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Tisiphone Edge.

A Tisiphone Edge is a Light Blade-class weapon that appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. In the former game, it is an extremely rare drop from the Cruel Dragon randomly encountered in Islet Cave, one of the bonus dungeons that can be explored once the Teleport Lapis has been acquired. In the latter game, it is a comparatively less-rare drop from the Great Dragon fought throughout the game's own incarnation of Crossbone Isle. Because the latter dungeon can only be accessed in a game file saved for the postgame, it is not possible for the player to acquire it before the first time they proceed through the game's final storyline dungeon and final boss battles. It has the highest ATK rating among Light Blade-class weapons in both games, which is a particularly distinguishing trait because multiple copies of this weapon can feasibly be held by many of the party members in both games. This high base attack rating plays into its capacity to produce the powerful Vengeance Unleash effect, which not only adds a lot of bonus Venus-aligned damage but also potentially multiplies the resultant damage by 2 or even 3. It is perhaps less useful in Dark Dawn, however, because of the changed Unleash system that may cause the Tisiphone Edge to produce one of three other, much less spectacular Unleash effects instead. (Read more...)

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Did You Know...

  • ...that in both of its appearances in The Lost Age and Dark Dawn, the Star Magician is the only one of the four optional late-game bosses that can be accessed and fought sometime before the endgame/postgame?
  • ...that the Signal Whistle, an enemy-only consumable item used by Briggs in his boss fight in The Lost Age to summon a Sea Fighter minion, technically executes an ability named "Clarion Cry"?
  • ...that the Curse Psynergy forwards its own countdown timer when used multiple times on the same enemy target, and that Curse works twice as fast against enemies that act twice per turn?
  • ...that sailing into Gondowan and docking on the patch of land immediately north of Kibombo lets you fight the stronger monsters from the continents in the Great Western Sea?
  • ...that in Dark Dawn, when Vande's troupe is performing one of its songs in Belinsk, certain musicians will not play their instruments if the song doesn't call for it?

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