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Crossbone Isle.

Crossbone Isle is an in-game location functioning as a hidden dungeon-style location in Golden Sun. Located somewhere in the Karagol Sea, it is a lengthy series of puzzle-intensive floors, each guarded by a unique formation of "sub-boss"-style enemies and filled with powerful equipment such as the Cleric's Ring. It can only be reached through methods less-than-obvious to players; an earlier segment of it can be reached immediately after battling the Kraken during the Tolbi-bound Ship segment depending on the ordering in which you have chosen NPCs to row oars, while for the rest of the game it can be accessed by entering the pink tornado of the Tempest Lizard in Suhalla Desert and letting it carry you off-screen. Crossbone Isle has little background and no story relevance, and an incarnation that appears in Dark Dawn as post-game content exists only as a thematic callback to this dungeon.

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Did You Know...

  • ...that when you give the Shaman's Rod to Moapa in The Lost Age, the left NPC's segment of the story about Hoabna and Yegelos erroneously states that it was Yegelos that gave the rod to Hoabna?
  • ...that if you skip the Orb of Force in Fuchin Falls Cave, at the end of the Altin Peak dungeon Garet will set off the boulder-rolling sequence in a cutscene instead?
  • ...that Menardi's Death Size and Karst's Death Scythe are the exact same ability in the GBA games' code but named differently between games?
  • ...that a small underground body of water in the tunnel underneath Mikasalla can be removed with Parch?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, while any party member or any enemy is highlighted as the target(s) for a battle command, moving the stylus across the screen manually rotates the camera?

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