC's

NPC1: There was some commotion earlier... MR: What could've happened?

NPC2: The network is somewhat abuzz for some reason. MR: Maybe it's because Seles is escorting Aram for the Empress? Has Anemos gotten so bored that that's actually all there is?

NPC3: I run a general store. [Shop opens] MR: My store rocks your socks. Hmm... naw, you don't like that catchphrase... umm...

NPC4: If you find a diamond hairpin, let me know. (This isn't a sidequest. There is no diamond hairpin item and you'll never find it! I'm just that evil.) MR: I doubt I'll get it back but I can't give up!

NPC5: Hello... MR: What? Go away.

NPC6: My boyfriend is a lieutenant on an airship! [heart] MR: He'll be captain in no time! I just know it!

NPC7: This place had a seal on it, but I don't know what kind... MR: How very odd...

NPC8: Weather... MR: Does the weather on Atteka surprise you? It's kept stable by means of Jupiter Lighthouse.

NPC9: Pesmerga sector isn't renowed for much except its baked goods. MR: Beats that stupid Contigo though.

NPC10: Cronus is the patron deity of Anemos. Betcha didn't know that. MR: Nope, you didn't.

END city of Anemos------

-Jupiter Lighthouse-

M: So this is the lighthouse of Wind? A: It's huge! Bigger than Mercury lighthouse even! K: No it isn't. A: Yes it is. K: No, it is- M: When you two get out of kindergarten, you'll find us at the entrance. K: He started it! D: If lame comebacks were legendary heroes, that would be Ravencroft. K: Shut up. [>:(]

  • the party walks to the entrance*

A: So how old is this thing? S: No one knows. This was around like this in the dark ages. D: It sure gives off a lot of wind energy. S: Yes. Machinery is stationed at the top to guide it in controlling the weather over Atteka and Hesperia. Otherwise it would just run freely and there would be a massive hurricane over the lighthouse. K: Neat. M: Yes... A: Are you okay? All this wind energy must be making you feel awful Mara M: I've felt worse... S: Prolonged exposure can really weaken earth adepts. We should be going. D: Too bad... I feel like I can leap over a mountain around this thing. A: Yeah, it was like that for me near Mars too. -end-

Guard1: No one without the Empress' approval may pass this point, not even you Seles. MR: I see you do not wish to. Then it's good that the network was silent.

Guard2: Since I've taken this post my psyenergy has grown markedly. MR: I can already fly, and maybe soon I'll be able to free-teleport.


NPC1: It's unusual to see travellers come TO the port. MR: There aren't any ships in either so it's a moot point.

MPC2: Anemos imports most of its materials by way of airship so we don't see much cargo here. MR: There's only one ship that comes here.

NPC3: You're the second group to come to this town. The first came by boat though... MR: Those other guys are weird.

NPC4: I left the inn to avoid that stupid band. MR: God, it's like listening to cats in a dryer.

NPC5: Are you here on official buisness? [Y/N] [Y] Really? Naw, you're not. Nice try. [N] More nomads huh?

  • Answer [Y] 52 times after the Jeb scene*

[Y] You don't give up do you? And I just sit here taking it like punching bag. God what pathetic lives we lead. You know what's really sad? This whole town exists soley to convey a Jeb scene to you. If that's not a pathetic reason to live for, nothing is. MR: That purple haired girl wears the Imperium crest... what's her buisness here?

NPC6: Man it's hot out today. MR: You call this weather control!?

NPC7: It's the dog days of summer but... we don't have any dogs here. MR: Why is that exactly?

NPC8: We're airing out the house. It's too nice out not to. MR: This weather is just perfect for that.

NPC9: My house has a state of the art cooling system. MR: Wind Chalices make life liveable in summer.

Object in 9's house: This object is emitting a cold wind... you sense the presence of Alchemy.

NPC10: I like to collect odds and ends from around, myself. MR: No touchy!

Treasure in 10's house: Lucky Medal, Rusty Sword

NPC11 (general store): Man, I can't belive I paid money for these guys. MR: When they aren't driving cutomers away they're whining to me. Iria grant me strength!

NPC12: Man, I can't belive the owner paid money for these guys. MR: How many cats must they kill before they are satisfied!? Well, the metaphor is good enough...

NPC13: I kinda like it. MR: But then, I like banjoes so what do I know?

NPC14: Sigh... they've roped me in as their stage manager. Somebody help meeee! MR: Urge to kill... rising...

NPC15: They may suck, but they still aren't as bad as that stupid deadbeat's poetry. MR: He's so bad I dare not even whisper his name for fear of my stomach.


NPC1: It's war! We're at war! MR: I better start profiteering. And hoarding.

NPC2: Well this is a big surprise. MR: How dumb do you have to be to think prox wouldn't attack?

NPC3: I heard that Prox levelled Loho in a single day and a single night. MR: I sure hope that rumour is just that: a rumour.

NPC4: Angkor's armies are to march... MR: Will they reinstate the draft? I'm just a student!

NPC5: No Proxian alive can stand up to the Freedom Guard. MR: "Let your men and women of war meet their fate upon our blades!" -That's the special creed of the Freedom Guard.

NPC6: If Prox reaches the plains near Toblios they'll be at a big disadvantage. MR: A wide plain is easy to use earth psyenergy on, and hard to safely use fire without causing brushfires.

NPC7: Pfft. War. MR: My daughter is stuck in Lemuria because of this.

NPC8: I've been waiting for any official news here. MR: My brother is stationed in Soulin pass... will he be called out to fight the invaders?

NPC9: The proxians are foolish to challenge the Earthen Craftsmen to a land battle. Better they met us in the frigid north. Now, they will know the error of their ways. MR: So long as they fight on our terms, they are doomed.

NPC10: I expect they'll declare martial law any day now. You'd best get to Toblios, boy, while the gettin's good. MR: They'll Grand Gaia on sight anyone who violates curfew.

NPC11: I hear talk that the army's got some kind of superweapon that can annihilate the proxians in one fell swoop. Let's hope it's true, eh? MR: Any thing that's bad for Proxians is good in my book!

NPC12: Prices for all goods have skyrocketed overnight. MR: Everything but weapons and armour, ironicly enough we have a surplus.

NPC13: The southern vassel continents are too small to send up reinforcements. Angkor is on its own. MR: I suppose those backwoods hillbillys wouldn't send anything useful anyways.

NPC14: What is prox planning? Do they earnestly belive they can take Venus Lighthouse? MR: Any army powerful enough to beat Venus' defence would crush Angkor like an Avalanche. Venus Lighthouse is impregnable. They say it would take 500 attacking deaths to kill one man defending it.

NPC15: Anemos and Lemuria were acting suspicious, so we were on alert too. Good thing, otherwise the proxians could be knocking on our gates before we knew it! MR: In modern Alchemic warfare, battles last less then a day, and are totally descicive