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Charon is a Venus-aligned summon sequence introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is the second-last and second-most powerful of the collectible summons in both The Lost Age and Dark Dawn, and in both instances its summon tablet is earned in its respective game's most difficult optional dungeon - Anemos Inner Sanctum in The Lost Age, which can only be accessed once all 72 Djinn in the GBA games have been collected, and the Dark Dawn version of Crossbone Isle, which can only officially be accessed in a postgame file saved after beating the final boss. Unlike the Iris summon, there is no need to fight the most powerful optional boss in both games, Dullahan, in order to earn this - and in point of fact, Charon is usually seen as a requisite tool to defeat Dullahan to begin with. Charon requires 8 Venus Djinn and 2 Jupiter Djinn on standby to summon. Not only does it deal very large damage to all enemies, but each affected enemy - provided it isn't a boss - has a chance to be instantly felled.

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  • ...that Alex has a second slightly different, unused facial portrait placed in the games' code in a way that suggests he may have been planned to be a playable character at some point during development?
  • ...that both GBA Golden Sun games contain a treasure chest holding 666 coins?
  • ...that having 129 Power in an element makes curative Psynergy of that element 129% as effective?
  • ...that hugging the top of the mountains immediately southeast Bilibin Barricade early in Golden Sun gets you random battles with the much tougher overworld enemies normally fought around Xian?
  • ...that all of the townspeople of Prox have Mind Read-able thoughts after the final boss in The Lost Age that cannot be seen without hacking because your party only has Isaac and Felix, and does not have access to the Mind Read Psynergy?

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