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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Fifteen

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Area 1- NPC's crowded by the dockside.

NPC1: My son... MR: Please be safe.

NPC2: Goodbye! See you soon! MR: Don't....die.

NPC3: There must be 500 troops on that barge alone! MR: How many more people can the city send?

NPC4: I sure hope they don't institute the draft... MR: We've no shortage of volunteers....yet.

NPC5: More people are coming in from Aoji and Osenia. MR: When you think about it, Lemuria is a huge country.

NPC6: I love you! Come back safe! MR: ...

NPC7: Bring back a souvenir for me, like a nice medal! MR: This is so exiting!

NPC8: Carefree fools. MR: It's hard to blame them. Most of the people who were alive in the Templar wars are gone now.

NPC9: ... MR: These are all recruits! Have we already run out of experianced troops?

NPC10: If they call for it, I may be on the next barge out of here. MR: I will do what i must for Lemuria.

---Non crowd---

NPC1: The city is abuzz from the annoucement. Every free soldier is going to Imil, and every free ship to the Angkoran border. MR: I doubt Angkor is foolish enough to try fighting Lemuria on the water, but you never can tell.

NPC2: The rest of the city is emptier than it used to be. MR: All the young men and women are leaving for the front.

NPC3: Admiral Lavos has command of the sea defence. With him and Azul guarding us, Lemuria is virtually impossible to assult by sea! MR: But that's just the city. What about the rest of the empire? Or are Izumo and Aoji "not target of importance"?

NPC4: You're the ones looking for a boat? Another transport heading for Imil is in the harbour. Come back in a bit when this one is gone.

NPCs have changed also, it IS a crowded city.

Screen 1- Same Access

NPC1: We haven't gotten any information about anything going on in Imil. MR: Who gives a crap about Imil anyways?

NPC2: Why aren't we mobilizing the army to central Angara? MR: Then again, for all I know, maybe we are.

NPC3: My son is heading off to Imil, looking for glory. MR: He was too young in the Templar wars.

NPC4: What about Izumo? My island needs protecting too! MR: I heard that proxians kill all the men and children and take the women for themselves! I can't believe they think they can just leave the rest of the empire ungarded!

NPC5: They've declared martial law. MR: The whole city is quiet.

NPC6: We're not getting nearly so many shipments of food in anymore. MR: I hope they relax the tariffs before the city starts to starve.

NPC7: This war isnt' like the Templar War. It's faster. Everyone has stronger Alchemic weapons. The stakes are too high... Whatever happens, it'll be to the death.

NPC8: The city is getting deserted now... MR: It's lonley here now.

Screen 2- 15 NPC's

NPC1: My buisness went down the tubes- all the workers are off to war. MR: I hate this economy.

NPC2: MY buisness is up like a rocket- I build warships! MR: I laugh at that other guy's misfortune because I'm a stereotpyical gun loving hyper-conservative war nut!

NPC3: We haven't seen hell nor high water yet... MR: So I guess we aren't under attack and the levees are holding.

NPC4: If we lose Imil... we won't get anymore water of hermes! MR: Psyenergy can only heal so much... and potions I guess... and the spring here at lemuria is actually a potent healing effect... why is everyone worried?

NPC5: Azul has been mobilized to the northern waters. MR: You don't mobilize a dragon, you... well... move it there!

NPC6: The palace has been silent since the war was declared. MR: I hear that it's the same in Angkor. I'll bet Prox too. Only Anemos would likely tell its people what's going on.

NPC7: The baths have been moved to holiday hours since custom is so thin. MR: People are already hoarding... I should start too.

NPC8: Scuttlebut at the precinct has it that Prox overran Loho. You're from Angkor... did they? [Y/N] [Y] Well crap. I better write my will now! [N] So what, the're still laying seige to Loho? That'll keep em busy for YEARS. MR: Imil has nothing but a garrison... if Prox overran Loho, Imil won't last an hour.

NPC9: They say the Cheiftan's servitor 2nd General Emlaure was promoted to 1st General to lead the proxians to victory. MR: Emlaure... he's a templar veteran, and supposedly one of the strongest Fire Adepts around. I don't put Imil's chances very high... we're sending everyone off just to die...

NPC10: Lemuria gathered all the water djinn in the empire It could, but it's still not enough to beat prox, methinks. MR: Djinn don't like large groups of people, so it's doubtful they found very many here in the City proper.

NPC11: I wonder what the territories in the southern continents are thinking? They're pretty low on the list of places to conquor, so I guess they aren't worried. MR: It's a shame I didn't follow my family to Alhafra when I had the chance... now I'm stuck here.

NPC12: Do you know of the legend of the three swords? [Y/N] [Y]: Do you think Prox has the guts to use the Sol Blade on Imil? [N]: It's commonly told in the Valan territories. Supposedly some of the weapons forged for the Six keepers were delegated to the rulers of the nations at the time. One of the northern clan cheiftains got Paulo's Sol Blade, Lemuria got Kimi's Exaacus. It's purported that Anemos's Empress Iria got Ravencroft's weapon... and that Azrakham kept his weapon, the Emperor, for himself, wherever he went. But Anemos has denied ever seeing Ravencroft's so... either way, the Sol Blade is prox's, it's enshrined behind the cheif's chair. It's purported to be able to split a mountain in half too... MR: If one of the lesser keepers had a weapon as powerful as the Sol Blade, just Imagine the strength of the Emperor... the King of All Weapons...

NPC13: It's expiediant to secure the territorries that prox is after. MR: We should've struck first, and instead we get caught with our pants down.

NPC14: I hear talk that Prox can conjure a volcano wherever they want, and that's how they beat Loho. MR: They'll kill us all!

NPC15: All this war talk is so much hookum to someone my age. MR: I went to the damn Templar wars, what more d'you want?

Screen 3: Joost 8

NPC1: Despite the curfew, moving from section to section is still realitively easy. MR: Because the po-leese are too busy at the palace.

NPC2: Lemuria and Angkor are neutral to each other. That's good. MR: If you fight on two fronts, odds are you'll lose. Prox must be really confident or totally off its rocker if it's attacking both Angkor and Lemuria at once.

NPC3: With the city getting emptier and more restrictive, most people aren't out and about anymore. MR: Damnit, I think my juice bottle is leaking. There goes a new shirt...

NPC4: The libraries and such are closed now, due to lack of volunteers. MR: Everyone's off at war.

NPC5: Can't we just appease the proxians and sign a treaty? MR: I'm against doing any sort of armed conflict beacause I'm a stereotypical violence fearing spineless bleeding heart liberal tree hugger.

NPC6: Now that war is on, the media are sure to portray the senators in black and white terms about their choice to declare for or against it, depending on who's paying for what outlet. MR: Stereotyping is the opiate of the lazy.

NPC7: Every section I walk to in river order has less and less people about. MR: It's as if some cosmic force is keeping more and more people indoors progressively downstream from the docks.

NPC8: Hey buddy! Wanna buy a watch? [Y/N] [N] A: Nice try. [Y]

  • You paid 300 gold.*

A: Hey!

  • You got ripped off!*

--NPC8 runs off--- MR: N/A

Subsequently, the Arena section has 8 NPCs in it. For ALL cities if it looks sparse, it probably is. Ask me for more when you're desinging them if you need em. (NPC's are easy to make.)

NPC1: The arena is closed today. MR: All the crowds left.

NPC2: Word is that they'll re-institute the arena after imil is resolved. MR: If we win, they'll probably hold a tournament. If we lose... then no one will be fooled by this distraction, methinks.

NPC3: The shops of Lemuria are doing a killing now that war is on. MR: Everyone wants to stock up on armour and weapons.

NPC4: Every adept of any major talent is already out. Only us dregs who never bothered to study psyenergy are left. MR: Us and all them support workers.

NPC5: Lemuria sure mobilized in a hurry. Two weeks post declaration and every enlisted, reserve and half the maximum economically viable amount of draftees are already in Imil or on their way. MR: N/A

NPC6: You're from Angkor? I guess you must've had a long ride over with all the ships being out on patrol. MR: They commandeered my schooner for ration transport! Those bastards...

NPC7: Only 1/3rd of the city has left, but it sure takes a chunk outta this place. MR: If they call out the rest of the draft, it'll be even more lonely.

NPC8: All the children are inside now. MR: We hold daily Meteor raid drills. I hope Lemuria is never subjected to a real Meteor bombardment...