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A Darksword is a cursed Long Sword-class weapon that appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In both titles, it is the rarest-occurring of the possible items that may be offered to the player whenever a Dark Matter is brought to the blacksmith of each respective game - Sunshine in Yallam or Obaba in Champa. While it offers the highest increase to the Attack statistic of any equippable item in either of the games it appears in, it is not typically thought of as one of the best weapons in the games. In stark contrast to weapons like the Sol Blade and Excalibur, its defining Unleash effect - the Venus-aligned Acheron's Grief - does not outright multiply the resultant damage of the party member's intended attack, instead adding a flat 76 damage to the outcome and potentially inflicting Venom. However, its unsurpassed Attack boost bears a viable endgame niche for a party member wearing the Cleric's Ring and is currently in the Samurai class series, which has access to the consistently powerful and reliable damage-multiplying Psynergy Quick Strike to substitute for the missing damage-multiplying Unleash on the weapon itself.

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Did You Know...

  • ...that a townsperson in Lunpa mentally prophesied the tidal wave that happened at the end of Golden Sun based on the story of the great flood in the past?
  • ...that Bramble Seed, Oil Drop, Weasel's Claw, and Crystal Powder, which emulate mid-to-late-game Psynergy for free, do not take their users' Elemental power ratings into account and are most useful the earlier in the game they are used?
  • ...that the Curse Psynergy forwards its own countdown timer when used multiple times on the same enemy target, and that Curse works twice as fast against enemies that act twice per turn?
  • ...that in The Lost Age, disembarking at the lowest part of the beach immediately southwest Loho lets you explore much of the overworld land in Golden Sun, but none of the original game's locations can be entered? (e.g. when you try to enter Vale, you stay on the overworld and look like you're walking all over it)
  • ...that when selecting characters on the Dark Dawn status screen, each character placement plays one of the seven natural musical notes (Do Re Mi...)?

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