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This is a reprinting of a "FAQ" that RyuKenshin submitted to GameFAQs in the same comical vein as his famous Wheat Sword FAQ creation.

The following content is unofficial. It is not formally recognized by any Golden Sun media or by Camelot Software Planning themselves, but nonetheless is a common focus of discussion amongst the Golden Sun community.

Recruiting Kraden
Original Concept by: KairiPower
Writen by: RyuKenshin


After playing Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age countless times, I began to feel a little empty inside. It seems like something is missing. He is my favorite character of all time. Kraden, dubbed the Almighty. After obtaining the Wheat Sword, with the help of RyuKenshin's FAQ, I decided to start a goal to obtain Kraden. Months passed and now, I have finally recruited Kraden in my battling party. I wanted to keep it to myself because I believed only I was worthy to have the almighty on my team. But now, after seeing that many love Kraden, I shall finally reveal the secret of obtaining THE ALMIGHTY!

Obtaining Kraden

note A few of these steps in this faq require the player to complete some events in Golden Sun. Otherwise this code will not work.

Sequence of events in Golden Sun

  • Buy the wooden stick from the Vale Weapon Shop
  • Throw it in the river next to the destroyed house
  • It will begin to float. Follow it until it stops
  • At the end of the road you will meet an old woman who regardless of the gender looks like Kraden
  • She wants the stick and challenges you to a match if you don't give it to her
  • Refuse, and she will attack you
  • Despite how much you leveled up she will beat you with the Psynergy "Knowledge Power Drain"
  • After you're defeated, she will leave

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Sequence of events

  • Transfer data from Golden Sun with the Clear Data in the 3rd file in Golden Sun
  • Do everything in the obtaining the Wheat Sword FAQ
  • Oh noes! Felix ran to the Temple of Kraden! After him!
  • You go to the door but you are immediatly halted by the guards who call you unworthy
  • They say you must prove yourself worthy but they refuse to tell you how
  • Use Mind read on the guard who is wearing an official Kraden Badge
  • "Must prove worthiness by finding me a form of Psynergy that can morph the youth into elders."
  • Now go to Prox
  • Gather some snow with the Psynergy "Scoop" keep it in snow form with "Frost"
  • Go to Mars Lighthouse and put snow on the floor where Karst and Agatio died
  • Ask Piers to put his helm onto the snow.
  • It will morph into FROSTY THE SNOWMAN
  • Frosty will attack you.
  • After defeating Frosty, he will melt.
  • It turns into a Psynergy item, which is the Age Clock.
  • Equip it to Sheba or Ivan to get "Age Fast"
  • Cast Age Fast on Sheba. Her character icon will change to: Unidentified.gif
  • She will gain "Ultima"
  • Use "Ultima" in front of the Guards at the Kraden temple, and they will let you in.
  • Inside, you see several Murals dedicated to Kraden.
  • On the throne at the end of the hall, you see an Evil Kraden, and he traps Kraden.
  • You must fight Evil Kraden, by first having Sheba use "Ultima"
  • Evil Kraden will fall, and Kraden will be freed.
  • Kraden thanks you for saving him, and owns up that he is not holding up his end.
  • He agrees to join you!
  • You return to Vale with Kraden, and go back to Kraden's cottage.
  • When you enter, Sheba returns back to normal.
  • The old woman is waiting inside
  • "Its been a long time, hasn't it"
  • "Who are you?" Felix says, (YES, FELIX!!!)
  • "I am the almighty. I am Kraden's SISTER!!!"
  • "No your not, you senile hag!" Garet shouts
  • Kraden glares at her. "I don't have a sister!"
  • Kraden enters a battle with her, one-on-one.
  • Kraden easily defeats old woman.
  • As she falls, the Knowledge Drain curse is removed
  • Kraden is now fully powered up!!!


I would like to thank KairiPower for inspiring me to find this out

I would also like to thank all members of the Kraden Temple.


Send me any questions that you have to: