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Balloo Range

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The Balloo Range.

The Balloo Range is a long range of mountains on the continent of Osenia that separates East Osenia (Yallam, Taopo Swamp and surrounds) from Western portion of the continent (Alhafra, Air's Rock and surrounds).


The range is so named by an unnamed resident of Alhafra who states that:

"The mountains to the east of here are the Balloo Range. They divide Osenia in two. And we call the area on the other side of the Balloo Range East Osenia."

The Balloo Range does not contain any caves or mountain passes for passage through it, and the only way for a player of Golden Sun: The Lost Age to pass from West Osenia to East Osenia is via a journey by sea around the northern coast of Osenia.

Cultural References[edit]

The Balloo Range could possibly be a reference to Australia's Blue Mountains, part of the Great Dividing Range, which separates the fertile east cost of Australia from the majority of the drier landmass to the west.