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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Five

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NPC1: Hey, it's you again! How're you at? MR: Man, if it's THAT easy to cross the plateau, I don't know why everyone's so scared.

NPC2(boy): Wow mister, you're even more the bravest guy I know! MR: Everyone in town won't even go out at night but these guys just walked across the plateau like it was nothing! And did it again!!!

NPC2(little)girl: I think you're just showing off now. I don't like meanie show-offs! MR: How could I ever love a jerk like him?! Oh, cruel fate!

NPC3: Incredible. You have survived. Most amazing. MR: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

NPC4(innkeep): Well, I hear talk that someone went off and saw the sage for the first time in two years! MR: n/a

NPC5(innkeep's wife): Scouts sent to the plateau report that nothing is there keening anymore. MR: The demon is gone. That's as it should be.

NPC6: I went to the plateau and noticed something: Someone had dug holes all over the place! MR: That's really inconsiderate for the caravans that have to cross it.

NPC7(armour): Scuttlebutt at the docks has it that Anemos pulled all its ambassadors and troops back to the western continents. I wonder why? MR: All this political intrigue is so fascinating.

NPC8(weapon): Materials costs from Angkor have increased lately. I wonder why metal is at such a premium now? MR: If metal is at a premium... no, I won't go there.

NPC9(item): Someone said that five vagrants wandered into the rainforest and confronted the sage in epic battle. I can't believe they would do something so callow! MR: If I ever find who it was, I'll show them callow!

NPC10: *Sigh*. We're still stuck here. MR: Man, this bites worse than Turtle Dragons.

NPC11(female sailor): Angkor is getting really edgy lately. I don't like shipping in that kind of atmosphere. MR: What, just because I'm Lemurian I get the cold shoulder? I'm not even a strong adept!

NPC12: If the plateau really is clear, then my husband should be on his way home. MR: Finally our family is reunited.

NPC13: My Da says he'll be back as soon as he can. MR: If these guys made it across, why can't he?

NPC14: Well, it seems life's gone back to normal. MR: Prox's build-ups, Angkor's iron hoarding, Anemos' recalls... bah, I'm too old to worry about that crap. Madras is too insignificant for anyone to care anyways.

NPC15: I had a nightmare last night about the plateau... I'm glad this is all over and done with. MR: What a weird dream. Why do I keep thinking the monster is an egg? And what's with the dragons everywhere?

NPC16: Well, life is good again... at least until the next flood comes in. MR: Why does Lord Poseidon punish us so?

NPC17: Lemurian shipping is on the downturn. I think their merchants are having a tough time in Angkor and Anemos nowadays. MR: n/a

NPC18(ticket girl): I'm sorry, but no ships are running today. MR: n/a

NPC19: *Sigh* It could be a week or more to get the hull patched. MR: If the working teams didn’t' keep shirking their duties we'd be out of here and on the open sea again! Grrr...

NPC20: Is gone

NPC21: Is Gone

NPC22(healer): It seems there are other benefactors to this town as well. MR: Thank the Aleph that the path is clear once more.


On docks: NPC1: Is gone

NPC2:I heard that an army of two hundred Freedom Guard waged a pitched battle against the monster on the plateau for five days before vanquishing it! MR: Your thoughts tell me different. Wait, it was YOU?!

Main town area. There is a shop for everything.

NPC1: They seem to have increased security at the shrine lately... MR: What's up in that shrine?

NPC2: I'm glad this whole issue is finally over. MR: What should I make for dinner?

NPC3: Eh, whatever it is gone, so now I can get back to buying Madran stuff. MR: Angkor and its lousy tariffs.

NPC4: Same goes for you. No touchy no boxy. MR: N/A

IF you do "Aram checked the box..." THEN you get NPC4: HEY! What did I just tell you?!

NPC5generalshopkeep: It seems everything's back to normal... as normal as anything ever gets around here. MR: Man this place needs some giant fighting robots or something.

NPC6: West of here lies the shrine to Poseidon, the king of Lemuria. It's a symbol of the ... ah who cares. MR: N/A

NPC7: Hmm... Haha! You have gained much power Aram. Someday, you may even be a match for me! MR: The dickwad who filled my scabbard with honey will shortly be eating dirt, to use the polite word for it.

NPC8: Is gone

NPC9: Well, whoever crossed the plateau sure seems to like explosives. MR: They blew that place with more holes than Prox cheese!

NPC10: Let's play! Let's play! MR: *... why is the sum of all mass in the universe a constant?*

NPC11: I went an' saw the monster. And crickey, the size of those teeth! Blimey it 'twas huge! MR: It really wasn't.

NPC12: That was my house. *Sigh* MR: Of all the times for him to come, he comes now!? WTF!?

NPC13: Darn it, someone went off and beat me to it! I guess my adventures start some other day. MR: I need a less stereotypical party as well. Sheesh, do girls know nothing but healing psyenergy these days?!

ANGKOR (new options)

Inside Smithy

NPC1: This guy is an apprentice of the Guild. I guess he wants to show off his mad smithing skills or something like that. MR: Heheh... skills...

NPC2: Robin apprenticed himself to a smith in his old village, but then he surpassed the guy. The smith recommended he apply to the guild, and here he is! MR: N/A

Robin: Yes, can I help you?

<<<With a forgeable >>> You want an item forged? Y/N <<<Yes>>> Which item then? <<Not Valid>> I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't help with that. <<Valid>> You want me to craft this _______? Y/N <Yes> Okay then, I'll get it done quickly. <No> I'm sorry, did you mean another?

<<Rusted>> You want me to polish this up? Y/N <Yes> It will glow in no time! <No> "A rusty sword does no hand good..."

<<Orihalcon, Mythril Silver, Dark Matter>> This, this is /the legendary Orihalcon!/Dwarven Mythril Ore!/pure Darksteel!/... I'm sorry, but these materials are out of my league. Perhaps when I'm more skilled I could but,... I'm sorry, trying to forge metal such as this would only be cheating you. <<<No>>> Oh, I'm sorry.

If Robin has an item done... Here is your item. It's cash only I'm afraid.

  • Aram got ______*

Come again! Remember, Robin's swords sing like the sun!

MR: I hope I can meet the expectations of my customers AND the guild master.

[-Conditions for Robin forging are the same as Sunshine (Angkor sanctum, Leave the city or Rest a Night). -Robin should predominantly give you weapons rather than armour. -After you defeat Jordan Ascendante, Robin will be skilled and famous enough to take your Orihalcon and Dark Matter and Mythril Silver. )]

[Also, Angkor now has a sanctum open.]

Sanctum healer (female cleric type): Take care in your journey, Warrior, that you do not fall victim to the Djinni you carry. MR: Too many Djinn affecting your aura can cause a horrible fever.

Also, you can walk up to the Shrine of Angkor. (access is in the palace screen)

[Shrine Screen]

NPCguard1: This area is a monument to Angkor. Unless you have business inside, or are a Shaman, please leave. MR: N/A

NPCguard2: The festival of undying light and earth is held on the shrine every year. Come back in about 10 months if you want to see it anew.

If you try to head back to Toblios…]

A: Uh oh. This land looks familiar.

D: This is Toblian!

M: Is that bad? I've wanted to see your hometown Aram.

A: It's not that, if we go in...

D: ... they probably won't let us out again.

M: Oh. Well, the solution is obvious then. If they won't let us out-

Da: We don't go in. Let us go.

(Other tries) A: I'm not going back there yet!

The excavation is progressing... All other NPC's are more or less gone.

NPCguard1: This area is off limits by order of general Corval. Leave immediately! MR: N/A

NPCguard2: ... MR: They hit something the other day. Looked like a spent rocket or something... but it was absolutely huge!