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Summon.gif Summons are among the most well known and most powerful abilities in the Golden Sun series. A summon allows the player to call upon a powerful spirit to assist them in battle.


Official art depicting the Procne summon

Like Psynergy and Unleashes, Summons are aligned with one of the four elements: Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Unlike Psynergy, Summons can not be used at will. Instead, the summon is fueled by the usage of Djinn that have been placed in Standby mode. Typically, the element of most of the necessary Djinn will match the elemental alignment of the summon, though some summons also require Djinn of other elements as well. The power of a summon generally correlates with the amount of Djinn needed to fuel the summon. After a Djinni has been used to fuel a summon, it will enter Recovery for a set period of time. Further summons require that the player return Djinn to standby mode.

Each summon, with the major exception of Coatlicue, which heals the party rather than attacking the enemy, has a specific base damage associated with it. However, the total damage potential of a summon also depends on the elemental Power of the summoner and the elemental Resistance and Hit Points of the targets. Summons typically have an unlimited range.

After a successful summon, the elemental power of the summoner will be increased by a specified amount. The amount of increase depends on the number and element of the Djinn used to fuel the summon. Typically, using 1 Djinn will increase the matching Elemental Power by 10. Likewise, 2 Djinn result in a 30 point increase, 3 Djinn result in a 60 point increase, and 4 or more result in a 100 point increase. However, this increase is only given the first time a summoner uses the summon in a particular battle, barring the summoner being targeted by Break.

Damage Calculation[edit]

The damage from a summon is calculated as follows:

Failed to parse (MathML with SVG or PNG fallback (recommended for modern browsers and accessibility tools): Invalid response ("Math extension cannot connect to Restbase.") from server "":): {\displaystyle \mathrm{damage = \left \lfloor \left( \frac{\left \lfloor 256 \cdot dimRatio \right \rfloor}{256}\right) \left(base + \frac{\left \lfloor 256 \cdot multiplier \cdot hp \right \rfloor}{256}\right)\left(1 + \frac{\left \lfloor 256 \cdot \left( \frac{power - resistance}{200} \right)\right \rfloor}{256}\right) \right \rfloor + randDamage}}

  • damage: final damage.
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  • dimRatio: This is always 1, 0.7, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, or 0.1 for summons. Its value depends on the location of the enemy of interest relative to the main target. For example, the main target will take 100% of the damage, the enemies next to him will take 70%, and so on.
  • base: base damage of the attack. The value depends on the summon; see the list below.
  • hp: HP of the target.
  • multiplier: the HP multiplier of the summon. This factor is what makes summons so effective against bosses; the more HP the target has, the more damage a summon will deal. For the party's summons, the HP multiplier is usually equal to Failed to parse (MathML with SVG or PNG fallback (recommended for modern browsers and accessibility tools): Invalid response ("Math extension cannot connect to Restbase.") from server "":): {\displaystyle (3 \cdot \text{number of Djinn used})/100} . The only exceptions are the multipliers for Iris and Daedalus.
  • power: the user's elemental power in the relevant element.
  • resistance: the target's resistance to the relevant element.
  • randDamage: a randomly generated integer between 0 and 3, inclusive.

List of summons[edit]

In Golden Sun[edit]

Golden Sun features a total of sixteen summons, with each element having four summons. These summons use one to four Djinn of a single element and are available as soon as the party has enough Djinn to use them. However, these summons have no secondary effects.

NameDjinn RequiredBase DamageHP MultiplierPower Boost
SummonIconVenus.gif Venus1 Venus30 (Venus)0.0310 Venus
SummonIconRamses.gif Ramses2 Venus60 (Venus)0.0630 Venus
SummonIconCybele.gif Cybele3 Venus120 (Venus)0.0960 Venus
SummonIconJudgment.gif Judgment4 Venus240 (Venus)0.12100 Venus
SummonIconMars.gif Mars1 Mars30 (Mars)0.0310 Mars
SummonIconKirin.gif Kirin2 Mars60 (Mars)0.0630 Mars
SummonIconTiamat.gif Tiamat3 Mars120 (Mars)0.0960 Mars
SummonIconMeteor.gif Meteor4 Mars240 (Mars)0.12100 Mars
SummonIconJupiter.gif Jupiter1 Jupiter30 (Jupiter)0.0310 Jupiter
SummonIconAtalanta.gif Atalanta2 Jupiter60 (Jupiter)0.0630 Jupiter
SummonIconProcne.gif Procne3 Jupiter120 (Jupiter)0.0960 Jupiter
SummonIconThor.gif Thor4 Jupiter240 (Jupiter)0.12100 Jupiter
SummonIconMercury.gif Mercury1 Mercury30 (Mercury)0.0310 Mercury
SummonIconNereid.gif Nereid2 Mercury60 (Mercury)0.0630 Mercury
SummonIconNeptune.gif Neptune3 Mercury120 (Mercury)0.0960 Mercury
SummonIconBoreas.gif Boreas4 Mercury240 (Mercury)0.12100 Mercury

In The Lost Age[edit]

Golden Sun: The Lost Age includes the sixteen regular summons from Golden Sun. However, the game also introduced thirteen new summons, which needed to be specifically acquired by encountering special stone tablets. These summons use Djinn of two different elements and each summon has a special secondary effect. Furthermore, 4 of these thirteen summons can only be acquired after defeating a special superboss.

NameDjinn RequiredBase DamageHP MultiplierPower BoostSpecial Effect
SummonIconZagan.gif Zagan1 Venus
1 Mars
50 (Venus)0.0610 Venus
10 Mars
May lower enemy defense by 25% (maximum reduction is 50%).
SummonIconMegaera.gif Megaera1 Mars
1 Jupiter
40 (Mars)0.0610 Mars
10 Jupiter
Increases all allies' attack ratings by 12.5% (maximum increase is 50%).
SummonIconFlora.gif Flora1 Venus
2 Jupiter
80 (Jupiter)0.0910 Venus
30 Jupiter
May inflict Sleep.
SummonIconMoloch.gif Moloch2 Mercury
1 Jupiter
100 (Mercury)0.0930 Mercury
10 Jupiter
Lowers enemy agility by 50% (maximum reduction is 50%).
SummonIconUlysses.gif Ulysses2 Mars
2 Mercury
160 (Mars)0.1230 Mars
30 Mercury
May cause targets to lose their turns.
SummonIconHaures.gif Haures3 Venus
2 Mars
270 (Venus)0.1560 Venus
30 Mars
May inflict Deadly Poison.
SummonIconEclipse.gif Eclipse3 Jupiter
2 Mercury
300 (Jupiter)0.1560 Jupiter
30 Mercury
May lower enemy attack by 25% (maximum reduction is 50%).
SummonIconCoatlicue.gif Coatlicue3 Jupiter
3 Mercury
60 (Mercury) (not an attack)N/A60 Jupiter
60 Mercury
When Coatlicue is summoned, each adept is healed with a spell having a Mercury power of 60. Then, at the end of the turn and at the end of each of the four subsequent turns, each adept recovers 60% of their maximum HP.
SummonIconDaedalus.gif Daedalus3 Venus
4 Mars
100 (Mars)0.0760 Venus
100 Mars
After everyone has finished their moves on the next turn, a missile hits the enemies. It has 250 base Mars damage and its HP multiplier is 15%. dimRatio (see above) is 1 for all enemies hit by the missile.
SummonIconAzul.gif Azul3 Venus
4 Mercury
330 (Mercury)0.2160 Venus
100 Mercury
May inflict Stun.
SummonIconCatastrophe.gif Catastrophe3 Mars
5 Jupiter
400 (Jupiter)0.2460 Mars
100 Jupiter
Lowers each enemy's PP by 10% of its maximum PP.
SummonIconCharon.gif Charon8 Venus
2 Jupiter
500 (Venus)0.30100 Venus
30 Jupiter
May kill targets instantly.
SummonIconIris.gif Iris9 Mars
4 Mercury
800 (Mars)0.40100 Mars
100 Mercury
Revives all allies and restores everyone to full health.

In Dark Dawn[edit]

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, all 29 summon spirits from the first two games return, in addition to one new summon spirit, known as Crystallux. The older summon sequences underwent visual changes of varying degrees. Some spirits, such as Moloch remain relatively unchanged, while others, like Ulysses, are radically different to the versions seen in the first two games. When Dark Dawn was first announced, trailers showing some of the summon spirits' animation sequences were released to the public. Many of these clips featured animation sequences that were later altered when the game was released. For instance, the Neptune summon was initially shown to be a whale almost identical in appearance to the whale seen in the first two games, but was later altered to have a darker color and sport horns and markings that were not present on the original version.

For a video exhibition of all 30 summon sequences in the game in sequential order, visit this link.

NameDjinn RequiredBase DamageHP MultiplierPower BoostSpecial Effect
Crystallux Icon GSDD.jpg
3 Venus
2 Mercury
300 (Venus)0.1560 Venus
30 Mercury
May lower targets' resistances.

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