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Fandom:Project Iris/NPC Eight

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LEMURIA (I) Southern sector: NPC1: The flowing streets are one of Lemuria's biggest attractions. And they run free of charge! MR: I sense the power of psyenergy... probably wind.

NPC2: Don't get too close to the riverway, even though it's preter-buyant, the current can carry you pretty hard. MR: Some people make a sport out of surfing the riverway barefoot. They're pretty cool.

NPC3: This is Southerly quarter. If you're looking for Westershire, you'll have to do a 3/4 circuit on the riverway. MR: They look like warriors... probably want to try the Arena there then.

NPC4: Lemuria is a city of water adepts. Fire adepts like you will probably find all the mercury energy uncomfortable. MR: Whereas Jupiter adepts would feel welcomed. Alchemy is a funny thing.

NPC5: The college in the Northam quarter is Lemuria's intellectual gift to the world. MR: It rivals Angkor's Academy and the University of Anemos... and unlike those snooty establishments it's public access.

NPC6: The baths? They're in the Aeston quarter, 1/4 the way flowise from here. Lemuria's baths are also famous. MR: Most outsiders get embarrassed when they see the communal baths. It's always quite funny to watch.

NPC7: The riverway is run by Mercuric Alchemy. It keeps the things floating in it mostly above the waterline and always moving around in a circuit. MR: Unfortunately, they haven't found a way to get it going both ways yet.

NPC8: This is the market quarter. Southerly is where all the trading gets done. MR: Tourists often get bamboozled by the brash bazaar owners.

NPC9: Lamna! Lamna! Oh, where did that boy get off to? MR: I'm getting worried. Oh there he is, by the candy stall AGAIN.

NPC10: I'm traveling the world to broaden my horizons.

A: Really? Me too!

N: Wow, a fellow journeyman! Where are you from?

A: Toblios, in south central Angara, you?

N: Kalt island, north of Hesperia.

A: Wow, you're pretty far from home. How'd you get here? I came by way of Angkor.

N: I'm travelling in a circle. I went up north through Prox and then down south through Imil and Tarinthe isle to here. I see you've got a friend with you.

A: Yeah, this is Daryl.

D: Hey.

N: Hi. Lucky you. It's hard to make it sometimes on your own. I had a companion too, but we ...parted ways at Imil. She's probably in the south seas by now.

A: That's a shame.

N: Yeah. Well, I've taken enough of your time. Good luck!

A: Hey wait, what's your name?

N: Tomlas, you?

A: Aram.

N: Take care then, Aram. I hope we meet again somewhere else! (Repeat line for subsequent attempts)

MR: Lemurian cuisine is excellent... unless you hate seafood that is.

NPC11: Get your fresh fish here! Fresh fish! Top quality! MR: Buy something, buy anything I don't care just buy!

NPC12: Quality fruit! Quality fruit! Only the finest, imported direct from Angkor's orchards! MR:I hope the boss hasn't seen me eating any clemmies.

NPC13: Oh me, I'm just a merchant captain. My ship, the Red Zeppelin , is in the dock. MR: This is a bad time for trade it seems.

[Approach dock guy] A: We can't just leave them here. Besides, we've just arrived.

[When you can approach] NPC14: These are the dock entrances. Do you have a ticket? <<<If no>>> Please go buy a ticket. Civilians are not allowed here otherwise. <<<If yes>>> Will you be departing now? [Y/N] <<Yes>> Head to the appropriate dock please. <<No>> Whenever you're ready.

NPC15: (Ticket girl's lines) MR: Even with all the friction, the lines are doing fine.

NPC16: I'm a fisherman who works off the coast. And you are? MR: I should lock the door.

NPC17: Lemurian Lightkeepers guard the palace to the centre. MR: They guard the senate building as well.

NPC18: Lately the navy's been on patrol. I wonder what's got their hackles up? MR: Azul sightings are on the increase as well. It seems the King thinks we're overdue for an attack.

Eastern Sector.

NPC1: I hear tell that 7 great warriors defeated the legendary Fenrir in Indra continent. MR: Wow, those guys are so cool.

NPC2(attendant): These here are the baths. Will you be taking one? A: [!] I gotta go...yeah... N: [:-)]

NPC3: Relax here in the entertainment sector! The casinos have all you need!

NPC4: Lucky Dice attendant1's lines.

NPC5: Lucky Dice attendant2's lines.

NPC6: Super lucky Dice1

NPC7: Super lucky Dice2

NPC8: Slots girl.

NPC9:???? (possible minigame attendant)

NPC10: ???? (possible minigame attendant)

NPC11: They run all day, but on a workday they don't see much business. MR: This place is getting pretty wealthy now.

NPC12: Oh man, I just gotta get one more roll and then I'm gone. MR: Why can't I know when to stop? I always lose on my last roll!

NPC13: Hey! Getoutta the kitchen! MR: Damn kids.

NPC14: I'm bored. MR: ...

NPC15: The baths seem to get really popular with outsiders. MR: I wonder why?

NPC16: There's something fishy about the spring at the castle... MR: I bet it's haunted!

NPC17: I can't rest until I get to the bottom of that spring! MR: Errg! It drives me crazy!

NPC18(bent down by the bath building wall): Sssh! Don't make so much noise! You can have your turn in a minute. MR: Thank Azrakham for bad masonry.

NPC19(next to 18): C'mon man, you've it for long enough! MR: The anticipation is killing me.

NPC20: Realistically, how likely is it that Lemuria could go to war? MR: It's getting disturbingly likely now.

NPC21: Ahh... nothing helps you relax after a day at the college like a bath in the Lemurian pools. MR: That water's a lifesaver. It's as good as the springwater and it slows aging just as much!

skit] NPC22: Haha! Top this! *casts douse* *Pool forms*

NPC23: You got nothing! *casts frost* *Pool pillarizes*

NPC22: Man, you're getting good at this.

NPC23: It's pure skill.

NPC22(little boy): Oh, she and I are just practising our psyenergy. MR: Whee, this power is fun! Why don't adults use it more?

NPC23(little girl): He's my spemsai (22: Sensei!) and he's teaching me his powers. MR: When I grow up I'm gonna be just like Azal! 'Cept I'll be a girl.

NPC24: Watch your step on the transit platforms. MR: No one ever watches their step. Area 3: North sector. (This area houses the college)

NPC1: What? No, no one but the alchemists are in college. It's summer dude! MR: Hah! Angkorans have to study at the Academy year round. Yet another reason why the College is superior. Also, the Lemurian Fades can beat the Boulder Beasts any day of the month! Our school rocks!

NPC2: Summer lectures are about all you'll find here right now. Most the people who go here have gone back home to their various cities. MR: Larala is all the way from the East Atteka isle... how much of a commute is that?!

NPC3: Keep riding the riverway and you'll hit the Arena. It's a great place to hone your skills. MR: The Arena and the College are similar in many ways: one hones your body's fighting strength, the other hones your mind's fighting prowess.

NPC4: I'm just passing through. MR: I hope that this time I'll be able to reserve some water of Hermes.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all NPC's from here on in are Scholars/Professors.

NPC5: Oddly enough, very powerful Mercury adepts are able to use a psyenergy called "warp" which is similar to the Jupiter adept's "Teleport" power. Perhaps there is some connection here? MR: Is it caused by the complementary nature of Mercury and Jupiter? Perhaps. Jupiter Adepts can Teleport far more easily than Mercury Adepts can Warp...

NPC6: I'm researching some of the properties of the Water of Hermes. You probably wouldn't be interested. MR: If it heals all that lives, than the Water of Hermes can perhaps finally mark down the border between living and non-living in concise terms!

NPC7: This is the summon chamber. It is here that research on the spirits is conducted. MR: Hmm... if these results are accurate, than enough alchemy can turn anything into a spirit ready to be called. Or even create new ones from simple thought!

NPC8: I'm conducting geographical studies of the Lighthouses and the Aleph gate. This may help correlate the studies of the relationship between the Gate and the Beacons. MR: Odd... the top of the gate is considerably lower than all the beacons. My hypothesis needs some modifications...

NPC9: I'm doing cultural surveys. The balance of power in Weyard is even but precarious, and I want to find out why. MR: What is keeping the empires of earth and fire, water and wind from uniting?

NPC10: Let's see... if Hedra's theory of mercuric dispersal is applied, then I can summarily find out how much earth and fire energy is needed to disperse a given mass of water... MR: ...and then apply that knowledge and presumably any amount of water or ice can be neutralized anywhere in Weyard using this process...

NPC11: I just came back from some field work. MR: Those alchemists at the Academy are hiding something... what are they building in those shrines?

NPC12: If you think this is a great exchange of Ideas, it's got nothing on the University of Anemos. MR: An entire network, organized and running at the speed of thought... Marvellous!

NPC13(non scholar): Please re-shelve books if you don't intend to withdraw them. Oh, and keep quiet. MR: My concerto is coming along nicely... I'm glad the arts professors approve of my work!

NPC14(non scholar): Let's see... legar...Legal...Legault...Legaze...Lehini...Les Miserables! There we go. Next try: I'm just picking out required reading for my course. MR: Who the heck is Phaeton? And why should I care about his book?

NPC15: These books date all the way back from the dark ages, before Alchemy shone upon the world. Even though they've been sealed and de-aged with Alchemy, please be careful with them. MR: They are a priceless part of Lemuria's heritage.

NPC16: Aagh! No matter how hard I try I just can't get the gold energy to show up! MR: If I can prove this I'll win a Paulo for sure! The Angkoran alchemists seem to be reluctant to share their findings with me... together we could win it.

[skit] NPC17: Do you hear her now?

NPC18: Barely.

NPC17: Ok, tell her to keep on course.

NPC17: I'm conducting an experiment to see the maximum effective range of psyenergy. So far his wife is already 200 miles away and he can still hear her! Amazing! MR: Hmm, I sense additional Jovian powers. Whoever's doing that stop. You might cause interference.

NPC18: Please don't interrupt me. MR: Ugh... your crude Mind Read is interfering with our connection. Stop it!

NPC19: Proxians with great fire psyenergy, or access to a lot of Fire Alchemy can call a phenomenon known as a "Meteor" from the heavens down to earth. An impressive feat, but it seems mostly just destructive rather than constructive. In my opinion, Alchemy should be used to help and to create, not destroy. MR: They say the Meteors come from beyond Weyard's atmosphere, some kind of empty "space" for lack of a better term. There may be a great discovery lurking in the secret of the Meteor summoning grounds.