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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Four

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Enter area.

  • Fanfare*

A: What's going on?

NPC: Hey, you two!

A: Who me?

N: Outta the way!

A: What?

N: You wanna get trampled? Move! sheesh.

A: Sorry. What's all this then?

N: Ya dense? It's a procession. Just keep out of its way!

A: Oh. Cool! I read about these things! We get to see the king!

N: No, today the prince goes to see the Anemos ambassador off on his journey.

  • Procession passes with much fanfare*

D: All this just so the Anemos ambassador leaves? Nice.

  • Procession leaves*

D: Wow, I got to see everything in this city! A procession, ships, the ocean...

A: You know, it's still not night. We still need to hit the town.

D: You think I forgot? Let's go to the Magnolia and drop our stuff off.

NPC1: That was the Anemos ambassador and the crown prince. Apparently the Ambassador's been recalled to Anemos. MR: What are they preparing for out there?

NPC2: I heard a rumour that Anemos is at war with Prox and don't want anyone to know about it, so they called the Ambassador back to make it look like they're isolating themselves. MR: Man, anyone who falls for that hooey has my pity. Why would they not want help?

NPCguard1: The castle is off-limits to those without permission.

NPCg2: Take a look at Angkor's centrepiece. Pretty impressive, no?

Shopkeep: (low) Hey, get away from the counter! (Introduction)

  • sigh* Yes?

MR: Is my shift over yet?

Shopkeep: (mid/sword)

  • cannot reach except to business*

MR: Will the alchemists ever release my son?

Shopkeep: (mid/shield)

  • cannot reach except to business*

Shopkeep: (mid/Item) Well, I hope you find what you're looking for.

Shopkeep: (high/sword) Welcome to the most prestigious shops in Angkor! MR: Look as hard as you are able. You'll not find even the smallest glimmer of rust.

Shopkeep: (high/shield) You'll not find any items in Weyard greater than these here!

Head Back to the Magnolia

After the Fanfare palace NPC's will note it

Centre area

NPC1: What, what happened!? Man, I hate missing crap!

NPC2: Let anyone here today try to decry the tales of Anemos! MR: Incredible... I know Angkor gained the gift of craftsmanship and knowledge from the sources... but to fly, to fly even at that cost... I would take it gladly...

NPC3: The crown prince and the Anemos Ambassador and his wife stopped here in the square. I thought they'd have something to say but the ambassador did the most amazing thing I've ever seen. He and the lady just unfurled wings and flew off like Angels! I'll never forget that as long as I'm alive!

NPC4: I've been to Anemos before so this is old hat to me. Still, it can be a bit overwhelming when they do that. I guess the Ambassador was in a hurry. From what I hear they don't like doing that in front of outsiders. MR: Actually, only nobles, warriors and alchemists in Anemos can do that. They say it requires phenomenal psyenergy, so that's probably why only those with dedication can use it.

NPC5: Why's everyone so exited? This is the age of alchemy, isn't it?

NPC6: Watching that was enough to make me forget something as trivial as the guild entrance. MR: I wonder if Anemos needs a craftsman?

NPC7: Anemos themselves aren't the only ones who can fly, supposedly they can build airships that can too! MR: Anemos control the secrets of flight, Lemuria the secrets of alchemy drives... but then, they don't know how to craft alchemy based artefacts or battle tanks or make psyenergy devices like sheildstones... we each hoard our specialty to ourselves.

NPC8: What, what'd I miss? MR: Ahh! Damn it all to hell!

NPC9: Wow! I wish I could do that! MR: The prince didn't seem too surprised. Maybe he's been to Anemos before.

NPC10: ... MR: How would the Angkoran Freedom Guard fare against Anemos Blades of Heaven? Would flight help? Can you even fight an enemy that knows the future?

NPC11: I saw an angel tonight. *hic*. It was awesome.

NPC12: [He's out cold.] MR: Why... why must I lose...

A new building is open in the central district.

NPC14: This guy claims to have a hint on that Djinni thief! Man, that noble must be pissed. MR: The Civil Guard hasn't done anything. I think the noble's just running this as a gimmick for money from gullible adepts.

NPC15: I came here to enquire about the contest.

NPC16: I got a tip about where that thief’s hiding the Djinn! The guy said "Seek the path where the glen of pillars that live as the phoenix lives in the land of the maiden's prayer are neither here nor there. The djinni sleeps in a dream there." If you show me that Djinni, I might be able to get another hint for you.

Delhi & Shrine (I)

NPC (Ticket girl): Huh, you guys tourists or something? You should head for the shrine east of here then. MR: EVERYONE comes to see the shrine. No one can top Angkor's construction skills.

On docks:

NPC1: Oh good, the ferry's in. Back I go.

MR: If I can't get to Madras, then what's the point of sticking around?

NPC2: Delhi exports lots of spices on this ferry as well. MR: Windmasters... hate em!

Main town area. There is a shop for everything.

NPC1: Travel between Madras and Delhi has dried up. Something on Dekkan plateau is killing passer by and no one knows how to stop it. MR: I guess we'll have to make a new path then...

NPC2: In such troubled times, what good will an extravagance such as a shrine do? MR: Whatever it is, it bears ill for Delhi's future

NPC3: Trying to monitor the whole plateau is impossible for Angkor, so people have to chance the shortest route across, but it looks like whatever's there figured that out...[: (] MR: I'm glad someone showed up, now I don't have to yell exposition into an empty house

NPC4: Welcome to my humble abode. Keep away from the boxes please. MR: N/A

IF you do "Aram checked the box..." THEN you get NPC4: HEY! What did I just tell you?!

NPC5generalshopkeep: Business hasn't suffered here much, but it's getting costly for merchants in Madras to ship goods to Angkor and Lemuria rather than transport them up the continent. MR: This shop is getting affected... I can't get anymore Madran vials now.

NPC6: West of here lies the shrine to Poseidon, the king of Lemuria. It's a symbol of the lasting peace and goodwill shared by Angkor and Lemuria. You should go check it out, but head no further. South of it lies the Deckhand plateau, and you will find only death there. MR: N/A

NPC7: Hah! *Reveal* Hoo yeah! ..Huh? Oh this? In the centre of Osenia continent there is a mountain called Air's rock that holds the secret of this psyenergy inside it. If you don't want to practise reveal for years trying to master it, I suggest you take that route instead. MR: A mind read? Good job ..Daryl. But I think I'll close this connection for now.

NPC8: Will this madness never end? MR: My family's in Madras! ...but I'm too cowardly to brave the shrike of the plateau. Please, forgive my weakness.

NPC9: I crossed the plateau with no hint of troubles. But then, I AM a Lemurian Lightkeeper. Maybe it avoids those who can defeat it, eh? MR: I am so badass, not even the plateau will take me on!

NPC10: Mommy said dad had no choice but to cross the plateau to make it back. MR: He said he wouldn't ever risk it like that again, but I think he likes danger too much.

NPC11: All this monster crap is just that: crap. I've farmed here my whole life, and I never intend to cross that plateau anyways. MR: That boy... is glowing...crikey, he's inside me head!

NPC12: This is my house. Pretty good, eh? MR: Being able to hire Angkoran builders and architects has it's advantages

NPC13: I'm looking for people who will form a party with me and go down into that plateau and kill whatever's doing this...but, no off, you don't seem too tough. MR: I need someone with powerful psyenergy... someone with healing mastery...someone with a lot of Djinn...and, what else...

Dekhan plateau. Apart from the normal music, you should also hear an eerie howl or call randomly throughout. Try to shake it up by changing volume intensity randomly so it sounds near or far from you.

There is one NPC near the entrance.

N: (shakey letters): It's okay... I'm almost ready... MR: (shakey letters)AAAGH! There it is again! It's everywhere!

You can also stop in at the shrine if you want...

NPCmonk1: This is the ocean shrine. MR: Your thoughts are open to all. Your training is weak.

NPCmonk2: Pray here and admire Angkor's works. MR: I sense the usage of psyenergy. Wherefore do these adepts come here?

NPCmonk3: ... MR: I sense impending danger for you in an open place... surely you don't mean to test Dekhan plateau’s dangers...

NPCguard1: Welcome to the shrine of the sea king, Poseidon. MR: I wonder when that gem is going to be shipped in?

NPCguard2: The front gallery is open to everyone. MR: Hmm... the shrine is done, but metalworkers and alchemists keep going in. Are they building a new partition? Also, forgotten in Delhi

Stove 1: Aram checked the stove... curry again?! But it looks like they put all kinds of fish in as well... looks tempting...

Stove 2: Aram checked the stove...she's mixing a salad. Wow, those vegetables look awesome, and the seasoning smells like a slice of heaven! So hungry...

Closet1: Aram checked the closet... there's an ivory carving of an elephant. Apparently, it's a special animal in Delhi.

Closet2: Aram checked the closet... it's a painting of someone, but it looks odd... !!! It's done entirely in sand! Wow, I'm impressed they could do it so well!

In the shrine, on a wall.

Aram checked the wall... it's written in a cursive script I've never seen before. Maybe it's old Angkoran?


NPC1: Huh? You're new ...and you're coming in from the landward pass. So is the plateau safe again? MR: From the looks on their faces, I don't think whatever's in there is gone yet.

NPC2(boy): Wow mister, you're the bravest guy I know! MR: Everyone in town won't even go out at night but these guys just walked across the plateau like it was nothing!

NPC2(little)girl: You're incredible to walk across the plateau with no help! MR: This guy is so brave, and strong and everything. He totally rocks. Wait, is this love?

NPC3: Taking foolish risks like that is a good way to get yourself killed. MR: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

NPC4(innkeep): This inn's seen it's share of harrowed visitors since the demon took up residence on the plateau. MR: n/a

NPC5(innkeep's wife): The ship in the dock was damaged by a sea monster, so there's no ships sailing today. MR: No ships means the sailors are stuck in town for a few days, and that means we make a tidy profit. Yes!

NPC6: There's a rainforest southwest of here. If you wanna go sightseeing you should head there instead of the plateau. MR: The druid in the forest... nah, they don't seem to be the type to believe that.

NPC7(armour): All the tension in town means armour is selling well, even with increased shipping fees. You should buy some too. MR: I feel sorry for the people who lost their lives, but I don't want to waste mine by not paying off some debts while armour sells well.

NPC8(weapon): Our weapons guarantee high grade steel, sharpness and balance. Only the finest from Angkor. MR: Actually, some of the animals and monsters around here can get pretty rough, so it's good that people are getting themselves well armed.

NPC9(item): Temprest Rainforest west of here is an Indran symbol. Go check it out, and maybe if you're lucky the sage will deign to speak to you. MR: No one's seen the sage for over 2 years... I think the poor guy just up and died.

NPC10: Being a sailor is tough! You've gotta worry about pirates, monsters, storms, war... MR: Who's the cute girl next to the surly guy?

NPC11(female sailor): Being a sailor is tough! You've gotta worry about pirates, monsters, storms, war, male crewmates... MR: Whoa! Who's that hot guy next to the pushy girl?

NPC12: My husband is trapped in Delhi by the plateau. I hear he's trying to raise money for an expedition across the mountains instead. MR: I don't blame him one bit.

NPC13: My da says he'll be back as soon as he can. MR: If these guys made it across, why can't he?

NPC14: The kids have been saying a group crossed the plateau. Are you they? [y/n] <Y> A: Uh, yeah, that's us. N: Kids get more and more reckless each year. Or I get more conservative, one or the other. <n> A: *shakes head* N: Huh. I wonder where they got that idea then? MR: Well, well, I never thought my brain would be interesting enough for someone else to try and root through it.

NPC15: The forest sage would know what to do... but he's not communicating with us anymore... MR: They say he can pound and strike with his mind. I wonder why other adepts can't do that?

NPC16: The demon of the plateau is active during the day. You can go near the plateau and hear it's eerie shrieks as it wanders about that desolate place... but it stops at night. MR: So does that mean it hunts at night or sleeps?

NPC17: Madras is an independent town so Angkor doesn't have a guard post here.

NPC18(ticket girl): I'm sorry, but no ships are running today.

NPC19: Hey, off the docks. No unauthorized personnel near the ships in port. MR: Man, that serpent did a number on the hull. Some mercenaries those guys were. They got eaten right at the beginning. Lucky we were close to shore

NPC20(merchant): Well, I can't trade on this continent anymore so I think I'll head to Osenia and do business there. MR: Supposedly there's a forest in Angara north of Angkor that's flowing with a valuable commodity. Anyone who settles there could make a good profit as well!

NPC21: The druid isn't immortal, so he has to take a disciple to pass on his knowledge sooner or later. I just wish I knew who it was! MR: I was hoping to meet the new forestwalker before heading home to Kibombo. I'll bet the medicineist of our tribe and this sage could trade a lot of useful knowledge.

NPC22(healer): I'm here on behalf of the Aleph to give aid and goodwill to this town. MR: Delhi's healer vanished on the plateau, so now I'm the only one on Indra who can offer aid. And the very people who need me most can't get here.

Sanctum Girl: Usual stuff

Stove1: Aram checked the stove... *got a lucky pepper!*

Stove2: Aram checked the stove... it's some kind of flatbread thingy. I guess you gotta eat bread everywhere in the world.

Stove3: Aram checked the stove... it's some kind of marinated beef or something. Whatever it is, it smells spicy and looks awesome!

Stove4: Aram checked the stove... I think it's some kind of pudding. It looks better and better every time I smell it!

Cabinent1: Aram checked the cabinet... it's full of spices. Madran spices are famous the world over. No household is complete without a spice rack!

Cabinet2: Aram checked the cabinet... huh? It's some sort of oils... I wonder what they're for...

Cabinet3: Aram checked the cabinet... there are seal-jars of perishables in there. I read that as long as the aleph shines, those jars will never lose their freshness.