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Golden Sun (黄金太阳, Huangjin Taiyang) is an unoffical unlicensed remake version of the first Golden Sun. The port version was by the Chinese company ShenZhen Nanjing Technology for the SUBOR entertainment system, a clone of Nintendo's Famicom console (known as Nintendo Entertainment System). The cartridge itself is unique, as it is structurally different from licensed Famicom cartridges in terms of hardware and programming.

The game features some gameplay elements of the original Golden Sun, including four characters and smiliar plot. However, the Djinn system and Psynergy system was facilitated.


Which of GS's feature are Djinn System and puzzle using Psynerge. In this game Djinn just can strong characters but doesn't use for summoning. As Psynerge, just like general RPG, only can attack enemies or restore HP.

As an NES title, the game graphics is pure-2D, and there are only two musics -- one in map and one in battle. The game don't have a world map, a town connected to two or three dungeon, just like pokemon series.


The story was similiar with origin, but do some reduce and change.