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Hello !

Um, there is not much to say about me... I am a 19 years old French Golden Sun fan and I recently discovered this wiki, which I found extremely interesting : it has helped me to fill the many gaps which I did not even know to have in my apparently limited knowledge of the game ^^ (By the way, if one of the contributors accidentally stumbles on this page, I would like to thank you for your great work !)

About my contributions... well, there is currently very few of them, I have only added two or three lines to as many articles... and not crucial ones. I plan to write more complete articles on the pages that haven't been written yet when I find the time to do it. Until then, I will continue to read and make my minor additions when I find an article that I can edit without changing too much stuff. :)

Very important note : as I previously said, I am French, so obviously English is not my native language. While my skills are not too bad, it is very likely that you will find an impressive number of more or less shocking mistakes. I encourage you to edit heartlessly any sentence which I have not written correctly in my articles-to-be :D In the same way, I have played the games in French, so I do not know all the terms used in the English translation. Whereas I have learned a good deal of them while browsing this wiki, if you see me using a word that does not exist in the English version of the game, please correct me ;)