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Sveta in Beastform.

The Wild Animal class series is a unique series of classes that has only been featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Mechanically distinct from any other class series, this functions more as a "bolstered mode" for the Jupiter Adept Sveta, who is able to temporarily become this class series during a given battle by using the Beastform Psynergy, regardless of her current class at the time of usage - though only being in the higher stages of her exclusive Beastling class series and Scrapper class series will prompt her to enter a more advanced stage of this series. While transformed, Sveta's standard Attack and Defend commands are replaced by much more powerful named versions, her available Psynergy becomes limited to several attack-based Psynergy and the Boon Psynergy series, and her HP, Attack, and Defense reach enormously high rates - but she cannot unleash Djinn, which in fact are instead used to "fuel" her time spent in this mode. Each turn spent in this class series will place another of her Set Djinn into Recovery for when she exits Beastform, which only happens if she either faints, runs out of Djinn, or the battle ends beforehand.

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Did You Know...

  • ...that when you give the Shaman's Rod to Moapa in The Lost Age, the left NPC's segment of the story about Hoabna and Yegelos erroneously states that it was Yegelos that gave the rod to Hoabna?
  • ...that the Signal Whistle, an enemy-only consumable item used by Briggs in his boss fight in The Lost Age to summon a Sea Fighter minion, technically executes an ability named "Clarion Cry"?
  • ...that the Dragon Fume Psynergy had its cost lowered from 35 in The Lost Age to 28 in Dark Dawn?
  • ...that the Grave Eclipse stretches west far enough that it covers Isaac and Garet's Lookout Cabin near Sol Sanctum?
  • ...that in The Lost Age holding down the Select button while highlighting an equippable item in a shop brings up a menu that lets you check its Item Details?

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