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Have you tried any self-imposed challenge playthroughs?

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Poll question: Have you tried any self-imposed challenge playthroughs?
No, each of the games are fine enough as is.
No, I haven't felt like it even though I could be interested in a harder game.
Yes, I've done a self-imposed challenge run of Dark Dawn.
Yes, I do self-imposed challenge runs of multiple GS games.

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I usually don't go for that because I'd rather play a version of a game that has been patched to be more difficult; imposing a psychological limit on myself that is entirely up to me to enforce is not anywhere near as fun as fighting stronger enemies with all of the options the games give you, and that goes for a variety of other games out there. With Dark Dawn being both on DS and being so easy, though, imposing your own challenge criteria is the only thing you can do to increase the replay value. Fortunately unlike other games with established self-imposed challenges, it's really easy to just keep a bunch of Djinn not set and not equip much of anything new, so you don't feel like you're contorting youself.

Incidentally, when I had tried a no-Djinn playthrough of Dark Dawn long ago, I was only able to make it to the Mountain Roc before having to add a class stage to everyone.
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I started an Inepts Run in Dark Dawn. Makes the game REALLY tough... but I had problems continuing on after meeting Sveta. I dunno, something about that game just causes me to lose interest every time I try to play through it again...

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The original games felt fine, and had no problem with them. But.. Dark Dawn was too easy.. :/ wish it was harder, but self-imposed challenges would be too much for me to remember. lol...

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