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Fandom:Project Iris/FAQ

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Iris FAQ:

Q: So what is Project Iris? A: Project Iris is the working title for our fan made (indie if you will) GS based game, with the current title of Golden Sun: The Light of Heaven.

Q: Neat! So what’s it about? A: The story is a prologue detailing the events that lead to the sealing of Alchemy and ending the lost age, based around the protagonist’s struggles to achieve that.

Q: Does this mean there’s no Isaac/Mia/my favorite character? A: Yes, those people won’t be born for over a millennium. The only character you’d expect to return (and he does) is the Wise One. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make little references to them in the game. ;)

Q: Who are all these guys then? A: The main character Aram and his best friend Daryl hails from the south Angaran town of Toblios. His allies come from areas as diverse as Lemuria, Prox, Izumo, Anemos, Shaman Village and Imil.

Q: I have a kickass idea you should do! A: So post it already! :p

Q: What is TLoH coded in? A: An obscure language pack called Multimedia Fusion. This is how our Miserly, Reclusive-Wizard-like Programmer keeps tabs on his stuff. If you can decipher it and help encode or debug props to you.

Q: What else should I know? A: The game has a quartet plot- there are four separate directions you can take, each with radically different effects and overall outcomes (save for you sealing Alchemy of course). All new Djinn, summons, psyenergy, classes, monsters, dungeons, enemies, allies, graphics, music, and pop-culture references present themselves. But no Wheat Sword!

Q: Awesome! I wanna help! A: We don’t demand an application, only productivity. Currently we are in need of two additional writers, an editor, another dungeon designer, another graphics designer, a debugger/tester and a songwriter. PM the Admin or the staff member who is working on what you’d like to work on to get in on the action.