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Inside the "Increase item and level" debug room


[M] Must Be On




Enter Debug Room 1 [L+B+Up].

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Exit to Vale Sanctum [L+B+Down]

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Brings up a menu where the player can select any item in the game to place in their inventory.


Brings up a menu where the player can select any Psynergy and view its name and description. However, closing the menu will cause random memory corruption. This will commonly corrupt the sprites of Isaac and other map NPCs, but can also have numerous other effects including crashing the game.

The cause of the memory corruption is an uninitialized variable, which the game expects to be a pointer into memory it can write to. However, since it's never initialized, the game will instead interpret whatever arbitrary value already exists in the variable's respective CPU register as a memory address, and write data to that address. This means that this effect can corrupt any location in RAM, though in practice it's difficult to control.

Giant Cat

Brings up a menu where the player can increase Isaac's level by 1 and 5 with the A and Start buttons, respectively.

Speech Bubbles

Both can be talked to and they say, "I won't stop you, but I wouldn't go unless I had business there. I'd go to Tolbi and watch Colosso. That's what I'd do." This is what the guard at Gondowan Passage says to Isaac if he tries to cross before competing in Colosso.


At the top-left corner of the map; only her feet are visible. Brings up a menu where the player can view all the facial portraits in the game.


Hidden off the edge of the map, directly above Menardi. Brings up a menu where the player can view the icons for every item in the game.