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Golden Sun Odyssey
GSO's homepage
Website URL
Language English
Owner(s) ???
Launch Date 2003
Status Closed

Golden Sun Odyssey (a.k.a. GSO) is an online RPG message board dedicated to the Golden Sun series.

Just like how any other message board functions, GSO allows you to talk to other members with threads. With the different categories available to talk in, you can talk about general everyday topics or even talk about how to destroy a certain boss from Golden Sun.

But unlike other message boards, GSO allows you to create a custom character just like in an MMORPG and use your custom character to fight monsters, collect items, trade items, collect coins, level up, purchase more abilities, and much more. However, there is no world map that you can walk around in like in an MMORPG. GSO is entirely message board-based.