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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Eleven

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BEOTIN (I) And now for some Beotin NPC's

NPC1: Hmm. The shaman isn't back yet. What's taking so long? MR: That guy sure is lazy.

NPC2: Sightseers? You should check out the falls. Or are you on way out to the desert? MR: Nobody likes the desert. They must be here for the falls.

NPC3: The duke's residence is just past here. MR: Duke Ailron is the last direct descendant of the Ailron clan.

NPC4: Prox recently stopped Kalt from trading. I can't believe they'd do that! MR: What is WRONG with those people?!

NPC5: Hmm... I think pork would be good tonight. Or beef. MR: Anything but more curry.

NPC6: Beotin is, believe it or not, the capital of the entire continent of Hesperia. MR: It is said that in ancient times a vast empire was situated here... Ameria.

NPC7: Are you here to petition the duke? Watch out for his fan club. MR: Grown people acting like that... honestly!

NPC8: This is a monument commemorating Beotin's victory in the Templar war. MR: If accounts are to be believed, Sir Jordan is a worthy heir to Adrianna's virtuous exploits.

Monument: Aram checked the monument: "Depiction of the flag of Anemos struck on this very spot by Adrianna Ailron in the templar war. Adrianna rallied the disheartened Anemie and Shamanic troops with the cry in the Old Language "Ails Beotin! Ails ari en Beotin!" meaning 'To victory! To absolute victory!' and struck this flag on this spot on the outskirts of the village. Tales tell that she avowed that so long as blood of Ailron walked the earth Prox would never pass that point. The battle fought here soundly defeated and humbled Prox. Shaman village was renamed Beotin village in honour of this feat." A: Pretty big history. K: We have a monument like that in Imil. They put it up in front of the lighthouse, where Luse stopped the Harbingers of Fire upon the ground of Aestivas. D: Toblios doesn't have anything like that. M: That's because Toblios was reduced down to a village back then. The templar never got past Lamerkhan in their attempt to take Angkor. D: I wonder... how do the empires of Weyard feel with their old enemy left unchecked in the northern reaches? M: I suspect everyone subscribes to the idea that "If Prox doesn't do anything, we won't worry about it." K: Pfft. That's a short-sighted view. M: The people of Angkor don't have your Water of Hermes and Lemuria. I doubt anyone but the Alchemists in the Academy and possibly the Adepts around Venus lighthouse have lived long enough to remember such a war. K: YOU remember. M: Maybe people are just inherently lazy and selfish. A: Maybe we should talk about this later. Be thankful. Prox is stopped and it's not starting up again. D: Good idea. K: Yeah. M: Yes. -Future tries just repeat what's on the monument-

NPC9: The shaman's cave... I shudder thinking about it. MR: Who made up that stupid tradition anyways?

NPC10: I'm tired of living in this backwater nowhere. I want to live in Anemos for once! MR: Although... I'm not a Jupiter adept. Man, no one talks there!

NPC11: Beotin is a small village, and home to the Shaman tribe and the Ailron family. MR: Prox and Beotin have some history together.

NPC12: I hate I just HATE Tundaria. That's why I moved here. MR: N/A

NPC13: Do you know? It's said that so long as Anemos has existed Iria has been empress. MR: They say she is one of the strongest adepts in the world. I know of no one stronger.

NPC14: Anemos is one of the foremost centres of knowledge in Weyard. MR: Beotin is one of the foremost centres of ...pie?

NPC15: I suspect that the Shaman may have been injured in the cave. MR: Why is Sir Jordan dallying? Surely he can save her!

NPC16: The Shaman's trial is nearly over. If she does not return from the cave by tonight, she never will. MR: It is a harsh code, but in these times Beotin cannot afford a weak chieftain. Both the duke and the chief must be strong.

NPC17: Don't ask me, I don't know. I'm just a merchant from Loho. MR: Say, didn't I see you in Toblios?

NPC18: West of here lies the most powerful fortress on this side of the world, Fortress Loho. MR: They say no army can fight across its walls.

NPC19: Beotin is at crossroads right now. MR: Anemos is always pressuring us to put the Duke in charge. If he didn't want it so badly, I think he would be.

NPC20: We guard the house of the Ailron family. MR: Sir Ailron is the last direct descendant. It is vital to protect him until he has a son or daughter.

NPC21: Don't talk to the guards! MR: Hmm, adepts? They usually head on to Anemos.

NPC22: I am one of the servants in attendance to Duke Ailron. 'm on break now. MR: He lives in that manse with just us and his visitors. There are what, 4 servants?

NPC23: Duke Ailron is gallant and noble. No one can stop him! MR: And he can read your deepest wishes! And he's so dreamy!


JA: Journey well. MR: My fate... is...wh-...ram....acc-....before I die?

Cyril: Off already? Well, take care. I hope master Ailron made an impression! MR: Git offa me brains! They're mine!

Cook: I cook all the meals around here. MR: I hope you enjoy this fine cuisine as much as I enjoy making it!

Stove: Aram checked the stove... there's a roast goose. It's so succulent and tender... can't resist. Aram checked the stove... it's soup. But it's cold?!

Servant1: I don't know why he hired me, he just uses psyenergy to clean. MR: Maybe it's my good looks and charm?

Servant2:I keep the grounds clean since I'm Venusian. MR: We're lucky that we're so rare in Anemos. Venusians get respect, yo!

NPC1: Man, after all that I'm tired. MR: That was a wild party.

NPC2: The shaman is resting in the far house. MR: She will be our leader for years to come.

NPC3: I think what you did was very brave, and what we did was very cruel. MR: I'm glad the Duke was there.

NPC4: Putting all this aside, I still need to get the harvest. MR: It's getting really late on in the year. (Time is passing!)

NPC5: You're the last people we've seen to come from Kalt. MR: What could've happened up there?

NPC6: Was the shaman spirit a difficult foe? <Y/N> [Y] I can imagine. The spirit has been here for millennia. You don't exist that long unless you're tremendously strong. [N] Perhaps I have underestimated you... I am glad nothing came of the events last night. MR: The spirit is the patron of our village.

NPC7: Why does Anemos use airships if they can just teleport wherever? MR: I'll bet they're just for show.

NPC8: Whatever the cause of our differences, I am thankful that the shaman is safe. MR: They seem to be on their way out... they should visit the Shaman at least!

NPC9: This building is where the Shaman is resting. MR: It still feels kind of weird calling her that.

-Enter aforementioned building-

NPC10: The shaman is resting. MR: She will awaken soon enough.

NPC11: What does the spirit ask of her, I wonder? MR: It can't be very pleasant if dashing young heroes have to come to her aid.

NPC12(Shaman): zzz...zzz MR: The portents... Is this a warning? .... sir Ailron is in danger...

NPC13: Wow, you're the guys who saved her aren't you? MR: He's cuter than I expected.

NPC14: This is the telepod building. Duke Ailron has informed us of your visit. Your transport is free of charge. MR: Not that it costs much. The guy teleporting gets what, minimum wage?

NPC15: I will take you to Anemos or Prox, as you desire. Please use the proper procedure for safety's sake. MR: Plumbing for the secrets of teleport? It's in this jewel here.

NPC16: Will you be teleporting to Anemos or Kalt? <Anemos, please./Kalt> <Kalt/Anemos, Please> Please step onto the Telepod. NPC15: Very well. Teleport in 5...4...3...2...1...-Blank out, normal sequence- -Blank in- NPC15: Teleport! (Nothing happens in Kalt)