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Kite is one of the 28 collectible Djinn in Golden Sun and by extension one of the 72 collectible Djinn in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and also appears as one of the 72 collectible Djinn in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In the first game, it can be collected in Vale Cave without the need to battle it, and it will arrive pre-packaged as part of Isaac's party late in the second game if the game is being played with Password-driven data transfer from a Golden Sun save file in which Kite was collected. If played without password data, however, Kite will be part of Isaac's collection of Djinn by default. In the third game, it is found in the northwest corner of the main town area of Yamata City. In each of the three games, this Jupiter Djinni is an utterly distinct effect that causes the affected ally to select two separate commands that will both carry out over the course of a single turn the following turn. While this effectively amounts to the user of Kite giving up their turn so that another party member will carry out two turns worth of actions - which does not give the player a net gain of actions in combat - many creative applications are possible nonetheless, such as allowing a Sol Blade-wielding Adept to potentially Unleash two incredibly-powerful Megiddo attacks at once.

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  • ...that Alex being stated in the Japanese version of the first game to be the apprentice to Mia's late father, taken together with the third game revealing Alex and Mia to be cousins, means Alex was the apprentice of his uncle?
  • ...that both GBA Golden Sun games contain a treasure chest holding 666 coins?
  • ...that when you upgrade from the Trainer to the Beastkeeper class, the Grand Golem Psynergy actually downgrades into the Living Armor Psynergy?
  • ...that you will be prevented from using Hermes' Water on Tret's exterior face in Golden Sun until after you beat the Tret boss inside?
  • ...that all of the townspeople of Prox have Mind Read-able thoughts after the final boss in The Lost Age that cannot be seen without hacking because your party only has Isaac and Felix, and does not have access to the Mind Read Psynergy?

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